Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Series! Paint by Pic

hey there bloggy lovers! yesterday i was feelin like i needed something new on the blog and since my new header from http://macfaye.wordpress.com/ doesn't have it quite ready yet, i decided to launch a new series called Paint by Pic. in this series i will share images of some of my favorite rooms and what paint colors you can use to recreate this look. while most people in the design field go by pantone numbers, i'm going to make this easier for all you home-decor-loving-DIYers and use sherwin williams colors. (sw paint happens to be my favorite). so here is the first of the series and please try to overlook the horrid quality of this photo - it still is one of my favorite home offices. i'm also still playing with the best way to share this, so bare with me!

if you have an image you want paint colors pulled from, leave me a link below or shoot me an email!

pomegranate, 2903. white iris, 6812. gray shingle, 7670. lagoon 6480. greenfield, 6439. bosc pear, 6390.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

another friday

it's been a long week and i'm ready for some down time. here's to hoping this weekend you can...


Monday, January 23, 2012


this weekend while out to dinner i managed to lose a brand-spanking-new tube of my favorite lipgloss*. the little happiness in my heart that i feel each time i use Bare Minerals Toffee Glaze was gone and i kind of wanted to cry. not only was it shiny new but i can't seem to find this shade anywhere, meaning it's either discontinued or only released in collections. but my fav-o-rite, Mac from Collected Eclectic, saved my life recently by giving me a new one. and then i lost it. mega fail on my part.
but then, the world came back around. this morning while unpacking my overnight makeup bag, what should i find but my little heart happiness at the bottom of the bag. how did that happen, you may ask. well i either hallucinated and didn't use it at dinner at all OR went partially blind for the moment i was looking for it in my clutch and then blind again when i put it back in my makeup bag. it's really hard to say at this point because those kind of things happen all the time - and not just to me, admit it.
come on; admit it.
'kay thanks. that makes me feel better.
so life is back to being good again with my lipgloss* by my side. here she is. what a beaut.

*does anyone ever start singing that silly lil mama song everytime they say/think the word lip gloss? you know, "my lip gloss is cool, my lip gloss by poppin. i'm standing at my locker and all the boys keep stoppin. what you know bout me? what you, what you know bout me?" you know? (this is one of those times where you say yes so that i don't feel awkward.) yes, exactly. well i've been singing this song in my head this entire post. what you know bout me? what you, what you know bout me?

Friday, January 20, 2012


there's just something about triangles today.


hunny cards

in case you can't tell i'm on a paper kick. if i weren't hiding my cc from myself, i'd have a new box of notebooks and cards to put in the top of my closet while i wait to use up the first two boxes. adoring these cards for valentines day.


takes me back

the wishbone chair takes me back to college. it used to be my favorite chair (& it is still high on the list) and i once did an entire restaurant project inspired by it.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

dreamy colors

so in love with watercolors. Minh Dam landscapes really have that rainy day look that make me want to curl up with a book. And of course, the amazing Stina Persson whose fashion-forward pieces are feminine and colorful. oh, and i want that phone case.



a cozy, escape

[via architectura]

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

current obsession

ever since i was little my favorite thing in the world has been books. so why wouldn't i be swooning over a wall full of them? if this isn't home, i don't know what is.


Monday, January 16, 2012

warm and toasty

candles give me that warm and toasty feeling. cuddling up under a fuzzy blanket with the one i love and a couple of these.

Friday, January 13, 2012

lighting goodness

love these fixtures by Luke Lamp Co.

shimmers & glitters

the wedding is creeping up (120 days may seem long but after being engaged for a year and a half, it's creepin!) and this weekend i have appointments to practice my hair and makeup. i'm pretty sure i know exactly what i want for my hair but i'm not too sure on my makeup. or my eye makeup at least. so i took to pinterest and some of my favorite YouTube beauty bloggers to pull together some ideas for my makeup artist. my big question is to go natural or smoky. what do you prefer? what did you do on your wedding day?


Thursday, January 12, 2012

color inspiration


afternoon inspiration

loving these drawings by Daphne van den Heuvel

Project Progress: the Mega Project tour

I must excitedly yet sadly report that the mega project has come to an end. Excited because I have a great sense of accomplishment for this little baby; sad because my baby is all grown up. I kind of feel like an empty nester as odd as it sounds. Anyway, I digress; on with the tour!
 A, B, C) The main lobby where patience are greeted by the staff and checked in at the reception desk. The lobby features a custom reception desk, gorgeous ceramic tile, an original painting by Brian Gordy, an original painting by Hattie Stanton, and pottery by Richard Tuck. There is also one of several groupings of Indiana Poplar logs looking rustic and lovely under LED lighting with a base of Tennessee River Slicks (grouted down by hand by yours truly - yes i do manual labor).

D) The long corridor of exam rooms can be found on the first floor in the primary healthcare area, the second floor pediatric and women's health area, and the urgent care wing. The south side of the building houses physicians offices with storefront walls that flood sunlight into the corridor.
E) Administration on the third floor is home to the system furniture we scored from a re-seller at a great deal. Perfect condition and exactly the workstation we needed for billing, accounting, and support staff.
 F,G) Off of the elevator on the second floor is the sub reception desk and waiting for WIC and dental patients. The pendant lights are from Lighting Universe and are called Meringue. How fun is that! The front of the reception desk features resin panels made of mahogany shavings made by Luxe + Natura. Panels retro fitted to divide check-out stations are called Paper Leaf made by Lumicor.
 H,I) Another sub waiting area on the second floor is specifically for pediatric waiting. A two piece original painting by Jim Faulkner occupies most of the walls. On the opposite wall a small grouping of logs with a custom bench, photograph by Kyle Evens, and a vinyl wall quote.
 J, K) The dental suite features Midmark cabinetry to house x-ray equipment and supplies. A suspended monitor hangs from the ceiling to easily share information with the patient.
 L, M) The third floor reception desk has Luxe + Natura panels and is lit with glass pendants from Lighting Universe. Poplar logs flank an original watercolor by David Dale across from a vinyl quote from Steve Jobs. A collection of ceramic plates are hung on the wall with bottles and vases atop the reception desk.
 N) The building 13 conference spaces including a community room that takes up half of the basement level. The room is home to 64 training tables and 128 chairs, a lighting and audio visual system controlled by an iPad, several inspiring wall quotes, and Modernfold panels that divide the large room into three smaller rooms.
O) Another conference space is the board room on the third floor. This room seats sixteen people at a custom boat-shaped table with tile and technology inlays. A unique suspended fixture hangs in the center of the room that spreads up and down light by manufacturer Architectural Lighting Works.
P) A large employee break room is also in the basement and features a unique tile product called Create by Mannington.
Q) Have you ever seen a mechanical room this clean? It's pretty magical, not gonna lie. The mechanical room is the control room for the geothermal system, the dental compressor, the elevator controls, and the plumbing equipment.

After spending two years of focused energy on this project, it's so strange to not start and end my day by checking in at the project site and meet with the contractors-turned-friends. [May or may not be tearing up! This project and the people it brought me to are close to my heart.] However, all good things must come to an end and I'm already started on new adventures that I can't wait to share.

Thanks for your patience in this picture heavy post!

Contractors: A&S Roofing: roof improvements; Berline Construction: wall construction, ceiling installation, ; Crane Inc.: casework, restroom accessories, operable partitions; Ed's Carpet: flooring; Educational Furniture: appliances, Hon furniture; Innovative Concepts Painting: paint, wall coverings; Jay Crew: landscaping, green roof; McKesson and TG Construction: exam room built-ins; No Limits: audio visual; Phoenix Assets: stair rails; SA Boyce: site improvements, canopy construction; Salyer Taylor: plumbing, mechanical; Sidney Electric: electrical improvements

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

bouquets of pretty

if there is one thing i'm loving lately it's fabric flower. ok, that's a lie; i've been loving them for a long time. so it was kinda a no brainer when i decided a year + ago that fabric flowers would play apart in my wedding. and i started making them a year + ago.

and i've worked,
and i've worked,
and i've made others work.

until finally this past weekend i had enough blooms to make my fabric-flower-loving heart happy. but no pictures for you until the wedding! instead you'll have to look at these pretties.