Thursday, January 24, 2013

getting from H E R E to T H E R E

my car is headed to the graveyard. on it's death bed. and while i've been wanting to get a new car lately, it's not exactly the right time, financially. in fact, it's about the worse time financially. while i'm close to getting the thing paid off, now that it needs a part that's discontinued, it's not worth what i owe.

to be honest, i'm kinda freaking out right now.

so i need some advice my friendlies. KJB and I have talked about holding on to the car, really searching hard for the part needed, and then selling it. but because i need a car now, we have thought about leasing.

i don't know a darn thing about leasing.

what do you think? have you ever leased a car? how does it work for you?

and just for fun, help me pick a car ^_^

a Ford Escape in Frosted Glass or Ruby Red?
how about a big Chevy Silverado in Topaz Metallic? i like trucks and actually learned to drive in a truck. KJB is swooning over this one - wait, do boys swoon? ok, maybe he just wants one and i'm swooning ;)