Thursday, January 10, 2013

an update on 26 Acts

26 Acts. A movement created to honor some brave kiddos and educators, and somehow, it has opened my eyes and changed my heart. I'm not sure I can even explain it, but I know what it's like to feel yourself change and that's what I've felt the past four weeks.

With each act, whether it was paying for the person behind me in line, tucking a lottery ticket under someones windshield, giving them breakfast, or clothes, or a bible, writing them a note, I felt that it was... good. Life became a little bit more about other people, and a little less about me.

"What do they need?"

"How does God want to use me?"

"Where does He need me today?"

And a phrase that still makes me think of those colorful bracelets we all wore in middle school "What would Jesus do?" Because when we try to act like Jesus would, He just shines out of us, and we may not need to talk so much. Instead I cried, I smiled, and I prayed a million prayers of thanksgiving.

I finished my 26 Acts a week ago and haven't stopped yet. When I started this I thought I would struggle to find 26 things to do and that it would take forever. But it wasn't, and it didn't. Because a random act of kindness is always needed.