Sunday, March 31, 2013

365 03/31

our last yellow color palette and i couldn't help but keep it bright.

if you're loving these five colors together like i am, try them out in your office, a sunroom, or a kitchen. the sherwin williams colors are optimistic yellow 6900, kiwi 6737, rivulet 6760, manitou blue 6501, impulsive purple 6832.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

365 03/30

a couple of bold colors with a couple of muted colors? this is the best way to pull multiple colors into a room. i'm loving this bright much.
want these paint colors for your own room? try these sherwin williams colors. rookwood blue green 2811| goldfinch 6905 | hot 6843 | bohemian black 6988 | thunderous 6201

Friday, March 29, 2013

365 3/29

a pretty pastel palette perfect for a light and airy room or a spring outfit.

love the colors you see here? here are the sherwin williams colors i pulled the palette from.
glisten yellow, 6912 | avid apricot, 6639| baize green, 6429 | lark green 6745 | darkroom, 7083

don't these kinda look like my easter eggs?!

we be singin

last night my mother-in-law called me and i could tell by the tone of her voice she was going to ask me to do something i wasn't going to be comfortable with.

"can you sing with us in the praise band on sunday?"

"sunday? as in a few days? as in, EASTER SUNDAY?!" i ask. 'the day we have 5138 visitors,' i think.

yup, that's the sunday she was referring to.

y'all, except for the tunes i belt out in my car, i haven't sang since graduating high school nine years ago. honestly, i'm not sure i even know how to sing properly anymore. plus, back then the lights in the auditorium would be out and stage lights would shine in our faces = can't see the audience. i'll be able to see the congregation just as easily as they can see me.


so please, friends, pray for this introvert as i prepare my heart to worship in front of 10564 people on sunday. ok, like 300 but still.

also, i wanted to share that I have been completely and totally wrecked this week - in the best way possible. the SheReadsTruth Holy Week devotional? guys, it's good stuff. those beautiful ladies broke it down perfectly, pointed things out to me, and shared a bit of their heart. if you're wanting to spend more time in the Lord's word, i highly recommend you check out their devotionals. you can go to the site each day or you can download the plan right on your YouVersion Bible app on your phone. you won't regret it, really.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

365 03/28

tomorrow we will get into a few awesome color palettes. but for today, let's check out these three beach babes. i'm completely loving their retro suits in yellow and white. would you rock a suit like that now?


finding my career, part 2

this post is part of a link up called Little Life Lessons. visit Lindsey to see the rest of the bloggers sharing their stories. read part 1 of finding my career here.

+ + + + +

once i got the job at the design firm, i had a feeling i would be there for a very long time. possibly my entire career. the people i worked for were awesome, my co-workers became my best friends (they helped me make my wedding dream a reality!), and the clients i was able to work with were like dreams. for three years i loved my job, loved going in to work everyday, and felt so blessed that God had put me here. 

a few months before my 4 year anniversary with the company, God started stirring my heart.through lots of prayer and conversations with KJB, i started looking for another job.

an opportunity was offered within a week. it was for a construction firm and i would be doing a lot of construction management and estimating. much less design work than i would have hoped. i had done some managing and estimating on a small scale at the design firm and really enjoyed it. communication was the key to success at a job like this and the thought of that made me nervous and giddy at the same time. talking to people hasn't always been easy for this introvert.

God pushed me, "you can do good here. you will learn so many good things. imagine what you could build for me." a play on words. He can be so funny sometimes. so i took the plunge. i've been with this company for 5 months and have learned so much.

but guys, it hasn't been an easy transition. a lot of people were hurt by my move and that really bothers me. some days i'd like to ask Abraham, "how did you deal when you were following God's will and people didn't like it?" i suppose i know what he would say, that pleasing God is all that matters.

when i consider some friendships i have lost, it hurts my heart. but i'm comforted in knowing i'm where God wants me.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

365 03/27

a room that has a brightly colored sofa and a huge piece of statement art... it's not something you see often, at least, not something done well. if you want to try this for yourself, i think yellow is the color to go with. it's bright and happy but also subdued enough that you can't easily overuse it.

try it with a piece of art and a sofa like this living room. or a pair of club chairs and a rug. or a table runner and dining chairs.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

365 03/26

maybe it's because i'm feeling claustrophobic in all this snow we have, but i'd love to run around this beach and play in the sun. and it's not just that i'd love to be there; this photo has great colors. that canary yellow paired with brilliant blue. sigh... this photo would look great in a guest bedroom or bathroom. where would you hang this pic?


TGBTB - your inner foodie

after having so much fun filming my last vlog, i decided it was finally time to join in on The Girl Behind The Blog link up on 5ohWifey's blog! go to her page, here, to see the rest of the bloggers.

this week's prompt was all about your inner foodie!
here are my two favorite recipes: Turkey Tomato Basil Soup & Cake batter milkshakes

Make sure to check out Claire from The Realistic Nutritionist as well!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Sunday, March 24, 2013

365 03/24

ahhhh, Target. you know i love you. do you follow TargetStyle and TargetInteriors on twitter? because you should. TargetStyle gives away a pair of shoes each friday. tell me that's not awesome!

recently they shared roundup of sun-shiney items. if you're looking for more yellow in your life, give these a try.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

365 03/23

considering this dress was part of fall 2011 fashion week, maybe i'm a bit behind. but i'm loving this mustard color paired with the metallic bronze.

Friday, March 22, 2013

365 03/22

lemon bars are not for me. i'll skip over a fruit dessert any day for a dish of ice cream, slice of sugar cream pie, or chocolate anything.

until i saw this lemon bar.

guys, look how beautiful it is. must try this now. so what if i'm only drawn to it because the bright, neon yellow is paired with a lovely macadamia (both in the recipe and in color). don't you think it just looks too good to eat?
find the recipe here on love & olive oil.

spring polishes

my friends will tell you, i have an obsession with nail polish. my collection is slightly ridiculous but i don't care. i love each and every one of them. so since spring is officially here, i thought i'd share my favorite laquers for the season.

1. Sally Hansen, Pink Slip. A sheer, clean, pinky white. 
2. Loreal, Macaroon Me Madly. A pastel peach.
3. Essie, Nice is Nice. Pastel lilac. 
4. Essie, Penny Talk. Metallic rose gold. 
5. Essie, Absolutely Shore. A dirty mint.
6. China Glaze, Strawberry Fields. Strawberry pink with gold shimmer. 
7. Revlon, Whimsical. Milky blue with blue and pink glitter. 
8. China Glaze Rose Among Thorns.. Matte, neon rose.
9. Essie, Coat Azure. Creamy ocean blue. 
10. Orly, Lollipop. Pinker version of Nice is Nice. 
11. Revlon, Peachy. Bold peach.
12. Sally Hansen, Kook-a-mango. Bright coral. 
13. Sally Hansen, Peachy Breeze. Hot pink with zero peach.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

365 03/20

shes got style. the yellow and green? side-by-side on the color wheel is super trending right now.


six piece remix | outfit 1

so maybe i went the easy route. i chose the easiest item of all to style.

the chambray shirt.

what's funny about this outfit is that i'm pretty sure it's fairly common. but this is just not a courtney outfit. i tend towards blouses and blazers with jeans and heels or flats. i think it looks ok though - i take that back, it looks good and i'll probably wear it again. but it was outside my comfort zone for sure.

what's even more funny? i could have put the sweater and that bubble necklace in the challenge too, because i just never wear them. statement necklaces scare me. i'm much more likely to wear big earrings and a dainty necklace. the sweater is lovely but because it has metallic threads running through it, it's pretty itchy.

to see how the other bloggers did, check out the link up here on danielle's page

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

six piece remix

when i came across this challenge monday night, i knew i had to jump on board. danielle from framed frosting started the six piece remix, where you select 6 items of clothing in your closet and figure out a new way to wear them.

what's funny is that some of these items are super common/trendy right now. my problem is that they really don't fit my style and i can't make them look right on me. here are my six pieces.

1\ this pretty floral print dress is lovely and perfect for church or a business meeting. the problem? it's pretty sheer and i'm too lazy to find a slip to wear under it. i've worn it once.

2\ you probably are wondering why a chambray shirt is in this line up. it's because i can't make this shirt look right. i've tried to wear it a few times and it just looks funny. i'm determined to make this shirt work before the trend is completely over.

3\ a pink lace skirt. i wore it a few times last christmas (as in 2011) with black tights, heels, and a blouse. other than that it's just hung out in my closet wanting to be worn again. now that the lace trend is in this spring, hopefully i can find a way to wear it.

4\ a sheer floral print open blouse/wrap/thing. honestly i don't know what it is. it's like a blouse but doesn't have buttons or anything. i've worn it once with leggings on a weekend but it would be great if i could figure out another way to style it.

5\ the (now infamous) jcrew heart sweater. i'm convinced it looks dumb on me. but since i paid outrageously for it, i have to wear it.

6\ sorry for the dark photo, this black dress just didn't want to pose today. this is a black sundress with a full skirt. i've worn it several times just plain but i'd love to try to layer with it. 

my first outfit is tomorrow. wish me luck!

 find the link up here.

365 03/19


weekly truth, week 11

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

365 03/17

typically i save color palettes for the end of the month, but this moodboard is just so full of spring, i couldn't help but share it right away. Meggan from Lila Grace put it together and i'm swooning over the great use of color.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

365 03/16

something about this image just made me laugh. wouldn't this be perfect frames and hung in a little one's bathroom? it makes me want to buy a ton of rubber ducks, so that someday when we have kids, we can put them in the tub and surround them with ducks. the idea makes me giddy.


Friday, March 15, 2013

365 03/15

winter is nearly over. i can hardly wait. however, if i had this pretty mustard coat, i might be fine with it staying a few more weeks.


melty walls!?

"my bathroom walls are melting. like dripping, running down the walls, melting," a friend is telling me.

immediately i know what she's talking about. the paint looks like it running or drips of water are running down the wall, yet it's dry. 

as a designer i've studied all different kinds of finishes and sometimes i come across a problem that a ton of people have that has a really simple fix - they just don't know the solution. lucky for my friend, i knew the exact solution for her melty walls. the humid air is actually changing the finish of her paint where dew beads up and runs down the wall because the paint doesn't have a moisture-barrier in it. 

i suggest picking up a separate can of paint for bathrooms and other rooms that get humid, like garages and kitchens. some brands only have white bath paint but these are all tintable.

then, before you paint, throw a farewell party to celebrate the melty walls going away for good. i tell ya, there's always a reason to have a party.

happy friday friendlies!

1 / 2 / 3

Thursday, March 14, 2013

365 03/14

well paul mccartney, you had me fooled. submarines are not in fact yellow, as you wrote and Ringo sang in your song. and i found this out today when i went to google and typed in "why are submarines yellow?" and got... well no real results except for images of black submarines and song lyrics. black submarines make a lot of sense to me because it's so dark underwater. yellow i couldn't quite understand.
so instead of sharing what i learned about why submarines are yellow, i'll just show you this really fun shower curtain with a submarine on it.
get one here.

and please tell me i'm not the only one completely clueless on submarine colors... please?

easter egg time!

color eggs is a tradition i just can't shake. back when i was a wee one my siblings, cousins, and i would gather around the table that was covered in newspaper with a dozen eggs each. the boys would always fly through their dozen quickly so that they could get back to donkey kong on the super nintendo... boy those were the days.

the three of us girls are the only ones who really continue the tradition any more but honestly, i would do it by myself if i had to. here are some of the eggs i did last weekend just because i wanted some eggs boiled anyway.

 the dip dye eggs are my favorite. i love the watercolor look they have to them.

 this pantone idea came to me while i was dip-dying. the blue one made me think of a pantone chip so i couldn't help by release my inner design nerd and add the little label.
to get a textured look mix your water and dye with a bit of vinegar and leave the egg in for a short amount of time. the result is a pretty marbled look like you see in the blue egg in this top photo.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

365 03/13

yellow is a common color for kitchens, especially among people who like a rustic or primitive style. the color is bright yet light and sunshiny. that bottom photo shows that you can use yellow in a modern way too, by using the color on your cabinets with a super glossy finish.

1 / 2 / 3

ikea scores

i mentioned on my 365 project post on sunday that i was at ikea. so i wanted so show you a few of the goodies i picked up on the trip.

this glass-top table is called white with silver legs, but the white has a pretty minty glow. a couple of these creamy pendant lamps. i've been dying to have a wok to make stir-fry because my skillet just isn't big enough. storage boxes for the office like i mentioned getting in this post. a pretty natural door mat that i'm pretty sure i'm going to paint a design on. this sheepskin rug that i spied on Allison's instagram; eventually i'm going to copy her entire coffee table set-up i like it so much.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

365 03/12

first of all, is anyone seeing familiarity in these yellow posts? i think i have a love for yellow and white. anyway, i couldn't help but share this today. whimsical flowers for a sunny brunch...


weekly truth, week 10

Monday, March 11, 2013

365 03/11

i want your honest opinion today folks. tell me what you think of this room. is it something you would put in your house, or the type of thing you would tear out of a home you were moving into?

my thought? i like the use of tile and how it wraps up the tub and the wall. but this shade of yellow reminds me of mustard, which is not my favorite condiment. in a soft, buttery shade, this room would really appeal to me. but even better than that, a seafoam color would make the room more open and spa-like. this bold choice is just a bit to modern for my taste.

but tell me what you think!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

365 03/10

I'm getting today's post up late because I took a spontaneous trip to...

IKEA! Hopefully tomorrow I'm going to put up a little haul blog post you can see the goodies that I got. But for today you get the super primary, almost neon, IKEA bags.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

365 03/09

yellow nail polish has never really appealed to me. until i came across this pastel yellow from sinful colors called unicorn. ok, maybe the only reason i bought it was the name unicorn. but i decided to try it out last night and i was pleasantly surprised. and i really love this multi-colored glitter over top.

Friday, March 8, 2013

finding my career

you know that phrase, when life hands you lemons...? i've always thought it was a bit silly honestly. i would much rather say "make the most out of what you're given" because  i don't particularly care for lemonade so i'd rather have the lemons.

i digress.

not knowing at the time, i started "making lemonade" mid-way through my freshman year of college. ever since i was a little one i wanted to be a teacher, so naturally i choose to major in elementary education. but about a week into classes as an eager little freshman, i found myself terrified. sitting in an educational psychology class, listening to all these girls talk about their passion for teaching, i realized i was lacking just that.

self-conscious about my decision, i started praying that God would lead me. and oh, He did. the next day i met with my counselor to change my major to interior design. i knew nothing about it except that i loved watching those shows on HGTV but He made it clear to me that it was where he wanted me. how in the world could i possibly serve him in this field? i had no idea.

interior design challenged me and my lemonade was tart. i had to learn to become an artist and creativity didn't always come easy. this was entirely new and it scared the heck out of me. i questioned every decision, every answer, every project for the first couple of years. and i prayed and prayed.

and then, like a light bulb that finally got screwed in all the way, it brightened. the lemonade tasted better. the ideas started flowing and the desire to learn grew. while i still didn't know what i would do with my degree, i knew then that i could do whatever God wanted me to when i trusted Him.

but i was still uneasy because i "knew" with a design job - i would have to move to a bigger city. i'd never been super gung-ho about that idea, and neither had KJB. when i was offered an internship right there in my hometown, it was like God was telling me it would be okay. even if i had to move away, He would be with me to lead the way.

three months after graduation i was offered a job at that same firm. the economy was horrible and very few of my fellow design friends could find the kind of job i had. but i had hope that God would provide for me and He did.

some said i was lucky but i know it was all part of God's plan. and because He had provided for me, i knew i had to wait to see what He wanted me to do with this career that had become a passion of mine.

more on that later...

i'm linking up with the lovely Lindsay and Amy who i met on the influence network. please visit their blogs to read encouraging life lessons from other women in this season of life.

365 03/08

when i came across this image today, i couldn't help but think about what this room would look like with one of the other colors i've looked at in this project. and somehow, i just don't think the colors would pop as much as they do this bright shade of yellow. what do you think?


international women's day!

in honor of this great day, fashionABLE is offering free shipping on their site! you all know i adore them (i blogged about them here).

this.  - - - - - - > According to the United Nations Development Program Human Development Report, women in Africa represent 52% of the total population, contributing approximately 75% of the agricultural work and producing 60-80% of the food. Despite these statistics, women earn only 10% of African incomes and own just 1% of the continent's assets.

breaks my heart a little bit. and i just want to help them.   - - - - - - - - > Your purchase of a fashionABLE scarf creates sustainable business in Africa. They are committed to long-term solutions to fighting poverty, and our main focus is creating opportunities for vulnerable women. That means that your purchase of a scarf creates jobs. The fashionABLE mission is to create sustainable business in Africa so that the women are not dependent upon charity, but instead are a vital part of a developing economy.

image and info via fashionable.