Thursday, December 24, 2015

December Favorites

With 2015 starting to wind down, I've gathered my favorites, so come gather 'round! I'm listing and linking to all this eye candy so that this post can be deemed rather handy. While it maybe too late to be considered a gift guide, each of these trinkets would be a lovely surprise. to a dear friend in which you do life beside.

To dazzle and sparkle from my earlobes, I added these baubles to my wardrobe. A lariat around my neck to be worn multiple ways, it hangs with subtle glisten, on perfect display. Now to share words from the heart, made of acacia wood, these bold Anthro letters are a definite 'should'. For the gallons of coffee I can't help but chug, a variety of colorful, quotable mugs. Getting cozy at home, delightful scents fill the air, a few Bath & Body Works candles, mix scents if you dare! Keeping me organized is my Plum Paper Planner, but my Raspberry Filofax gives it a bit of glamour. Last, but not least, to keep my hands soft, a luxurious hand cream to battle the frost.

Like the brown paper packages, tied up with string, all of these goodies are my favorite things. Merriest Christmas to you and to yours, may your holiday be wonderful and full of AMOR.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Since you last saw me...-

I've been wearing lots of necklaces...

KJB and I got all fancied up for a Christmas party...

And I've been making stickers galore for my planner...

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Splendid Actually Print Shop

I recently opened a sticker shop! It's currently only functioning as a download only shop, but hopefully in the future I'll start offering printed stickers as well.

Splendid Actually stickers will always stickers I would and do use in my own planner. Why does that matter? I wouldn't design and sell stuff that doesn't meet my own standards of quality, colors, and patterns. 

The Winter 2015 Collection is small with only 6 weeks of Weekly Kits, but 4 Decorating Kits. Most of the Weekly Kits are Christmas-based. From top to bottom, left to right, the kits are...

Silver and Gold                                 Blizzard of '78
Retro Christmas                                Jewel Christmas
Traditional Christmas                       Walking in Dreamland
Snowman Decorating                        Gingerbread Decorating

Winter may be here now, but I'm looking forward to planning spring, so look for spring stickers soon! You can find my print shop anytime by clicking the tab at the top of the page.