Sunday, January 20, 2013

365 01/20

a few posts back, i mentioned how amazing blue and gold look together. there's just something kind of regal about a deep navy blue and a shiny gold. in that post i shared a few pillows to ease you into the idea. if you rushed out and got some that day (which, why wouldn't you?) you've had a good nine days to warm up to the trend. that's plenty; time to kick it up. (i am trying to cram every blue trend/product/shade/emotion/art i love into one month, there's no time to kill here.)

try a bold, patterned rug. i'm a huge fan of this pretty lady because she has enough white in her to be clean looking but not enough that you have to fear the kiddos/dog/husband glass of fruit punch. ok, let's be honest, it's you that always spills the fruit punch. it's ok, it happens. plus the pattern isn't too feminine  that it scares your hubby/future hubby when you roll it out.

love this rug like i do? you can buy it here.