Friday, January 28, 2011

Project progress

Right now, I'm swamped. I have drawings, specifications, submittals, RFI's, meeting minutes, and materials coming outta my ears. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying it but sometimes it's overwhelming. It is a fun project though because I'm on it from start to finish. So throughout the next nine to ten months, I will share our progress so that you can follow along. I will not share information like the client's name or the job location but I will tell you that by the end of the project it will be a fully functioning health care facility.

These image were taken on site. As you can see, we have one floor framed but the others look like this floor; not a lot of action.

Our goal on the project is to have a lot of original art created by a collaborative team of artists including painters, sculptors, and photographers. These images show our first meeting with our artists on the job site and you will be introduced to all of them later.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Headboard Style

It's time to talk bedroom lovin, ya'll. NO, not like that! My ultimate favorite thing in a bedroom is a headboard. For one thing, they are generally the focal point of the room They also say a lot about someones style.

One of the more original ideas is to use a room divider. You can find these at nearly any home decor store and can really make a nice feature. Room dividers come in a variety of materials and styles to fit any room decor; there are upholstered panels, wooden slated doors, metal welded designs, acrylic panels... the list goes on.

Perhaps one of the easiest options is art. Whether you go with a multitude of images, frames, and sizes or go with a single piece, really reflects the feeling of the room. More eclectic or traditional rooms may use several pieces, while a contemporary or modern room would typically have one.

For those with a smaller room - or if you just like glam - choose an over sized mirror. The mirror will not only help make the space appear larger but it will also reflect lighting which will make the space brighter. Lit candles anywhere in the room will also reflect and imaging how romantic that could be. Frame out your mirror in a style that matches the room in color and ornamentation.

For those who don't mind a little DIY project, an upholstered headboard is a great option. First determine the size you want; it could be made to fit the width of the bed or extend beyond for a contemporary look. Next choose a fabric you love that compliments the room. Cut a piece of plywood, mdf, or particle board to the right size (your board does not need to be of excellent quality, it just needs to be ridged and cut straight). Use spray adhesive to attach batting to the board and trim off any excess. It's up to you if you fold the batting over the edges or trim right at the board. With a staple gun, pull your fabric tight over the board and attach to the back. Make sure your corners are neat. The headboard can now be attached to the wall with standard brackets.

Mobiles are not just for babies. An amazing mobile or chandelier can act as a great headboard and really create drama in the space. Use in tandem with a traditional headboard for extra elegance.

Another easy DIY is fabric panels. Hang curtain rods and curtains for a floor to ceiling headboard. Go the extra mile by attaching the curtain rod to the ceiling about 6-12" from the wall and drape the fabric behind the bed. This will create a whimsy and cozy feel.

What type of headboard do you currently have? What type of headboard exists in your dream bedroom? Tell me in the comments below!

{images Lonny, Rue, LivingEtc.}

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a Combination of my 3 Favorite things...

For anyone that knows me or reads my blog, you know how much I love Ikea. You also know I love lamps, due to this recent post here. What do I also love??? ...GIVEAWAYS!!!!!!



That’s right people; the first designology giveaway! I am so grateful for my blog and the web interaction I have gained from it so I want to celebrate with a giveaway to my awesome followers.

Ok Courtney, so what do we get?! How about this awesomely awesome table lamp from Ikea….
 The Jonsbo Egby lamp is one of my favorites. It comes in three colors and I'm letting you choose which one you want.

 Which tickles your fancy? Clear, green, or pink?

And just because I really love you and because it's freezing cold outside (where I am anyway) I'm also sending you this pretty throw, the PS Stoff throw in off-white.
The contest is open now and will run until next Wednesday, February 2nd 11:59pm EST. I will use randomizer to select the winner. The winner will be announced on Friday, February 4th.

 How to enter:
Leave me a comment below and tell me which color lamp you would choose.

Additional entries:
- Follow this blog and leave me a comment stating you are.
-Follow me on Twitter {theCourt_ney} (& leave a comment with your Twitter name).
-Tweet about the giveaway.

Friday, January 21, 2011

celebrate with a lollie

New store discovery!

Why oh why have I gone sooo long without discovering this amazing retail? It's a girls dream! I fell in love with everything I saw there. Below are a couple of things I adore. I will do a separate more detailed post on them later and definitely a post on their art, which is pretty great too. Today is crazy busy!

So what is this great store??? Room Service! Locations in LA and Newport Beach.

all images via RoomService.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Attic Apartment

Since I currently live in an apartment myself, I am constantly on the look out for ways to personalize a space I will not live in long. In my searching, I came across an amazing attic apartment in London. It is the home of a cookery writer named Laura Santtini and she has created an amazing home in her little piece of earth. You can more images and learn more about her style in LivingEtc. I really love her contemporary yet glamorous style.

all images via living etc.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gifts for the Guy

Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays. I may or may not say that about every holiday but I do really love V-day. A lot of people think the holiday is over commercialized but I secretly {or not so secretly} love cheesy, lovey-dovey Valentines Day goodness.

Today, I have put together some fun ideas you can treat your man to on this mushy holiday.

Over and over again I hear that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I came across these Cranberry Pistachio Cookie Bars on Etsy and my mouth watered. Cranberries not his thing? Tookies has a great variety of cookies, cakes, and desserts.

Wrap up edible treats in handmade boxes. Just trim a piece of mat board into a plus sign and cover with construction or craft paper. Bend the sides up. Repeat with another piece with smaller sides; this is your lid. Wrap a rubber band around the lid and put on the box.
Write a poem or song lyric on a piece or ribbon or tissue paper and use it to wrap up the package.

Every man needs a toiletry bag. {I am embarrassed to say my guy is currently using a plastic baggie.} So I will be picking up one of these Mr. Mustache bags for my FH from Etsy seller queenbee55. Made with faux ostrich vinyl, this fashionable bag is quirky and perfect to toss into a bag for a weekend get-a-way. These are made to order so get it in quickly!

Rustico Leather makes quality, unique pieces. I'm loving these leather log books, available in a great selection of colors. The FH plays golf, so that is the one I would get but they also make fly fishing, hunting, wine and pilot logs. 

Does your man love shoes? These are two of my favorite pairs; trainers by Paul Smith and loafers by Ralph Lauren

Hickoree's shares some of the trendiest, most fun pieces for men. I love this tie by the Hill Side.

For the tech-loving guys, get him a wood grain cover for his MacBook, iPad or iPhone by Karvt. They are amazing looking and available in a variety of grains and finishes.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011


COLORS. i'm loving.

{soft black, gray untertoned pink, charcoal, and deep champagne}
image via BelgradeStreetStyle and Decorista.

Patterned Ceiling

Yesterday I shared an image of a design by David Cafiero with patterned walls and ceiling. I asked if you loved it or if you would leave it and not surprisingly to me, the majority said leave it. Now, because I know David Cafiero is not a horrific designer as that room may make one think, I had to share an image of a room I love designed by him, also featured in Lonny.

While there are a couple of things I would change in this room (modern ceiling with traditional headboard?) overall, I kind of love the space. The ceiling pattern here is to die for and the wall color is perfect. Since I do not know his conditions for the room (was he asked to keep the headboards?), I say this room is a winner. And to the homeowner, this room could be the perfect candidate for a modern or contemporary style if you just switched the headboards to something more geometric.

Closet Organization Tips

Since Christmas, I have spent hours on end trying to organize my closet. I was fortunate to haul a decent amount in around the holidays what with gifts and holiday outfits I purchased. Even with clearing out some old items, I still seem to be squeezing items in. A main predicament for me is the fact that I have limited closet space and pre-hung shelves and rods since I rent. Once I start seriously house shopping, closets will be in the top five of my priority list.
Today I want to share some organizational tips that work for everyone, limited or not. First, it's important to really understand what you have in your closet. Arrange items into categories and determine what needs to stay stored there and what can go elsewhere in your home. For example, I keep my shoes in my shoe cabinet so I shouldn’t have any in my closet.



Next, determine the amount of space you need for each category. How many drawers do you need? Do you have three times as many short hanging clothes as long hanging clothes or seven times as many?

To maximize your storage space, think vertically and horizontally and sort by season. Winter items like gloves and hats can go on a shelf at the top during the summer and on a lower shelf during winter. Use baskets and labeled boxes to keep things in their rightful places.

Now think about your closet and how things need to be to be accessible to you. If you are on the short side, consider hanging the clothes you wear frequently at a lower height so you don’t have to drag out a step stool everyday. Perhaps you are taller and can easily manage two horizontal rods on top of each other. Measure your clothing so that you can ensure nothing will be dragging the ground or getting trapped under hangers on the second row.

Lastly, use your resources. Check out closet builders online or research systems at your local hardware store. And ask someone to help you to keep you motivated.

Check out my closet floorplan below. I have hanging storage on the left and right with shelving floor to ceiling in the back.

Using the Elfa Design Center from The Container Store, I was able to create a custom closet with the Elfa system by entering my closet's dimensions, wall color, and desired system finishes. The I came up with this on the shorter side of my closet...
 ...and this on the longer side of my closet.