Friday, March 15, 2019

Spring Beauty Newbies

Some new things in the makeup aisle I wouldn't mind giving a try. In spring and summer I have a tendency to switch over to waterproof makeup where I can because I have oily skin and it seems to make a difference. I also swim a lot, so when it comes to things like brows and lashes, I usually try to keep them intact. It's not uncommon for me to take a dip in the pool after work before going out for dinner or running evening errands. Anyway, several of these newbies are waterproof, so I'd like to give them a go for the upcoming season.

it Cosmetics makes my favorite CC+ cream which I wear on a daily basis in place of foundation. While I'm completely happy with my current concealer, this one is waterproof and since I love the brand already, I figure it's a decent product.

Urban Decay is another favorite brand and I've never tired their brow products. Again, this is waterproof and they seem to have a wide color selection. I also like the dual end, to tailor look I'm going for.

This Marc Jacobs eye palette isn't waterproof, but the colors are so stunning it may or may not have me drooling a bit. I've never tried Marc Jacobs cosmetics so I can't speak to the quality for the price. If you have, please let me know your thoughts - I want to do more research before I make a decision on this beauty.

Bronze liners are. my. jam. in the summer. They seem to make my skin a little glowier and I feel like my tan looks deeper. I know. It's ridiculous and probably all fabricated in my mind, but I just really enjoy a bronze liner on my lower lash line in the summer. And, again, this L'oreal Infallible is waterproof, so it feels like a product I would love.

Pretty Vulgar is a brand I know nothing about, but constantly having issues with mascara (smudging, flaking, staying on in general) causes quite the turnover. I have this one on my list because it has super pretty packaging. #iknow #shrug

I'm always up for a good mask and Origins is a brand I've used in the past. Their clean stamp makes me feel good about incorporating it into my skincare routine and I love the idea of this super hydrating one. It comes in a travel size which seems like a great way to try out a new product without committing fully.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Let's Shop

In a world obsessed with Amazon, I find it can often be difficult to sort through the good and bad items simply because there are so many options. Because of that, and because I love to help people and shop, I thought it might be nice to occasionally highlight items I've recently purchased on Amazon. If you're looking for something specific, let me know and I'll see if I can make a recommendation! For now, here are the items I've recently purchased or am planning to purchase in the near future.

Phone case: I don't have this exact design, but I've purchased from this company before and loved the quality. I'll be picking up a new one soon because I have a new phone and my Popsocket broke, so it's time for a phone makeover!

String lights: These I bought for a DIY marquee light and was super impressed with the quality for the price, which can sometimes be outrageous for string lights. One warning though, these are glass bulbs and I promptly shattered one on my ceramic tile after opening, so be super careful.

Cutting tool: If you know me, you know paper crafting is my jam. I love this tool for it's easy grip and teeny tiny blade.

Sweater: This is currently in my cart waiting for check out. One of my fav fashion gals on Insta raved about it so I immediately saved it for a future purchase.

Humidifier: There's nothing pretty about this mac daddy humidifier, but I've had it for about 6 weeks and it's super easy to fill, has an auto-off, and allows you to set the humidity to your desired level. Our typically dry house is much more comfortable.

Leggings: If you follow my Insta Stories, I asked my friends about these and was surprised at the response level. Many people have these or are wanting to try them. Some consider them a LuluLemon dupe, although a few that have both have said they are close. If Lulu is a 10, these are an 8. Which, for the price, is a great deal. If you don't want to order them, I've heard they are also at TJ Maxx!

Friday, March 8, 2019

Springham Gingham

A few years back I bought a darling pair of pointy-toe, gingham flats with a cute little bow  and I wear them like crazy in the spring and summer. There's something about that picnic-y print that, no matter what color it is, it gives off the warm weather vibes so hard. After becoming obsessed with the pattern I picked up two different gingham tops and my co-workers probably thought I'd lost my mind with often I was wearing the preppy pattern. And according to ManRepellar, Kule is bringing preppy back in a big way. Now, personally, I don't see enough gingham in their shop, so let's hope they see this post and reevaluate their pattern selections. Nevertheless, friends, I'm here for it!

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Gallery Wall: Eclectic

An eclectic style is the easiest when it comes to curating your gallery wall. There's really not much you could mess up on. Your colors, frames, content, and layout can all vary. The only way you can go wrong with this style is if the rest of your home leans dramatically to another style. Eclectic gallery walls work best in eclectic style homes. But that doesn't mean your gallery wall can't be a little bit curated like this one. If you want to incorporate variety, chose one thing to keep consistent, like image colors or theme.

sofa by Perigold | owl | moonrise | rain | donut | vogue | cacuts |

About this series:

Gallery wall can be a scary combination of words. There's stress around selecting the right pieces: coordinating the themes, colors, sizes. There's stress around framing: all the same frame or a variety and to mat or not to mat. And of course, the worst part, putting those nails in the wall to actually hang. If your layout isn't pre-planned you could end up with holes you didn't want. Have I thoroughly stressed you out? 

Finding great art online is a fun hobby for me; I could browse instagram accounts and shops for hours looking at all styles, mediums, and collections. While some designers have very specific taste in art, I think every piece of art could be used somewhere, it just needs the right setting. What I love about gallery walls is how it gives the home owner a chance to show their personality and style. This series, which I'll share throughout the year, will hone in on a decor style and find images that would look great in a room together. My hope is to inspire you to seek new sources and curate a style that uniquely reflects your personality. Have a style you want me to focus on next? Be sure to drop it in the comments below. Also, check out my insta-stories where I'll occasionally use a poll to curate my next post.

Friday, March 1, 2019

I'm Back! And Life Lately

HEY-YO!!!! My hibernation is complete and I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. As you can see the blog also received it's deserved refresh, with a new header and button design. Let's talk about those little changes, shall we?

New logo | It's been several years since Kerrie created my former logo and I absolutely loved it, which is why it graced my page for so long. I felt like it was time to update it a bit with a style shift. It challenges my typical design process to think about a new way to put together images and boards, which has surprisingly inspired me. You'll still see the often quirky things and content will mostly remain the same, it will just have a a new look.

New tabs | While I've been working hard on my #52weekchallenge, the concept of purging and simplifying has been top priority. I removed tabs I found to be unnecessary and you now just have a convenient few to choose from depending on what you're looking for.

New way to search | This one I'm super excited about. I've condensed my tabs and sorted through years of posts and condensed my content to these main topics. Now, if you want to see my posts about fashion, you can click the link and it filter all the posts for you.


In other news, our 8-week basketball league wraps up tomorrow with a few weather make-up games and our big award celebration. It's been a hectic season but super rewarding and I'm going to really miss seeing some of the kids (ahem, notice I said "some"). We have a weekend getaway planned to help us transition out of this busy season and a long vacation coming so soon I can almost feel the sand between my toes now. 

While KJB (that's the huz if you're new here) has recently become obsessed with reruns of In The Heat Of The Night, I started over on Friends for the third time. (However, in case you care, I'm really ready to get back into Big Bang Theory so a friend is loaning me his DVD's since it's not on the CBS app.)  I've also read quite a few books that I'll update you on soon. Be sure to follow me on Goodreads if you want to see what I'm reading.

If you're not already following my on Insta, make sure you go and give me a follow. I know this is a shameless plug, but there's good stuff over there, like the strangely large collection of toothbrushes in my linen closet, the #AntInvasion, and other topics equally as entertaining. Actually, today I may even share my exciting meeting with my insurance agent! Ok, maybe I'll spare you from that thrilling adventure.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Time Out

Splendid Actually is happy to announce a season of hibernation. Before I get into the what/why/when of this season, let's first talk about hibernation in the general sense of the word. According to LiveScience, mammals are recognized as hibernators, a adaptation that allows for energy consumption because of a natural drop in body temperature and metabolism, developed by lack of food sources. Obviously humans do not need to hibernate in the literal sense of the term because we have access to food and, well, life just continues and as active members of society, we are obligated to participate.

So what does hibernation look like for me? The month of February will be silent, no blog posts, Twitter activity, and very little Instagram activity. My time and energy will be focused on a few things, which I'll share later. When I return in March, I'll pick up my normal publishing schedule of Tuesdays and Fridays. Also at this time, a mini re-brand is coming to the site: a new logo and a new way to search for content. My Spring art collection will launch in March as well, which I'm super excited about.

Why February? This time of year is always super busy for me. If you're not aware, my husband and I host a basketball and cheerleading league for over 100 young athletes. This means 3 hours every weekday and 9 hours on Saturdays of practices and games. I help to coordinate volunteers like coaches, clean-up crews, and concession stand workers. Social media postings, announcements and all communication with parents is also my responsibility, as well as implementing an end-of-season celebration. All of this is done on top of my full time job, creating content for the blog, volunteering on the Praise Team at church, and teaching a Bible Study. Needless to say, I'm worn out by the end of the season.

Please don't read into this as a pitty post - we are super blessed to have lots of help, both with the league and at home. We have someone to clean the house, groceries get delivered, and occasionally we are treated to dinner out by family members trying to lighten the load. This year, I want to conserve a little energy by taking the pressure off of creating two posts a week. This will allow me to adjust my normal schedule, to fit in my workouts and time to play with my art releases. I also hope it allows me to sleep a little later in the mornings (when I normally do SA work) and catch up on my reading list.

The month will fly by, and I can't wait to be back, sharing new content. x's and o's, courtney

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Friday, January 25, 2019

About Face

Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil & Gimme Brow: This power couple is changing the brow game for me. In the past I've shared my love for the NYX Control Freak, which is still a product I use and love, but when I'm puttin on the ritz, this product is my go-to. The tiny pencil gives me the perfect hair-like lines and the gel adds a little color to really pack a punch and control those wild hairs.

Bare Minerals Clear Radiance: Bare Minerals does no wrong when it comes to blushes, powders, and eye shadows IMO. I find their products to be long lasting and so complimentary to my skin. The Clear Radiance product is not really a blush, not really a bronzer, and not really a highlight, but kind of all three in one. It has a lovely sun-kissed look to it with a natural shimmer. I apply it like a blush, on my cheekbones, but then I carry it up my temples and blend into my hairline. The look it gives really works well year-round.

Too Face Born This Way Concealer: For years I used another product and I'm not sure if my skin changed or if the formulation changed, but over time I found it didn't give me the coverage I needed. I have hyper-pigmentation around my mouth and very dark circles around my eyes, and I find that this does the job perfectly.

it Cosmetics CC Cream + SPF: My go-to foundation for over a year, this CC cream gives me a super natural look, additional SPF coverage and comes in a decent range of colors for those of us with light skin. I prefer this applied with a beauty blender, but I find that it doesn't look streaky when applied with a typical foundation brush either.

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