Friday, April 22, 2011

Eco-bride: Blooms

Ahhh... fresh flower. While the idea seems green and environmentally friendly, there are much better options. Fresh flowers are usually doused in chemicals to keep away insects. Not to mention the fact that the flowers you choose may not be native to your reception site which means shipping. Translation: contributing to air population and fuel use. So what's a girl to do?

Opt for a terrarium centerpiece. They can be a fun DIY project, they make great home decor (i.e. recycling) and they aren't your run of the mill centerpiece which will remind people of your unique taste.

Or choose a potted plant that can be reused in your home or act as favors.

Another option? Go non-floral altogether like this board by bride2be via StyleMePretty. Try shells, cotton, or cakes.

As for bouquets...
Try fabric flowers like this gorgeous one from AutumnArt on Etsy.

Friday Finds - Sugar Paper

WHERE have I been?!?! Clearly my eyes have been half closed because I am just discovering the beautiful existence of Sugar Paper. While strolling the shops on One Kings Lane {additional post about that coming soon} I came across their sale. Let me just tell you, I'm in love. Their work is gorgeous and detailed; not to mention the awesome "this & that" items.... *sigh. Unfortunately since I'm incredibly lame, nearly everything in their OKL sale is sold out. But they still have some things available for those of you with an account, plus the items on their actual website that anyone can access.

Another beautiful thing about them? They have a blog. YES; it's true. See some of their work, behind the scenes images, and round ups of their favorite things. PLUS, {yes there's more} they appropriately have etiquette tips on their site regarding traditional stationary decorum. 

{gold label bee $36, classic thanks paper bag $26, westside kate $28, gold label recipe box $96, gold dot coasters $24}

Eco-bride: Down to the dress

WEDDING DRESS. I'm not going to lie, the word kinda freaks me out right now. I start my dream dress search tomorrow morning and since I'm picky and somewhat judgemental, I'm nervous as all get out. What makes it worse is the fact I hate shopping with other people; trying things on, sorting through racks, trying to please others, just the thought makes me cringe. And I can't go dress shopping on my own so I'm bringing my traditional mother, hip Nannie (don't call her grandma or she will not speak to you) and my sister (MOH) who doesn't have an opinion on much. A great group huh?


Back to the matter of business? Dresses. A consignment dress is one way to go green. However, used dresses make me a bit nervy even though I love the idea. It's kinda nice to own a dress that someone else wore. It was the biggest day of their life and now you get a little piece of it, regardless of it's history. Make sure you are purchasing from a reputable seller by checking their reviews.

these are available at Eco-Bride

Okay, so you found a dress but you're not quite in love with it. Work with a local seamstress (that you KNOW is a good seamstress- do your research) to make the dress fit you perfectly. Don't forget that adding a belt can completely alter the look of a dress. Honestly, who needs a perfect dress when everyone is going to be blown away by your pairing it with a dramatic flower sash or rhinestone belt? 

Still want a new dress? It's okay and no one judges you. Look for dresses made of natural material like silk, hemp, or organic cotton. I love the eco-couture lines by Adel Wechsler. The dresses are made with organic hemp and silk, vegetable dyed, and notorious for using remnant fabrics.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

do i NEED this

I have a strong desire to make these moss-covered letters for wedding decor. There is a tutorial here {as well as here} and I really think I need them. But do I need to add to my DIY list? Ohhhh the things to consider. Tell me in the comments if you think I need these beauties.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

COLORS. i'm loving.

summer dreams on a rainy day

Friday, April 15, 2011

happy friday.

calls for cozy socks, simple food, and a movie


Friday Finds - Sumikoshop

An Etsy find for this pretty Friday: Sumikoshop. Visit her shop here & her blog here. Check out some of my favorites below.

Sand Timer Pendant.
Golden Feather & Smokey Quartz.

Charlotte Brooch.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Over spring break I managed to get several books checked off my reading list, "Water for Elephants" being the highlight. I couldn't help but imagine how magical a circus wedding would be...


Thursday, April 7, 2011

building a wedding

just bought this...

to go on these...

 with a little bit of this...

and a little bit of this...