Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Holiday Planner Printables *FREEBIES*

My newest obsession is my planner and if you follow me on Insta, this should come as no surprise. Recent tweets have showed off my sticker-laden Plum Paper Planner. I've just found so much relaxation in coming up with theme ideas and decorating while catching up on my YouTube subscriptions.

I've purchased some really fun stickers from various online store but it can get a little spendy. There are some great shops that offer free printables as well, so I've made sure to seek them out on Pinterest. But for the upcoming Christmas season, I knew exactly what kind of stickers I wanted in my planner: holiday movies! So I went to work to come up with some fun Christmas movie themed stickers. And I decided to share them with you all! The color schemes gives a nod to the movie posters and you'll see a couple of little details that were key parts of the movie.

Home Alone
This is one of my all-time favorites, so it was the first on my list.

Illustration of the wet bandits was created by Cole Roberts. Talkboy illustration by Tommy Mattler.

A more recent favorite, I knew Elf would be the perfect theme for a bright and cheery Christmas layout, with lots of sweets!

A Christmas Story
This movie, KJB's favorite, was the perfect opportunity to do a little retro Christmas. The soften pastel shades are light, and maybe a little girlie. This one ended up being a favorite of mine.

Most of the icons here are from Josh Byers. The corner illustration of Randy is from Shawn Golden.

Christmas Vacation
Possibly one of my least favorite Christmas movies, but a family favorite for my in-laws. Clark Griswold's love of Christmas lights was the deciding factor to include this movie.

The Griswold illustrations are by Matt Will.

Download each file by clicking the movie name. These files are for personal use only, and not to be resold. Please share the love on instagram by using #splendidactually if you use any of these stickers in your planner!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Say No November

Near the middle of September, I was sitting at our dining table when I looked up to check the date on our fridge calendar. This calendar hangs on the fridge all the time and I use it to let KJB know if we have something scheduled for the day or not. If we have something that day, I put a big "X" through it, to let him know to check with me on details before planning something else. When I really looked at it, I was kind of embarrassed to see that their was only one day out of the entire month that didn't have an "X". It was a Tuesday evening, which means we still had work that day, but nothing scheduled for the evening.

It was at that moment, I decided to make a change. I pulled out my planner and wrote on a post-it note the message, "SAY NO NOVEMBER," and stuck it on the monthly calendar. For the month of November, we are being super intentional with our time. We are saying no until we have prayed about it, discussed it, and decided if it's the best thing for us.

There are so many reasons why this is necessary.

... I need a mental break. As an introvert, I need alone time to refresh and clear my mind. Am I going to spend the month alone? No, but I am going to make sure that I have breathing room.

... Our marriage needs it. We've fallen into a pattern of the same kind of everyday schedule. We've become the go-to couple for someone needing something, and sometimes it feels great to be needed. But we've sacrificed time to ourselves, dates, and bonding.

... When I say yes to everything, someone else isn't getting the opportunity to say yes. When I say yes to everything, I could be missing out on what God actually wants me to do.

... With the holidays around the corner, I want the chance to spend it the way I want. I haven't had the chance to bake holiday treats, leisurely shop for gifts, or just slow down in years. This year, I want to stroll instead of rush. I want to savor the season instead of "getting it done".

By saying no to more things, we are saying yes to us more. God has laid this on my heart so heavily, that I know this time is important. He is going to teach us something awesome, and I can't wait.

original image via DeathToStockPhotos.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall City Guide: 24 Hours in Muncie

To start things off, I need to let you know that I've lied. There's no way you can do all the things I'm about to share with you in 24 hours. There is a chance you could do these things in 48 hours though, so I'm not too far off.


October 24th is Family Weekend at Ball State University, so I got some help from Eventbrite to find events locally and I was inspired by their site to put together a fall city guide. You can also sell your events tickets online to help promote your own event. Let's do it!

Places to eat... (cause food is of most importance)
The Caffeinery
Coffee addict, old building lover, and people watcher? The Caffeinery is for you. Located downtown, they have a wide variety of beverage options, including a slow bar and tons of loose leaf teas. I'd vote for the Steve Albini if you're a latte fan.

Barn Brasserie
For lunch, this local restaurant, pronounced BRASS-er-Y, is the best spot for farm-to-table, American cuisine. There are lots of French influences in their dishes and everything is made from scratch. You won't regret trying their Hippie Ranch sauce. Check out their Facebook page for their revolving menu.

Thai Smile 2
For a complete cultural shift at dinner, Thai Smile offers traditional Thai dishes with a choose-your-spice-level option that's perfect for weenie's like me. They also offer sushi, which I've heard is pretty good too. I'm not a sushi girl so I can't say for certain. It's a local favorite, but they are only open for certain hours at lunch and dinner, so be sure to check their site to make sure they are open.

Pizza King
If you live in central Indiana, I'm sure you already know and love this place. Now, to be honest, this isn't a favorite of mine, but everyone else I know, lives and swears by the pizza at Pizza King. The favorite menu item is the Royal Feast, which is pepperoni, sausage, onions, green and red peppers, and mushrooms, on the traditional thin crust. I do enjoy their garlic and dill breadsticks with cheese sauce though!

Things to do...

Children's Fair
Bringing little ones along for Family Weekend? The BSU Student Center is hosting a fun morning of carnival games and inflatables. Their site has all the information!

Ball State vs. Central Michigan football game
Family weekend is centered around this game, so of course I had to include it. Cheer on the Cardinals as they take on Central Michigan. Call 888-BSU-TICKET or buy your ticket at the gate.

Charlie Town Tailgate
I've tailgated quite a bit and I consider it to be incredibly stressful. It's inevitable that I forget something super important like bowls for chili, charcoal for the grill, chairs - that's just a few of the things I've forgotten over the years. Make it easy on yourself by registering for the pre-game meal at the Alumni lot. More socializing, less stress.

Fall Tree Walk
Not a football fan? Join other nature lovers on a relaxing walk through Christy Woods. The changing fall leaves are sure to be beautiful. Contact BSU's Field Station and Environmental Education Center for more info.

Visit the local farmers market and shop the in-season goodies. Sample jam, honey, and barbque and sip on warm cider from the Orchard shop. While you're there, take a stroll through the Indiana Artists Exhibit. There's sure to be a variety of styles and mediums; something for everyone to enjoy.

Halloween Astronomy
Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. Get in the spirit by visiting the Charles W. Brown Planetarium to learn about the astronomical holiday and what this year's Halloween sky will look like!

Where to stay...
Charles Over Mansion
This is for the lover of historic architecture, intricate wood workings, and traditional decor. Located in a historic neighborhood near downtown, you'll be surrounded by mature tree's and other large historic homes. $55/night gets you a private room in the mansion.

Pawnee Timeshare
This lovely, mid-century home is bright and airy, and a furry friend will great you at the door. For $50/night your private room is a perfect spot for resting during all that running around you've done all day. It's close to campus in a quite neighborhood that will make you feel like you're right at home.

McDowell Nearing Bed and Breakfast
If you're looking for a place that feels like your visiting an old friend, this bed and breakfast is the perfect spot. Each room is quaint and cozy, and you can enjoy breakfast around the table with other visitors. The location is perfect for campus visitors who want a quiet place to go at the end of the day.

Where to shop...
Dandelion's Flower's and Gifts
Perfect for finding unique, little treasures. From ceramics to soaps to cards, this shop has special things you won't find in box stores.

Hayloft Boutique
The perfect boutique to spend some quality girl time, while browsing affordable, trendy fashions.

If you're looking for unique and repurposed furniture, Refreshed has you covered. A wide variety of painted and refurbished furnishings are available, as well as a large selection of chalk paints to give your own furniture a new look. You can also sign up to take a class if you're a newbie to chalk paints.

Thanks so much to Eventbrite for inspiring this post! If you're visiting Muncie for Family Weekend, I hope you check out some of these things. And if you reside in or frequently visit Muncie, share your favorite local spots in the comments!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Since it's been quite some time since I've blogged, I felt the best comeback would be to update y'all with one of these...

You may already know this if we're Facebook friends, but I recently switched jobs. I'm now back to doing strictly interior design; no more construction. It's a lot of huge switches: small firm to large company, loaded with lots of tasks to focused on one task, mostly friends my age & place in life to ...well, not. It's been a transition that was more difficult than I would have expected, just in terms of my own emotions. But it was a great step for me and my career, so no regrets!

My Pandora station has been set on Kari Jobe, who is a Christian artist with a gorgeous voice. Most of the content it pushes out is soothing and serene, which is just what I've needed.

The job change has also forced me to focus on things I haven't, mostly the furniture and interiors world. I've been reading more about ergonomics, architecture companies, emerging technology that might need incorporated into offices, etc.

For fun, I'm planning our annual Halloween bash. Pinterest has been a popular app on my phone as I look up new fall recipes to try and decor projects. My goal is to do only Dollar Tree DIY's and create some glamorously haunting scenes.

Fall weather is teasing us here in central Indiana. We will have a day or two of cooler weather, and I'll pull out all my sweaters and jackets, then 80 degree weather will show up for another week. I'm really not a fan of it. I'm ready for fall to come and stay. The only thing that has remained consistent? This ring called Maylee by Stella & Dot. I've seriously worn it nearly every day the last couple of months.

I briefly mentioned under the "experiencing" category that things have been a bit difficult the last month whilst transitioning into this new job. Several other personal things transitioned at the same time, leaving me kind of a wreck. Trying to juggle life is difficult enough, but when there are so many moving targets at once, you just kind of find yourself  shuffling back and forth like a game of Pong. At least, that's the way I feel.

looking forward to...
Because of all of this change, I'm ready to shake this feeling of "newness". This autumn is going to be a time for settling down, enjoying the season, and getting refreshed. The huz and I have come up with the perfect way to refresh and I'll be blogging about that more later in the month.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Stella & Dot Fall Collection

I just uploaded a video of the pieces I picked up in the Stella & Dot fall collection! I love to see video's of what people purchase, because it gives me a chance to see things in scale to a person, better than just a photograph. Plus, the kind of jewelry a person buys says a lot about their personality. Check out what I picked up in the video, and of course, you can always shop these pieces through this link. *shameless plug ;)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

3 Outfits

Last week we went to Orange Beach, which is on the Gulf of Mexico, on a family holiday. The week was filled with lots of sun, pool-time, and food. Because, that's just what holiday's are if you ask me.

I had fully intended on sharing every outfit I packed, but as the week progressed, I fell into a routine: bathing suit and cover-up during the day, outfit at night. Since you don't really need to see my bathing suit and cover up six times, I opted for my dinner attire outfits. We went out four times whilst there, and three of them I managed to photograph for you. So, here we are.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

5 Gifts

Gift giving is one of my all-time favorite things! In fact, receiving gifts is my love language, so I can't help but naturally want to gift others. We still have quite awhile until December's gifting season, but there's no reason why you can't start spoiling the people you love now. I've rounded up 5 ideas for pouf gifts and will explain them below.
The most important part of any gift is determining what the gift will be, and you can determine that by answering two questions. What does the recipient like? (i.e., what kinds of hobby's or interests do they have?) And how much do you want to spend? Once you determine these two things, it will be much easier to select a gift.

When it comes to gifting with a pouf, your options are virtually endless. If you're wanting your gift to fit inside, I recommend getting the pouf first, so you can really understand the size. If you want to start shopping for the contents now, know that the bag is about 3.5"W x 3.5"H x 6"L. The bags (other than the clear botanical) are made with vegan leather on the outside, and a wipeable vinyl on the inside.  

Now, for the fun stuff! On to the gift ideas!

#1. Pampering Gift 
Perfect for someone that needs a reminder to relax. Anyone with a busy schedule will appreciate this thoughtful gift. Go for products that have a soft, soothing scent if you're not sure what types of scents they like.

#2 Date Night Gift
This one is particularly great if you're treating your loved one to a date night. Surprise her with a few new jewels and beauty products. She will absolutely love getting ready with her new things, and she will be super excited to spend quality time together, no matter what the date is! This option can also stand on it's own and be a generous gift; perfect for a girly-girl that loves beauty and jewelry.

#3 Foodie Gift
This is a really fun gift idea for any foodie; the possibilities are endless! I went the route of "the baker," but you could also do a bunch of spices, a tea towel, or a fun utensil!

(I didn't have a good honey to photograph but here's a link to one!) | Food Coloring | Sprinkles | Extract | Cinnamon Sticks

#4 Creative Thinker Gift
With ideas constantly swirling, the creative thinker needs a place to jot them down. There are tons of possibilities with this gift, but I'd recommend starting with a fun notebook and colorful pens. What you choose to add after that is up to you!

#5 The Partier Gift
The idea for this gift option is a really fun one. Start with the cocktail swatchbook, which is one of my favorite gifts to give to 21-year-olds. Pull a recipe from it and purchase the ingredients in shooter size!