Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Follow Friday (on a Tuesday)

I 100% meant to post this on Friday but as you can see, I have failed. Regardless of the day, these are a few bloggers I've been reading lately and loving hearing from their hearts and creative souls.

A // Trusty Chucks by Mary. Mary writes in a way that makes me completely connect with her. She's honest and funny and really balances out the types of posts she writes so there's a good variety for everyone.

B// Chicken Scratch by Val. I came across Val's blog when we sponsored a giveaway on Elise's blog (Numero uno why I like sponsoring blogs - being introduced to new peeps). She recently introduced me to Green Bean Delivery and I'm now anxiously awaiting my first delivery.

C// Sparks from the Soul by Maggie. Maggie's blog is one you read, which may sound funny, but there's so many blogs out there that you can just scroll through, look at the pics and get an idea of what they are talking about. But with Maggie's, you find yourself wanting to know what she's talking about and what she's thinking. 

D// Heavens to Betsy by Betsy. As soon as you open up her page, and spot her picture on the side, you decide you want to be her BFF. She's a creative, fun-loving type that makes you feel at home on her blog. Whether she is dishing on her new favorite love, sharing her faith, or catching you up on what's going on in her life, she makes you feel like you've known her forever.

E// Sunday Charm by Elise. There's so much to say about Elise, I hardly know where to start. She's probably one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. Aptly named, she will charm you with her adventures in learning to sew, being honest about her monthly goals, and wowing you with her thrifting skills.

You can find me at anytime with at least one of these blogs on one of my tabs. What bloggers are you reading like crazy lately?

Monday, September 8, 2014


Giving thanks for ALL things is so hard. Remembering to give thanks for the messes, the difficulties, the arguments, the problems... Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to thank God for the messes, but we often remember to thank Him for bringing us peace with a conflict.

But we should give thanks for all things, for without the conflict there would be no peace.

And without the storm there would be no rainbow.