Monday, April 20, 2015

commercial C R U S H

Last June I shared some of my favorite things from NeoCon 2014 and 90% of what I loved was in the OFS Brands showroom. Today I came across some images of their showroom in DC and I'm really loving the use of wood. It contrasts so nicely with the metal + glass. And I can't overlook that lovely leather seat in the bottom photo!  

All images via OFS Brands.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


listening to: Lauren Daigle's "How Can It Be"..... wow. can't even express how much I love this song. it's on repeat right now.

wearing: I never thought I'd say it but I bought this pair of printed wide leg pants and they are EVERYTHING. love them with a white blouse and black sandals.

looking forward to: summer. I just want it here already!

eating: oatmeal is my jam. in the past there were texture issues that kept me from it, but it's now my go-to breakfast. also loving roasted tomato or red pepper hummus with pretzel chips.

coveting: everything from the new Stella & Dot summer collection. totally adoring everything in that line, but especially this necklace and these earrings.

watching: been binge watching Big Bang Theory from season 1. i'm currently on season 5 and that show makes me laugh  HARD.

enjoying: the less than crazy schedule we've kept lately. at the start of the year, i switched from my iPhone calendar to a written calendar and somehow it's made me really tame the quantity of activities. can I just say, it's so nice to breathe?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Undulating polished wood grains. If that does speak to your heart, go visit another blog. (Just kidding, stay and take a peek!) Recently I came across this project by PROJECTiONE and my heart fluttered.
Each section was cut out of cherry, rotated on it's side to expose different sections of the grain. Then the pieces were sanded, polished, aged, sealed, and installed individually onto a track. Such a stunning work of art! Make sure you visit PROJECTiONE's site to show them some love!

All images via PROJECTiONE.