Friday, August 31, 2018

Get the Look

When I came across this gorgeous, modern dining space that belongs to the editor in chief of  Elle Denmark, Cecilie Ingdal, I knew I had to try to recreate the look. That stunning, oversized round table is truly fit for a style queen and took me ages to find something even close to the look. But I do love this Holly Hunt one because it comes with the option to have a matching lazy susan! The light fixture, so subtle in it's simplistic lines, but really gorgeous was also very difficult to find. Finally I settled for this geometric, brass fixture that gives off a similar feel.

light | cabinets | paint | vase | chair | table | flooring

Monday, August 27, 2018

Hello Autumn

The smell of falling leaves and the feel of crisp air. The autumn season is here, goodbye humid hair! Add a few layers to keep the goosebumps away; a pair of boots for some corn maze play. Smokey scent in the air from a bonfire close by; a roasted marshmallow s'more you surely can't deny. The season of basic girls drinking several PSL. Visiting the orchard for an apple dipped in caramel. The colors, the weather, the fashion, there's nothing to get sick of. So cozy up and watch the leaves change with the one that you love.

floral blouse | crossbody bag | earrings | green jacket | dress | wrap bracelet | twist knot top | mulberry skirt | henley top | mule wedge

Friday, August 24, 2018


Every few months I like to do an update on the things currently going on in my life. Here's an update since my last CURRENTLY, in May.


chirp * chirp * chirp

Hear that? That's the sound of crickets. Know why you can hear them? Because I haven't picked up a book in months. Quite literally, I have not added any books to my list since my last update. My shame is strong, but honestly I've just been occupying my time other ways and I think that's ok sometimes.

So instead of reading, I've been listening to a lot of The Quibbler podcast. I've really enjoyed getting back into the wizarding world and being reminded of the cool bits of those books I had forgotten about. I've also been following the Girls' Night In newsletter, which gets sent out every Friday, includes some great articles, suggestions of things to try/do, and other goodies specifically geared towards women who don't mind spending their weekends at home.
Also this summer, I painted several ceilings in our home, cleared out a lot of clutter, and signed up for grocery delivery. GUYS, that has become my favorite luxury. Shipt is the service I use, which shops at a couple stores near me. I make my grocery list, specifically adding the exact items (size, qty., brand, etc.) I want using their convenient app, select the time I want it delivered and ta-da! My shopping is done for the week! A professional shopper sends me a text if something I requested is out of stock and offers substitutions as needed. It's so convenient and makes it much easier to have healthy snacks in the house.

My rewatch of Friends is nearly complete; I've just started the last season. It had been a couple of years since I watched it for the first time and it was enjoyed just as much as the first time. There just doesn't seem to be another 30 minute sitcom I can get into like I can that one. We have also made it through several more seasons of NCIS. Season 10 is halfway through and I'm starting to think it will be the end of next year before we will complete it. But that's okay. My love for Mark Harmon will continue that much longer.

This summer I was lucky enough to head up to Chicago multiple times for work and pleasure. I shared a post in June all about how to pack for a short business trip to Chicago in the summer. It was a great trip and I can't wait to get back up there soon. We have lots of travel plans for the autumn, so I'm currently keeping local to conserve energy for all those trips.

Slides have been on my feet nearly all summer. Dressier ones for the office, casual ones for the weekends, it doesn't seem to matter the occasion- I probably wore slides. Another repeat offender has been my black diamond initial pendant. I've been living in this because I know the quality will hold up in the humid summer heat and the chemical filled pool water. The dainty size makes it go with everything - whether it's layered with other necklaces or paired with some statement earrings.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Autumn Collection & Freebie

Hello friends! Today I'm pleased to share my Autumn Art Collection over at Splendid Actually The Shop. This collection was inspired by the trends of the season - snuggles, bonfires, leaves and keeping warm! When you head over to the shop, you'll see a lot of home decor items since this collection was all about the cozy. You'll see that the color palette is varied so that there is something for everyones aesthetic. My favorite piece by far is Fall Diet Plan, featuring my staple for the season.

I hope you'll visit The Shop and tell me your favorite item of the whoopin 140 products! All of the prints are below but there's so much more to see.

To celebrate, I've created a digital diecut of Fall Diet Plan. I think this would look awesome poking out of a travelers notebook pocket! A massive spilling of candy! Click here to download the digital and make sure to tag me on instagram if you use it in your setup.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Skincare Shock

Today's post is going to be short and sweet. Last week, while working on a post all about my current skincare routine, I got off on a Pinterest rabbit hole all about product ingredients. Typically I tend to educate myself on the things I use and put in and on my body, but *hands up* I confess, I had never looked at the ingredients in my skincare. Pretty much immediately I was shocked to see some really horrible things in products in general, but also specifically in the things I was using. I was torn between sharing that post because, honestly those products are currently in rotation and I like to share things I use, love, or want to try. But this time, I just couldn't share things I knew were linked to really horrible things like tumors and endocrine interrupters.

So instead of sharing old or new products with you today I'm going to link you over to the article I read. You can find it by clicking here. I encourage you to go through your products and educate yourself on what you're putting on your body.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Fall Accessories

Around this time of year I have a tendency to pull a Loralei Gilmore and be able to smell the next season. I may not be able to smell snow, but early in the morning and after the sun goes down, I can smell the approach of fall. Summer is my season through and through, but the coming of autumn is always so refreshing, especially when the humidity has been high like it has the past month.

Autumn is definitely my favorite season for fashion. Layers and boots makes dressing so much easier. Today I'm sharing a new series called Save Spend Splurge where I'll post very similar items in three price ranges. The price ranges will really vary depending on the item, for example in general you would likely spend more on boots than you would a scarf, even if you are in the "save" category. So to kick us off, I'm sharing my three go-to fall accessories that when paired with any outfit can really step up your style. Jeans and a basic top, trousers and a blouse, a dress and cardigan or blazer - all of them can be accessorized with a great plaid scarf, giant dark sunnies, and a cognac bootie.

save: sunnies | scarf | booties
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splurge: sunnies | scarf | booties

Friday, August 3, 2018

Mid-Summer Movie Night

I'm sad to say we are currently about halfway through the glorious summer season. My bucket list still has too many things unaccomplished and it makes me so sad. But I don't want to dwell is my sorrow, I want to just get to it - starting with an outdoor movie. I've wanted to do this for so long and this is the summer to make it happen. Since weather has been unexpectedly cooler in the evening, I can make it even cozier with extra pillows and blankets.

The other great thing about movie night outside is the snacks are limitless. Dripping and sticky popsicles and watermelon are made for the outdoors and not something you typically eat during a movie. I love the idea of combining your movie treats and summer sweets in your backyard movie night.

What's your favorite summer movie? I'm a Dirty Dancing fan myself but Grease, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Caddyshack, and Jaws are also classics!