Friday, March 30, 2018

Eggcellent Egg Leftovers

If you're at all like my family, a creative, colorful bunch, for Easter we dye about five dozen eggs. Which, don't get me wrong it's a whole lot of fun, but what does one do with ALL. THESE. EGGS. I've rounded up some options after scouring the web for great recipes. Which of these looks best to you?

Golden Egg Curry | Avocado Egg Salad | Egg & Avo Bowl

Friday, March 23, 2018


An update to my favorites...

oil | My night time moisturizer has been this argan oil from Physicians Formula. as someone with oily skin, I can't believe I'm using oil on my face. but this winter I discovered my skin had quite a few dry patches that needed addressed.  around this time I purchased a set that included this oil along with one of my favorite BB creams and a bronzer. Figuring the oil would never be used, I tossed it in my skincare drawer, counting it a loss. However, after using it a few weeks, I discovered those dry patches completely cleared up. Perhaps my need for the oil may change going into the spring and summer months, but this has been a lifesaver.

moisturizer | Speaking of moisturizer, I figured I should share my morning version as well. This Neutrogena moisturizer is a newer favorite and while I like it, the chances are gook I may try something else once the bottle is empty. But that's just the way I operate. I like the slick feeling of the product - it feels pretty refreshing in the morning.

pens | The TUL gel retractable pens are exactly what I was needing for my planner. I've used (and loved) the Papermate Inkjoy gel pens for awhile, however I owned the 0.5 and I wanted to try a thicker lineweight. I got the TUL pens in 0.7 and I really enjoy the feel of the pen overall. The 0.5 lineweight has been added to my Amazon cart for my next order.

planner | The travelers notebook bandwagon has finally reached me and after much debate, I hopped on board. My Foxy Fix is used from a Facebook buy-sell-trade group. It is a pocket size in the sugar leather and the color is mochi. The pocket size is TINY compared to my EC planner, but I really like it for making my daily checklist. The inserts I'm using are by Sew Much Crafting and are the week on four pages, which actually gives me plenty of room on each page.

necklace | Stella & Dot pieces will probably always find it's way into my favorites. I managed to whittle it down to just one favorite this season - the Natia Layered Necklace. This beauty is two-part and I especially love wearing both pieces together. But I have worn and like the look of the gold oval on it's own as well. The pearl and soft neutral beads look lovely with the vintage gold. The pairing makes this necklace so versatile and easy to wear with studs or statement earrings.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hello Spring

Hello, spring! Happy to see you today. Now that you're here, I hope that you'll stay. I've been patiently waiting for the colors and flowers. Staring and breathing them in for hours and hours. To freshen up my wardrobe, I'll find inspiration here. That's what I do, you know, here on the blogosphere. The only other thing I'll need is to brighten up my toes. My favorites are the pastel hues from the brightest rainbows. Has anyone else been waiting like me for these sunnier days? My smile will definitely be brighter under these rays.

green blouse | sunnies | jacket | booties | tee | floral blouse | bag | earrings | dress | romper

Friday, March 16, 2018

Look Good | Feel Good

Over the years I've gone through quite the transition in my wardrobe. Playing with "fashion" is a hobby for me, so I enjoying adding to my wardrobe and making new outfits. I've had some horrible interesting ones; there have even been a couple times I've gotten to work and realized my outfit was just weird and changed at lunch. But regardless, playing with my style is something I enjoy - unfortunately this means I hold on to things way too long.

To inspire you to take to your closet, I'm sharing a few tips to help you clean out your own wardrobe and also a few to help you add some things back into it. Think of it as a reward for clearing out clutter.

1 | Go into your closet at the start of each season. Consider whether the items you have would be ones you would still buy and wear this year. That printed dress that was so trendy last summer that you wore the heck out of? Would you still buy it and wear it this season? If so keep it! If not, donate it.

2 | Do the items you have make you feel confident and comfortable? Do you look amazing in it - thus making you feel confident and comfortable? If so, keep it! If not, is there a different way you can style it that would make you feel your best in it? If the answer to both is no, donate it.

3 | If an item needs repaired or tailored and you haven't gotten around to dealing with it, it's probably not going to happen. Put it in your car right away and if you haven't dealt with it in a week, pull an Elsa and LET. IT. GO. Does it always need ironed or handwashed and you're just not about that life? It's lasted too long in your closet already then. Be real with yourself; you know what you're willing to put up with - if something is too high maintenance, pass it along.

Once you've decluttered, it's time to think about restocking with quality. As I've gotten older, I've begun to realize that quality can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to basics. Spending more on basics that can last a long time makes a lot of sense to me but I've also realized that spending more doesn't mean quality.

Many people I know, myself included have made the switch to organic produce and meat. The quality of the food is so much better and better for you. When I realized I could be opting for organic products in my clothing as well, it was a no-brainer. This article in particular really resonated with me.  Pact is a company focused on providing high-quality apparel by using organic cotton, no toxic chemicals, and work with fair-trade factories. I don't know about you but wearing something from a company with those standards sure makes me feel good. They have the best basics - from undergarments to leggings to tshirts. I'm currently switching out all of my socks with theirs because I love the quality. For 20% off your order, please use my link! (This link does give me a credit.)

When you go to restock your closet, look for companies that use materials and practices you feel comfortable supporting. Knowing you're wearing items that are made ethically and chemical free has to make you feel good in your clothes.

BONUS: For my fellow planner girls, here's a clipart freebie to make stickers or diecuts with! If you have to clean your closet, you may as well make it look cute in your planner!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Luck of the Irish

Green is a state of mind. It's fresh and positive. It is vibrant yet earthly, creating energy and promoting growth. Live, love, and be green.

sunnies | heels | bag | sweater | tshirt

Friday, March 9, 2018

Spring Forward

Keep fashionable - and on time - this spring with these gorgeous watches. Don't forget that daylight savings time kicks in on Sunday morning, so set your clocks ahead an hour before bed on Saturday night.
Kate Spade | Daniel Wellington | Michael Kors | Rebecca Minkoff | Michele

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Beach, Please

I'm off to the beach, jump out of the way. No one can stop me, I'm in need of a sunny day. Because you never know who you might run into, I suggest you glam up. Let this board give you a clue. Nothing says beach, please like sunnies and a hat. Now a cute bag to stash cash, but of course you know that. To cover up your goods, try a maxi or a mumu.  Finish off the look with a sandal or gladiator shoe. You'll feel put-together when you need an ice cream break, just pop into the shop and pick up a shake. These ensembles are boho and perfect for the beach, you can never be too glam; that's what I preach.

left outfit: maxi cover up | beach towel | hat | sunnies | bag | shoes
right outfit: floral cover up | beach towel | hat | sunnies | bag | shoes

Friday, March 2, 2018

Bikini Me

Preparing for spring break or daydreaming of steamy summer days, these little numbers will help you soak up the rays. A variety of styles for every shape and size, the colors and patterns will leave you mesmerized. Don your favorite, grab your SPF and towel; an oversized pair of sunnies and you'll soon drop the winter scowl.

rainbow one piece | colorblock one piece | blue and white | palm print | orange and stripe | floral | geometric | shibori print | pink patterned