hi, i'm courtney. and before we get into the nitty-gritty here, let me start by saying i hate capital letters. so don't be surprised if you don't see them where you should.

who am i? just a mid-western girly girl that loves sharing life with people. a list of things i love: design, decor, color, patterns, beauty products, curls, dresses, crafts, and paper.

who is my man? that's Kyle, better known as KJB here on the blog. i'm not sure why that started considering his actual name is only one letter longer, but that's just always how i write it. read our love story here...

what is my wish? my prayer everyday is to live like Jesus. and i fail every single day. but because God covers me in grace, i'm able to keep trying. sometimes i talk about these trials on here.

where am i going? it's still to be determined. but i take life one step at a time and i document it all here on this blog. whether it's a craft, a story, a new fun find, work, or play, you'll get to see it here. doesn't that make it kind of a mess? maybe, but life is messy. and i'm okay with that.