Thursday, May 31, 2012

let's get cozy

maybe it's because i'd like to spend my entire day in bed, but i have this thing for bedding. i see it as an extension to my paper/stationary collection which makes 0 sense but that's pretty much how most things in my life are. right now i'm reallllly wanting this sheet...

but i just can't justify $135 for one flat sheet right now, even if it is handmade (a handmade claim almost always causes me to purchase).

now, i pose you a question my bloggy friends...
and be honest. i don't want my man coming home askin what the heck is on our bed. and while he really probably doesn't care, i don't want our bedroom looking like it's for a girlie girl since it's his room too. it's brown which is more masculine but not sure if the "waffle," which looks like a flower to me, is to feminine. what do you think friends? it's on sale for an amazing price now too (like, 60% or something wild like that) so let me know! you can get one here and then we can be twinsies :)

bedding by castle and virginia johnson.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

20 shades

ohhhhh guys. i just finishes reading Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James. geeez is it intense! i literally couldn't put it down. to say it was a bit overwhelming and a bit mind-boggling is to say the least. go read it now! really, step away from the computer (after you finish this post of course) and read it. i'm going to the book store tonight to pick up the second and third parts of the trilogy.

so the title of the book made me think of this fun mini series with a variety of colors. we are starting with green because i've been a bit obsessed lately.

cherry on top

perhaps it was the memorial day weekend or just something about summer, but the past couple weeks i've been loving a new pattern. it's retro, it's all-American, it's feminine; a cherry print is pretty much happiness on a fabric. here are some cheery cherry prints i'm loving- some traditional, some more modern.

1 forever 21 / 2 h&m / 3 dsw / 4 asos / 5 sheinside

what do you think of cherry prints? would you wear them this summer?

paint by pic {xviii}

a GLORIOUS dining room. that's what we have on today's pbp. i'm in LOVE with the beachy, retro colors here and how The Glamorous Housewife (this is her dining room) paired it with her rustic, country style. it's pretty genius if you ask me. and that wallpaper on the ceiling? OHHH MYYY. i cannot express my love for this room any more.
are you loving these colors like i am? what does your ideal dining room look like?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

my paper love {wedding details}

from previous posts you know that i have a love of paper products. evidence 1234 and i think you get it. anyways, last june i won a lovely giveaway from a lovely website that unfortunately i cannot recall but it was for an AMAZING paper company called Craftypagan. it turned out to be one of my favorite details from the wedding.

this notebook now houses the listing of shower and wedding gifts we received. i loved that the name on the front was so close to my maiden name. i used these bike tags on the drink dispensers to let guests know what each container held.

i loved her dandelion print so i asked for table placecards just like these heart ones and used them on the cake table, seen in the image above. and this pretty notebook i used as my guestbook (after my first one kinda flopped, which is another post for another day).

i'm practically dying to see the rest of the photos that show off these pretties. what do you think about little paper signs like these at a wedding? a waste of time and effort or an appreciated detail? do tell!

Friday, May 25, 2012

keepin it clean; an inspiring morning

it's not everyday you see something inspiring before 8AM. but yesterday on my way to work i saw something interesting. it wasn't something really out there or something i had never seen before. it was a common woman performing a common task. but because of the situation, the time, and the location, it seemed a bit out of the ordinary. and it wasn't until this morning, when i saw the same woman performing the same task, that i really took in what i was seeing.

the downtown area of our little city isn't exactly the most desirable place to live. the lofts that are actually downtown are fairly luxurious and expensive and really hard to get but the surrounding houses are all a bit run down. they are all Victorian style and painted in these odd but pretty color combinations. nearly all of them are rented out and i would expect that the typical tenant only lasts a year or two. that really starts to show on a home that isn't really well cared for. needless to say, all of the homes lack a certain curb appeal.

for the second day in a row i've seen a middle aged woman sweeping out her curb. in the road with a dust pan and broom, this pretty lady with a fuzzy bun on top of her head in a t-shirt and running shorts was sweeping up trash and debris. yesterday i didn't pay much attention but i did notice that the grass was fairly tall along the once-white picket fence. the weed-filled rose bed was somehow limp and fried at the same time. today, when i saw the woman out for the second time, i paid more attention. the first thing that I noticed was a clean front porch which sounds like the simplest thing in the world, but if you looked at the other junk-filled porches on the street you would understand my amazement at the cleanliness of this one.

you are probably wondering why this is hitting me so hard and truthfully, i'm not sure. i just kind of think it's cool that this woman was really making the best of this house that had gone unloved for so long. and that even though she was renting this house, she cared about how it looked. as a renter, i sometimes make excuses for how things turn out in my apartment. but as a designer i always try to make a space look its best. so i guess in a way i could relate to this woman.

now, enough with my random blabbering. a pretty house to make things happy from an awesome construction company called Witt...
 and a happy, happy pic of me with some of my high school girlfriends. i just love this photo.
enjoy this three-day weekend!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

farm sign inspiration {yes, really}

it is quite possible that after this post you will think i'm crazy. currently i'm working on a sign for a family farm and i feel so far out of my element it's not funny. what they want seems to be something that requires a real artist that can paint. not me. but i'm going to make it happen and along the way i'm gathering inspiration. starting off the inspiration though is examples of other signs. some of these are pretty cool and i'm hoping they want to go really vintage looking.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

paint by pic {xvii}

today's paint by pic is perfect for someone who wants a pop of color and doesn't like much fuss. these colors are great year round - no need to add or remove colors for the seasons. what do you think of this room?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

{can you dig it} WE CAN DIG IT {can yall dig it}

this color is FIERCE for summer! {please excuse me. just had to channel my inner-Tyra there for a moment.} let me be real for a moment though; i've always been a pink girl. it's like it is my bones or running through my veins. for the most part i can dig any color from Mr. ROY G. BIV and all that is between. however, i've always kind of hated the color red. i think because it reminds me of anger or something but red just kinda makes me shutter. don't ask me to explain it. so it wasn't until recently when i picked up a pretty coral nail varnish that i've discovered i too can love shades of red. now red itself? i'm still dealing with that but a nice pinky-orange shade of red? i can really get into that. here's my roundup of coral things that i'm ready to rock this summer.
1 Technically in a shade of orange but this pillow looks like coral to me. I'd love to see it on a mint or peach bedspread or a white sofa. Trina Turk, $118.

2 Backpacks are making a comeback and a great polka dot is never out of style. This one is in the shade Firecracker and I love how modern it looks. Brahmin, $295.

3 The combination of pockets, buttons, and this bright coral color is making me itch for that super hot weather that always hits during the week of the fair, which is where I'd wear this number. Topshop, $56.

4 Though the image here looks hot pink, this blush is the perfect shade of coral. It's natural and cheerful, not to mention the fact that these blushes smell so nice. Benefit, $28.

5 Perfect for those summer nights that are turning into fall, when there is just a bit of a chill in the air. Nordstrom, $58.

6 For your morning coffee or to collect pencils on your desk, this warm red Pantone Universe mug will brighten up your day. Popdeluxe, $15.

7 There's something ridiculously fun about a shiny, wet lipgloss. This one in candid coral has some pretty gold shimmer to really warm things up. Lord and Taylor, $26.

8 A new rug with a bold print can look like an entire room make over. I also love this for a covered balcony. wayfair, starting at $63.

9 Platform wedge sandals in a pretty melon color?! Gimme! I'd wear these puppies with my pleated black skirt and a simple white short sleeved blouse to the office or out for dinner. Zappos, $160

Monday, May 21, 2012

wedding details take 1! the bouquet

since i don't want to completely overwhelm you all with wedding details all at the same time, i think i'll post just one a week - maybe two if i'm super excited and can't wait to share. i decided to start out with my bouquet because... well, i was basically in love with it. here we go...

once upon a time i came across the image on the right on the wonderfully amazing wedding chicks site. i didn't think much of it other than i thought it was super pretty. it wasn't at all right for my wedding because the colors were off and it seemed too small and not architectural enough for me. then about two months out, i sat down with my co-worker who was going to help me with the table arrangements. we started listing out the flowers and quantities we wanted using my inspiration board (this post). while writing out the list i realized that a lot of what i wanted was included in that bouquet:  dahlia, astilbe, dusty miller. it also had eucalyptus which i thought was really fun. so i decided to use that bouquet as a building piece to mine. i altered the colors they used to my colors and but otherwise ordered exactly what the recipe called for.

i found out immediately after i placed the order that the eucalyptus wasn't going to happen as my wholesale shop couldn't get it. after thinking it over, i selected willow stem, the twiggy, curly pieces that stuck out of my bouquet. it would provide just the bit of architectural interest i was looking for.

the day of the wedding my co-worker called me from the wholesale shop to let me know that the pink and white astilbe I had ordered wasn't looking so hot. i told her to find something from the refrigerators that looked close. let me introduce you to calcynia:

isn't she a beaut? she is wildflower-y and breezy. she was perfect for my bouquet. the final result was everything i had dreamed my wedding bouquet would be. she was neutral yet fun and structured yet whimsical. it's funny to see the two bouquets side-by-side because they are so different from each other. this is just the first example of how my inspiration board changed over time to become my dream wedding.

[wedding chicks bouquet recipe/my bouquet as photographed by Meredith Rogers/3/4/5/6]

Friday, May 18, 2012

inspired color

[maja-lisa kehlet/max wanger as directed by bri emery & jen gotch]

splendid design

every once in a while i come across a building that simply takes my breath away. architecture is a huge part of my work and a beautiful, well designed building can easily steal my heart. today i came across one today that managed to make me sigh.

the University of Aberdeen library in Scotland is so lovely and well thought out. from the detailed window panels that resemble books, to the offset elliptical heliostat-like staircase, the building is a work of art. simple in shape (it's a cube for crying out loud!) but complex in detail, this is the kind of building that makes my list of "must-see architecture".

tell me that's not gorgeous! sigh... i know, you can't.

this building is also quite sustainable with solar panels on the roof, a water recycling system, the use of daylight throughout, and a traffic plan that encourages cycling and buses to access the building. it just keeps getting better.

this masterpiece was designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects and construction was completed in 2011. all images from shla website.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Stacked, slightly separated, a nesting table is a great piece for any room. I admit I have yet to use them on a project of my own because I kind of forget about them! Crazy of me though because they are great for adding height variation to a room and perfect for entertaining. Separate the tables around the room for a place to set a cocktail or use them to display desserts or hors' d'oeuvres.


Monday, May 14, 2012

it's a beautiful day - mini wedding sneak peak

Helllooooo there bloggettes! Here is a little sneaky peak of some excitement that went down over the weekend. Boy... it was a good one. Professional images to come in the next month or so. Until now I just have these lovelies from my friends and family. I can't wait to share details of our special day!

Have a great week !

Friday, May 11, 2012

splendid conversation + wedding pre-cap

I'm out and about today preparing for the big day tomorrow but in the goodness that surrounds me I had to share this word that I found myself using often during wedding planning. Not just to describe the cake either; I kind of wanted our entire wedding experience dulcet to every palette.

Last evening we delivered all of my preciously made decor to the reception and ceremony site where things had been cleared and set up, ready for the pretty to unfold. And my toes are shining with a fresh coat of China Glaze lacquer in a bold shade of pink with gold shimmer.The rest of today will be spent styling and arranging and preparing for the (hopefully) opulent flower delivery tomorrow morning. I'm praying that the flowers will be bloomed and as fetching as I dream them to be.

My next post will be as a Mrs! Until then, lovelies.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

paint by pic {xvi}

today's room is bright with an awesome chevron pattern on the floor and an equally awesome light fixture. the orange chairs and the blue lamp really make this place vibrant. would you use these colors in your house?


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

current favorites

today i'm sharing some current favorites! here they are, listed out below

- Sephora's Pantone Color of the Year Blush Duo. A pretty, peachy matte color perfect for daytime and a shimmery coral for evening. Use a fluffy powder brush to sweep across your cheeks for a healthy, natural color.

- Ikea's Tullsta Chair. This shouldn't technically be a favorite because I just got it yesterday. But it's sitting in my new reading corner ready to cuddle up with a cup of hot tea and a book. Isn't she cute!?

- Ducktape's Hello Kitty print duct tape. Made moving a little happier :)

- The Knot's Wedding 911 app. Sounds silly but for those questions I wanted an outsiders opinion on, I turned to social networking. I was lucky enough to always get great advice and even share some of my own knowledge.

- DKNY's French Grain Leather Purse. I got mine for a steal at TJ Maxx and I kind of love pulling it out of my purse. I feel so sophisticated.

-L'Oreal's Colour Riche lipcolour in Fairest Nude. This color was seriously made for me. It has become my all-season, never-fail color. Takes on pink, mauve, and nude tones an always looks perfect.

What are your current favorites? Anything I should be trying/using/loving?! Please share!

Friday, May 4, 2012

personal post; Presad

you know the kind; they are the ones that make you want to cuddle up in bed with a fuzzy blanket, a chick flick and a box of tissues. the ones where every sad song on the radio is about you. the ones where you feel like the building blocks of life are stacked high on your back and you're moving at a snails pace to ensure they all stay neatly stacked. today is one of those days for me.

maybe my emotions are running high because we are now 8 days and 8 hours away from wedding time but regardless, today i'm presad. you all know presad; it's when you really have no reason to be sad but something suddenly hits you: you think about a scenerio that could happen and you get sad. you foolishly dwell on the situation, fully knowing it's not happening and that there's no reason to be sad but you are sad anyway because you know that it COULD happen and potentially WILL happen someday. yeah, it's one of those days.

a Miranda Lambert song set it off for me today. that pretty but sad little song with the most simple of lyrics; "cause you went away, how dare you? I miss you. they say I’ll be okay but I’m not going to ever get over you." she sings them in such a powerful way that it really sucked me into believing her feelings were my feelings. suddenly i lost someone so close to me and i don't know how i'll ever deal with it. it seemed so real and then i realize that it will be real someday. i've been so fortunate in life to not have lost someone that is part of my daily routine; someone that i see or talk to daily, that i NEED to help me survive life. but i will someday and so i am presad. it's just one of those days.

but today will get better because it's early. i'll buy myself some pretty flowers and embrace the thunderstorm we're supposed to have later and be grateful and happy to have another day. another day closer to the wedding day and another day closer to starting a life with my best friend by my side each morning. yeah, i think it will be one of those days. what kind of day will you have?


Thursday, May 3, 2012

this photo

love this via designsponge.

happy presents

a happy present is one which is lovingly cared for and gently perfected with pretty paper, curly ribbons, and adorned with tags, stamps, trinkets, etc. a well thought out package is received with bright eyes and a big smile - and sometimes a squeal.

okay, OK. 

maybe not everyone appreciates an embellished package but this girl sure does. think about it lovelies: the first thing a person sees when receiving a gift is how you have cared for it since purchasing. a judgement is made, whether you like it or not, on the gift before it's even opened. hand me a gift in a Target sack and while i'm still grateful, i'm probably gonna wish it had a bow tied around it. i'm not saying i'm picky about gift receiving - NOT AT ALL. i just know when i give a gift i want the receiver to have that look in their eyes that says "oh goody goody goody!" and a Target sack just doesn't scream "I'M AN AWESOME PRESENT AND YOU'RE GONNA LOVE ME AND LOVE COURTNEY FOR GIVING ME TO YOU!"

anyway, i've rambled enough. i've been wrapping bridesmaid gifts this week and started with these images as my inspiration. funny though because they look not a darned thing like these. you'll have to wait til after the wedding to see what they look like though.

[ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 ]

how do you care for your packages? are you a "do it up real nice" type? or a "just toss it in a bag" kinda person?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

quick fix: shelf liners

shelf liners have always been a bit of a mystery to me as far as their purpose. i tend to be the type of person who likes things that are there for a reason and serve a function and i've just never understood shelf liners. until yesterday.

as you know, KJB and i moved into our first home together yesterday and after lugging everything in (WHY do i have so much crap?!) i got started in the kitchen because kitchen "stuff" makes me happy. i started the scrub down and immediately realized that the maintenance crew had used Old English on the shelves inside our cabinets. now, i'm sure it was to make it look nice + clean but all it did was come off on my rag. i was kind of discussed and outraged. HOW could i put our new dishes and glasses on those shelves?! no way. of course i'm impatient and eager to get things done so i started thinking about shelf liners and how i didn't understand them until now and how that is the perfect solution. but i didn't have shelf paper and i didn't really want to get out in the pouring rain to get some either.

then i started looking around at all the gift bags that hold our wedding shower gifts in the living room waiting to be unpacked. and the gift bags are all so pretty and bright. so i got out my pair of scissors, some spray adhesive and went to work covering the cabinet shelves. they are so fun! they are also plastic coated so easy to just wipe out if they get wet.  so the bags that i was going to pitch into the recycling bin are now at home on the bottom of each of our drawers. i was so proud of myself for thinking of it so quickly that i had to show KJB. he was less enthused but i didn't care.

what do you think of shelf liners? do you have them or think they are a waste?


paint by pic {xv}

I'm still trying to decide what I love most about this room. The centered tub? The perfectly matching towels? The shower head? The white nesting tables? The perfectly displayed bath products? Or maybe it's this beyorgeous (that is beyond + gorgeous) shower curtain. I think that is it :) MS has a tutorial here on how to make your own by sewing different fabrics together but I was thinking that some painters tape and paint could do the trick too! Just jot down the colors I have listed below and talk to your local rep about what type of paint to use.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

moving! and how to do it effeciently

the BIG day is here! ok, not the BIG day as in the wedding day; the BIG day as in moving day. not nearly as fun and much more stressful for me than any of the wedding planning. i thought it would be helpful to share some of my moving tips to help anyone else that gets stressed at the thought of packing up their life.

-before you start packing, make sure everything is clean (there's no point in packing dust bunnies). also make sure you have two bags available: one for trash and one for donating. when you pack, you will come across things you realize you do not need.

-have supplies handy like boxes, packing + masking tape, bubble wrap, markers, scissors, colored stickers.

-mark all sides of the box. i know it seems redundant but you'll be so glad when you look in the back of the moving truck or at a stack of boxes and you don't have to figure out where the label went.

-assign a color to each room. i used those circle dot stickers that people use for garage sales because our new place only has four rooms. the bathroom became the green room, the kitchen the red room, the living room was yellow, and the bedroom blue. then i put up a piece of construction paper in each room to coordinate the colors. this makes it super easy on my family, who are so graciously helping, to put boxes in the appropriate rooms.

-since space planning is my life, i drew up a floorplan of the apartment with furniture labeled. i printed an 18" x 24" plan and taped it right inside the front door. that way they can easily see where to set my desk, the entertainment center, etc. and i don't have to be in the apartment the entire time.

-somethings i want to make sure i handle myself - like my makeup. it may sound silly but makeup is expensive and my rowdy cousins could care less about it. i made sure that i packed it carefully between old towels and marked the box with large black letters "COURTNEY TO TOUCH ONLY OR YOU WILL NOT GET LUNCH". i wouldn't really not give them lunch but for my little control freak mind, it puts me at ease.

-lastly make sure that you contact the utility companies about two weeks before to schedule hook up of electricity, water, sewage, gas, cable, phone, etc the day before you move in. you may also need to call a locksmith to have locks changed if necessary.

[image via]