Wednesday, January 16, 2013

a new kind of blog

for the past three years, this blog has been my happy place. a place where i share inspiration, projects, DIY's, outfits, weddings, and all those other joyful things in life. when i write about my life, i like to talk about exciting weekend trips and parties-the good stuff.

life is full of up's and down's but you wouldn't know it from my blog; i generally only share the up's. but i want my blog to be real. i want it to reflect my life. God wants it to reflect my life.

because having a life only made of ups wouldn't be nearly as fun if we didn't have something to compare it to.

and when i have those days that are down, days when I can't hear Him speaking to me... eventually i will hear Him. He lifts me up - reminds me of his love and covers me in grace. and while He lifts me up, i lift Him up in praise.

so you may see some different kinds of posts around here. you will still see the ups: the inspirational rooms and fun product finds- my hobbies. but you will also see some downs, times when i fail and what i learned. and maybe that will round out this blog a bit more. so that when you come here, you see a woman who has been blessed with grace and who loves to share life with other women. that's my hope for this blog in 2013.