Wednesday, July 31, 2013

we had a party

remember when i talked about my dear friend getting married in this post? well the big day is rapidly approaching! last weekend we celebrated with a low-key bachelorette party, a dinner date then drinks at my place. we delighted in a champagne cocktail, cupcakes, cake balls, and, Emily's favorite, no bake cookies.

games aren't my favorite thing, but when KJB and i got married, my friends made a newlywed game video for me to play at the bachelorette party. they asked him questions and recorded his answers, then asked me the questions to see how well i could guess what his answer would be. it was really fun, so i did the same for Emily. i hooked my computer up to the television set so everyone could see easily. she loved it!

(more on how to make that hanging decor next week!)

emily, i hope you loved the evening! can't wait for the next party... AT YOUR WEDDING RECEPTION!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


a few weekends ago some of the women in my family got together to share out favorite things with each other, via a party! it was a really fun way to give each other gifts just because and try out some new things.

how it works:
-first, set a spending limit. i decided we should select our favorite thing that is $5 and we would buy four of them. so we would be spending $20 total.
-spread the word. it's important to explain that they are buying four of the exact same thing.
-buy your gifts and wrap them individually. that way everyone can open at the same time and the surprise isn't spoiled for everyone else.
-write out the names of each person four times and put them in a bowl. for extra fun, i actually did photos instead of names. i selected photos of us from years ago, so it was fun to see the former versions of ourselves.
-we opened a bottle of wine, passed the bowl around, and drew out the photos. to make sure the last person doesn't have their own photo, we drew all four selections first. that way if there was a mistake we could redraw.
-we went around the circle and each person handed out their gifts to the people that drew their name. they shared why what they brought was their favorite.

another way you could do it is to buy for each person that was coming. but just in case someone couldn't make it last minute, it was easier for us to set a number of gifts to buy.

nannie brought thin, velvet hangers and her favorite candle // LOVE those hangers
aunt rhonda brought a CUTE black makeup bag // that i think i'm actually gonna use for a clutch
aunt missie brought a bottle of crown royal // such a partier :)
my mom brought frozen pouches of peach daiquiri and her favorite candle // a partier like her sister
my sister amber brought revlon nail polish in a gorgeous silver metallic shade
my cousin callie brought purse mirrors // in one of my favorite quotes!
i brought elf blush and bronzer compact and an elf makeup brush // i've gone through about 7 of these compacts

personally, i ended up scoring the gifts from nannie, aunt rhonda, my mama, and my sister. it was so much fun and you learn a little bit about the person by what they choose for their favorite. we had so much fun that we decided to try to make it a monthly tradition. each person would take a turn hosting and setting the spending limit or theme. for example, you might do a summer favorite and set a $20 limit. then they could bring their favorite flip flops, sunscreen, beach bag - whatever. the opportunities are limitless!

have you ever hosted a favorite things party? what theme would you choose?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

3 Cucumber Recipes

here's the deal: i don't like cucumber.

i know, it makes no sense as to why i would share cucumber recipes if i don't like them. however, i have a point.

these cucumber recipes don't really taste like cucumber. i tried all of them recently, despite my cucumber distaste, because i'm trying to try more foods that i don't like (see this post here). surprisingly, i LOVE cucumber these ways. so i thought i'd throw them together into this post.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

life lately

life lately. (linking up with Blair from Wild & Precious).

life lately has been a bit less than splendid. in fact, i've been hesitant to sit down and write this. even as i write this, i'm not sure what to say. i'm not even completely sure yet how i'm feeling.

there's a lot of emotion lately and i can't quite pinpoint where it's all coming from. to be perfectly honest, it all started on vacation. we had a really great trip to niagara falls and boston, but there was some hatred storm brewing in my heart and i can't shake it. some days it's calm and i feel at ease - like God has washed away my worries. other days the storm lingers and i let things affect me that wouldn't normally. it's strange and i'm praying that God will help me get it under some kind of control.

another thing that's been hanging around lately is the word "no". a wonderful idea will come to mind, i will research and plan and allow myself to believe that exactly what i want will happen, when God reminds me that my life is His plan. and with all those aforementioned emotions, i haven't been coping with "no" very well.

because of all this, this little blog has been full of what i would consider fluff. i've been skipping days, just sharing weekly truths and my 365 project. maybe it could be considered writer's block - but it seems it's something else.

there are no pretty pictures to share with you today, but there are plenty on this blog on other days, so just scroll down a little. and i do want to ask you, will you pray for me today? pray that God will lift this storm from my heart. and that i can feel His comfort and love. i would be forever thankful friends.

365 07/15 - 07/21

slightly brass pulls, white and gray marble, open shelving, white dishes, bead board. i imagine this kitchen belongs to a sophisticated yet simple living kind of gal. she likes to see her things so she knows right where they are. she loves quality and cleanliness. don't you think?

ever since i was a little girl i've had dream catchers around to keep out the nightmares. i used to have some horrid ones when i was younger. these white ones hung on a branch would make a perfect headboard. it's one of my favorite things i've found on pinterest in awhile.

 white and wood. can you tell i just can't get enough? it pleases my rustic side and my feminine and girl side. all that light coming in the back window? it was made for daydreams.

show off your products. white shelving with glass doors. i love the look of this, but i'm not sure i could handle looking at all the products. what do you think? would you keep your bathroom cabinets looking like this? for me, i like them behind closed doors.

this room isn't sure what style it wants to be, and i'm okay with that. the very industrial painted brick, the very traditional ceiling trim and chandelier, and the very modern bed and headboard. it looks like the best mish-mosh, happy accident ever.

combining a few of my favorite things in this space. white, wood, windows, open shelving. and then that bright burst of purple on the chairs. this room is for those that love the look of refreshing white, but can't give up their color.
so so stylish. all white with that touch of natural material around her neck and her waist.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

July Ipsy box

this lip + cheek stain is a win. i own the full size and love to use it, so i didn't necessarily need this sample, but a travel size is always nice to have. one thing about this product though, is that it truly is like a stain. so after i applied it to my lips, my finger was stained. it came off with some scrubbing but it's good to know.

 pop beauty is a brand i've never heard of but i'm loving this lip crayon. it's soft and pigmented and i got it in a perfect, all season pink shade called rose romance. this is a full size of the crayon but if you wanted to buy them, they are only sold in a set of 6, so that comes out to about $4 each.

 next up a trio of eye shadows from bh cosmetics. each color is from one of their city palettes, so it's kind of a cool way to advertise those. as for the shadows? i'll probably pass on Hollywood but i do like San Francisco and Malibu. both are great summer colors. a single shadow from bh cosmetics is about $1 each but it's a much better value to buy their palettes. it's also a good way to build a makeup collection and test out colors inexpensively.

the weather proof hairspray is something i'm excited to try. y'all, with temps in the upper 90's and humidity at 90%, it's nearly impossible to keep your hair and face where it's supposed to be. i'll probably use this guy up in no time. only thing is, this version isn't online for purchase, so maybe it's new? not sure. a travel size of other BSH spray goes for $3 at ulta right now.

coola is a brand i've wanted to try out for awhile so i was excited to see him in this bag. the sample is a tinted moisturizer with spf and the color looks like it would blend out to match a wide range of skin tones. a full size is $36 so it's not something i would want to purchase without trying it first.

for me this bag wasn't quite the hit that my June bag was, however, i still feel like it was worth my 10 buckaroos and i'll use every item. i might even experiment with turning that purple eye shadow into a lip balm, so watch for that!

do you subscribe to ipsy or another sample service? what came in your box this month?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

365 07/07 - 07/14

white looks oh, so lovely with creams and gold. i love the way they have used it in this guest bedroom.
 perfect for an evening out paired with sun-kissed skin. the white with nude platforms combination is calling out to me.
 oh how i love thee. white on white on white with tons of light. what could be better?
 another white on white on white? seriously, i can't help myself.
white lace screams vintage chic picnic if you ask me. or overlap these beauties above an open window and let the light shine through casting playful shadows.

white tats are so in right now. they look best on fair skin and i love how detailed they can be without looking muddy.

white nail polish is my go-to in the summer. it's refreshing and makes you look crazy tan. plus it goes with anything.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

365 06/30 - 07/06

one last color palette before we get into the next month!
a gorgeous sunset rug inspired the last color palette. the deep jewel tones straight from nature makes me lust for a summer sunset.*

and now, the color for the month of july...
white, while not a hue but full brightness of all wavelengths of color, is a huge part of design. that's why i couldn't leave it out of this 365 color project. maybe it's a focal point of a design, or maybe it's a backdrop. either way, it's part in every color story, for every project is huge.

if this were the room i woke up in each the morning, the day would be like a dream. shades of whites and creams keep this room clean looking, and the bit of wood on the bed gives you a bit of rustic goodness.

lavendar scented satchets for your linen closet or dresser drawer. the tiny gold diamonds make for the perfect pattern to stand off the white fabric.

a white kitchen gets me every time. i love how it provides a great backdrop in this room for those bold patterned plates on the wall and the bowls on the table.

those black cabinets provide a strong anchor for this kitchen. to contrast, the open white ceiling  keep the room light and actually feeling open.

handmade soaps are one of my favorite things in the world. these gorgeous bars were inspired by seashells and i'm sure the white tea scent is refreshing enough to die for.

*all paint colors are Sherwin Williams colors. this is not a sponsored post, i just really love their color selections.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dates 1-5 of 21

date 1 was a movie date to see The Great Gatsby, which we both loved. KJB however, doesn't like when i play paparazzi ;)

a breakfast treat was date 2. steak and cheese for him, hazelnut cream cheese for me.

date 3 was while on holiday. we decided to go out on the "maid of the mist" tour, which took us right next to Niagara Falls. they gave us these lovely ponchos but we still managed to get drenched.

we must have a thing for boats these days, because date 4 was also a trip out on the water. this time it was out into the Boston Harbor, where we had a great view of the city, the USS Constitution, and drank up a delicious summer ale.

we got to watch another couple tie the knot at date 5. a dear friend of mine that i used to work with married her best friend in a lovely, formal affair.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

remembering summers

pulling my goggles over my eyes, i quietly listen for the sound of the pennies ker-plunking into the water and i try to judge how far away from me they are. my dad counts to three and my siblings and i all spin around. i duck under and take a look across the bottom of the pool trying to spot the closest one. kicking off the side, i glide through the water and stretch my arm out to pick one up. above me my brother is splashing wildly to try to distract me.

we rush around the pool, picking up pennies and calling out the count to my dad until he says we have them all. clutching my pile i swim back to the side and we all lay them out to see who has won. the sun is shining bright and i can smell the hamburgers cooking on the grill. soon we will have to get out and, with beach towels wrapped around us we will go through the line to fill up a plate of food. 

water drips off my ponytail as i pad to the garage to drop off my trash and grab push-up popsicles for everyone from the deep freezer. i rip one open with my teeth and sit on the side of the pool dangling my feet in the water. 

it's an average summer day.

what memory do you link to summer?