Monday, April 18, 2016

Summer Planner Printables

Today I've released nine new kits in my printable shop! On top of those new kits, I also released a few new items in the multi-color series and a new travel sheet. These babies will help keep you organized all summer long.

Left to right, top to bottom:
Garden Afternoon - Floral and geometric marry in the prettiest shades of peach, coral, and pale green.
Casual in Cabo - Bold orange, deep teal, and dusty shades of yellow and seafoam will have you dreaming of the tropics with pineapple and butterfly prints.
Wood Washed, Floral & Lace - A new spin on last seasons super neutral wood washed kit, this time we get all summery with some bright blooms and lace accents.
Travel Plans - Document your road trips or vacations with these chic black and white icons and roads.
Flamingo Life - Embrace your inner shrimp-eating self with these palm leaf and flamingo prints.
Saltwater Summer - Super saturated, watercolor images that will have you ready for popsicles by the pool or sunnies on the sand.
Material Girl - For the beauty-loving girly-girl, deep purple watercolor with a few of your favorite things.
Girls Gone Glamping - Stunning watercolor graphics with bright greens and brilliant blues will make any #plannergirl ready for a week in mother nature. The bonus sheet comes with seven extra full boxes, pre-decorated with a picture-esque campsite, plus tons of other clip art.
Red, White, & Denim - Show off your patriotic side for Memorial Day or Independence Day with bright reds, crisp whites, a touch of kraft paper, and of course, denim.
Denim Days - A spin-off of Red, White, & Denim, but perfect for any summer week. Touches of frayed edges and crochet hints at cutoff shorts on a hot summer day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

coffee table styling

Lately I've been simplifying lots of things in my life, but mostly around the house. Get rid of the clutter, keep the things you love. I have a BA in making things difficult, so when I finally realized that my stripped down coffee table was actually working a lot better for me, I knew I had to share. A few key things make your table functional and allows an opportunity to show your personality.

For function:
Start with a tray or a large platter. Choose one with character - something with a bit of history. The tray will house your remotes and coasters. Then add a smaller bowl or saucer that can become the temporary home for things like keys, coins, and pens. Choose a bowl with color.

For style:
Stack up some books, between 3-6, on a topic you love. This allows you to show off who you are and gives guests something to flip through. Lastly, add a plant or a vase of fresh flowers. As much as I love a bouquet of blooms, I don't always have them on hand. So a small planter of succulents is perfect for my black thumb.

coffee table / tray / bowl / coasters / plant

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Stella & Dot 2016 Summer Haul

Check out the video to see what I picked up from the summer collection! And actually, I just placed another order today *monkey see-no-evil emoji*. Update on that later!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

how we G R O W

I was surrounded by children. There were basketballs, pompoms, fruit snacks, and Capri Sun's but there were mostly children. And their parents. As an introvert, I was terrified and wanted to jet out of there, but the leader in me was thriving. I was explaining processes, briefing, taking notes, answering questions, and celebrating in the achievements; I was handling all of it but not realizing I was handling all of it.

Until something made me stop. And I looked up from what I was doing and realized, this isn't so difficult.

The first year KJB and I directed the basketball league, I was a HOT MESS in ALL the ways. I didn't have enough copies, there weren't enough volunteers, we ran out of things, and worst of all, I wore the wrong shoes. While that could seem minor in comparison, it sure didn't seem minor when my feet were screaming at me the last half of the day and into the next. I doubted myself on every decision that season.

Is this weather bad enough to cancel a game?
Are we charging too much?
Have I prepared the coaches enough?
Did we get someone to help us clean up after 300 people have been through this place? No? Great.

I made it through that season, and exhausted isn't intense enough to describe how I felt. Not only was I physically drained, but I had beat myself up throughout the entire season, leaving me mentally depleted as well. The spark of joy came at the end of the season, seeing some of those children accept Jesus as Savior. That act, the purpose of the entire ministry, fueled me for the next season.

The second season approached and I was ready. A seasoned pro, I thought, prepared for anything. But that season wasn't like the first, and it spun me for a loop. Those same questions came pushing their way to the surface; the feeling of doubt and uncertainty. All of my preparation useless, I found myself in the same mental place as the previous season. With a whole lot of prayer, the second season came and went.

We have all heard the phrase "growing pains" and "learning from our mistakes" but finally I was able to accept that I can't control everything. Over the past year I've had several come-to-Jesus moments, where I've been stressed with decisions and I learned to accept grace. That grace, most importantly, comes from God, but I learned to give myself a little bit of it as well. Grace has been the biggest factor in growth for me.

This season I found myself a bit more calm. I still prepared and planned - you can't take the planner out of the girl, but the grace allowed me to be okay with my decisions. It's made me a better leader, because there's more confidence. I know for certain I can't produce a successful basketball season, but God can. And when I fail, He will still be there to offer grace.

This weekend, surrounded by all those kids, when I realized it wasn't so difficult, my mind flashed to all those previous seasons. The struggles. The tears. The uncertainty. And I closed my eyes and thanked the Lord, not for making this season "easier," but for putting me in those difficult seasons. It allowed me to grow. Growth happens when something is bigger than you and you let Jesus help you through it.  Of course, there is still growth to be done, which only means that difficult times are upon me. I'll hate it all the way and then, I'll be thankful for it.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Spring 2016 Collection

Friday my Spring 2016 printable planner stickers launched in my Etsy shop. Head over there if you're a fellow #planneraddict looking to fancy up your planner! I'll be sharing my spreads on my instagram as I use them in my Plum Paper Planner. xo!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

spring 2016

I'll share the new items I picked up from the 2016 Spring line as soon as my fingers thaw out and I'm able to open the package. Stay tuned.