Monday, January 28, 2013

365 01/28

i have a confession that i've never told anyone. ready for it? the main reason i choose to claim interior design as a major back in college was because i loved the look of architectural prints. pretty bad, right? but it worked out well and i got to learn how to make those lovely drawings, to an extent.

blueprints have come along way since their origin. they were first made with light sensitive sheets using a contact print process much like photography film. i could go into the process but it's a lot of science that i'm not sure i understand. prints evolved from the original blue prints to white prints, which is actually blue lines on white paper - another chemical process - to today's computer aided drafting.

i still love the look of blueprints though, and they can make a great art feature. someday, when we build our dream home, i plan to frame up the blueprints and hang them throughout the house. they tend to be pretty masculine so even your man will love them. love they way they are used in this room below with wood beams and floors and white walls, as it adds to the architectural feel to the room.

restoration hardware sells a couple of different framed blueprints if you want to go that route. while not completely detailed, i still love these lighthouse prints.

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