Friday, May 31, 2013

365 05/31

before i share the last orange color palette and we move on to our next month and next color, i wanted to let you know that the format for the 365 project is changing a bit! because sometimes the home page of Splendid Actually can be covered in the 365 project, it seems to be smothering my regular posts a bit. so to make it so my regular posts can be easily found, i'll now be doing one post each week. each day i will add that day's photo/interior/product/art/etc to one post that will be shared on Saturday. this way i'm still working on the project each day but you can find the entire week's research in one blog post.

a modern and fun way to use orange is to pair it with a bright pink, a bit of gold, and some dark brown woods. throw all these colors on a white background and it's feminine and unexpected.

all colors listed are from Sherwin Williams. Sherwin Williams paint is by far my favorite - and they aren't even paying me to say that ;)

pray for us?

it's like clockwork. summer arrives and our weekends are booked. for the entire summer. but i don't mind it.

this coming weekend is one that's been in the works for some time now. with a small group of people we pulled together, KJB and I are heading to a conference/workshop to learn how our church can better utilize our children's sports ministry.

we are praying that this conference will help us reach more children, that God will guide us to new resources, and that overall, we will walk away with a fire to share God's love with our community.

will you pray for us as we start this great adventure? 

follow me on twitter is i share things we learn tomorrow.


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Thursday, May 30, 2013

365 05/30

orange isn't a color i think of when i think of the beach, but paired with these hues, it reminds me of a pool party. use these brights to pull together the perfect pool-side shindig.

all colors listed are from Sherwin Williams. Sherwin Williams paint is by far my favorite - and they aren't even paying me to say that ;)

seeing clearly

You know those moments when you first wake up in the morning, and things are a bit fuzzy? You know where you are and you know what you are looking at but there’s just a moment of haziness. And then once your eyes are comfortable with the light, you can see more clearly.
Over the past few years I've grown much more in touch with my emotional side and I find times when I really want to share them with my family. But as I said, it's not something we are comfortable doing.

I had a moment like that recently when I was reading through my blog subscriptions. Scrolling through the blogs looking for something to catch my eye when I landed on Amy’s post on Overcome The Lie. (more about that here.) I skimmed through it but kept going to the top and rereading it. She started out “You are a daughter of Christ. I'm sure for most of you, this is not new news. Perhaps you've heard this many times..." And I thought to myself, 'yes, I have heard this before and yes, I do know this,' but something about it kept me coming back and rereading those lines.

To give you a bit of back story, I come from a very close family. We spend a lot of time together, and we get along well. But we are far from the Camdens on 7th Heaven. If someone gets mad, we don't follow that person to their room to talk about the issue. If we are having a bad day, we are grumpy and keep to ourselves. I'm not saying it's a bad thing; we just don't go around discussing our hurt feelings.

When I read that line Amy wrote, it felt like God saying "You know all those things you want to share? Share them with me. You are my daughter, and I am here for you." And it was like that moment, early in the morning, when your eyes can suddenly see a bit more clear.

And I felt relief that I didn't have to keep those feelings inside. I could share them with my Savior.

Maybe God gave you an amazing family like mine; one that is loving but one that is more contained. Know that you can open up to the Lord. Share your feelings, your secrets, your fears. I can ask God for guidance and thank him for blessings. And the biggest blessing of all is our Savior, our Father.

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lindsayladonFind other bloggers sharing their little life lessons on Lindsay's blog.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

365 05/29

these vibrant, bright colors are ideal for a playroom, a spring garden party, and would look gorgeous pulled together on a flirty frock... if you know a fabric designer, pass this along to them! ;)

all colors listed are from Sherwin Williams. Sherwin Williams paint is by far my favorite - and they aren't even paying me to say that ;)

weekend in photos

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

365 05/28

great colors for a kitchen or outdoor dining space. it's super fresh and modern looking, so it could alsobe perfect for a summer party.

all colors listed are from Sherwin Williams. Sherwin Williams paint is by far my favorite - and they aren't even paying me to say that ;)

falling for - may

a few of my favorite things for the month of may!

Monday, May 27, 2013

365 05/27

this post is mostly because my husband will love me for it. tennessee vols is his all-time favorite. so i figure i might get some brownie points for sharing this. ;)

weekly truth, week 21

Isaiah 46:4

Sunday, May 26, 2013

365 05/26

foxes are so in right now. srsly.

ok, but seriously? i love this little guy. i found him one day wondering around etsy. no, i was wondering around, not him. but isn't he darling? i love his red/orange/brown coat. get him right here.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

365 05/25

often times people consider blues and greens and browns to be "colors from nature". and in many cases it's true because you will see those colors everywhere. but it's also a pet peeve of mine because those are the only colors from nature. sometimes a brilliant orange can be found in nature, too.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

365 05/24

love the scallops on this orangey salmon one piece. and paired with neutral t-strap sandals, a fedora, and that lovely chan-lu bracelet? i'm calling it perfect for the pool.

signing off

a month or so back, miss tiny twig Hayley shared a bit about her analog weekends in this post here. a lot of Hayley's reasonings i found to be very real for myself and so i gave it a shot.

an entire weekend without instagram, twitter, facebook, or pinterest.

i didn't need anyone to think i was crazy, i thought it myself.

what i learned from that very short break was something i had not anticipated; that i had been relying on those social media platforms to spark creativity. since joining those platforms, and to this day, pinners, tweeters, instagrammers, etc, have been a huge source of inspiration for me. not necessarily a bad thing, because there are some awesomely creative people in this whole world. but i was creative and inspired before joining these platforms too. and i had lost that a little bit.

when i realized that i wasn't pushing myself to be creative on my own, i knew i would need to take more of these analog weekends. now, i challenge you to give it a try because you may learn something you didn't know about yourself. you may think you aren't reliant on your phone, but maybe you are more than you think.

happy weekend friends!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

365 05/23

sometimes something random will strike me as hilarious when it's not really hilarious. funny maybe, but not hilarious.

this is one of those things. i couldn't stop laughing.

i hope this strikes your funny bone so much you pee your pants laughing. we all need those laughs from time to time.


Little Gypsie Lovin

Little Gypsie is an online based shop with all kinds of goodies, but especially the gorgeous headbands. i have a wish list a mile long and i'm trying to figure out a way to get my boss to let me wear them to work... any ideas with that, let me know.

this is allison, the creative behind the shop.

Little Gypsie offers tons of styles of headbands, turbans, and clips, as well as some home decor items, dresses and scarves. their styles are original and colorful, and really a must see shop for mamas of little ones. these siblings below had custom pieces made for their outfits and are looking so adorable.

but the pieces are just for the babes. nope, allison makes them in adult sizes too, which is great for me because i don't have to try to squeeze on a baby headband...

you can place orders directly on the Little Gypsie FB page here. and if you're close to Indy, you can find them at the Noblesville Farmers Market. check them out on instagram too!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

365 05/22

i know, i know. you are tired of seeing orange bedrooms. but for some reason, it's the color i would be least likely to use in my own bedroom, so when i see orange executed beautifully in a bedroom, i can't help but share it.

recently the world of Vintage Revivals was revealed to me and i seriously can't stop with her blog. she is so incredible. and when i came across this wall decor, i knew i had to share it.

her use of wood with the orange on the walls is awesome. the busy and busy rug is layered with neutrals to make it really all work together.

make sure you visit Mandi and you take a look at her wonderful rooms and DIY projects. see this bedroom here.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

365 05/21

havin a par-tay this weekend for Memorial Day? orange is a great color for spring and summer parties because it's so vibrant. and paired with white, it can look modern and clean. here are a few of my favorite products to bring a bit of color to your outdoor barbecue this weekend.

these pretty, creamsicle inspired straws would look cool and retro in glass bottled jones sodas / fill these  little canisters with treats and send the kiddos off to play / polka dotted cupcake liners holding orange cupcakes with buttercream frosting... mmm, my mouth waters / and of course top them off with these adorbs little flags. or stack some olives on the pick for an appetizer.

weekly truth, week 20

john 3:30

Monday, May 20, 2013

365 05/20

it's monday, so we are going wild in today's color post! what's the chance you would rock this look?

i came across her on Pinterest and thought the look was amazing. i have no idea to where i would wear this, or with what i would would wear it, but it's funky and kinda fun. would you give it a try?


fabric flowers and why it's time to talk about them

sorry, had a little gangnam style moment there. phew, glad that's out of my system.

those pretty women were my bridesmaids. don't they look darling in their pink and black and white? with their hair and makeup done up real fancy? they thank you for the compliments. as good as they look, i'm not talking about them today, i'm gonna talk about flower bouquets. because their bouquets started something in me that i can't shake.

when i started wedding planning i knew i had to have fabric flowers. so i made them for my girls and the groomsmen and had a blast. our wedding was full of pastel colors so i didn't hesitate to make the flowers out of any color under the sun.

it was definitely a learning experience and since then, i've become addicted. for awhile i considered putting my flowers on headbands, but for some reason i just didn't get the joy out of making a headband the way i did a bouquet or a boutonniere. maybe because there's something magical about wedding days.

for the past month i made flowers for a bride whose wedding was saturday. she had collected old brooches and pieces of jewelry she wanted in her bouquet and they looked stunning on her white and cream flowers.

this is her bouquet while i was forming the shape. it's kind of like a piece of art, which i guess makes me more of an artist than i thought.

i've never really shared much on the blog about these flowers, but i think it's time that i start, because they make me happy. and because i realized i want to pursue this avenue a little more.

i have time to dedicate to one more fabric bouquet this year in addition to the orders i already have, so if you've fallen for these beauties like i have, contact me, because i'd love to make your fabric bouquet dream come true. email me at courtney{at}splendidactually{dot}com.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

365 05/19

sorry, i had to. but sometimes on a sunday evening, after all the chaos of a weekend, i'll gladly sit down with a cocktail to enjoy the very end of the weekend.

my favorite orange flavored drink? blood orange sangria

3 blood oranges (two juiced, one sliced)
1 bottle of pinot grigio
1/4 cup of brandy
1/2 cup of club soda
a handful of sliced strawberries
a handful of raspberries
half an apple, chopped
sugar for rimming the glass

combine the wine, brandy, the orange juice, and all the fruit into a pitcher and stir well. i like to let it sit for awhile so the fruit can flavor the liquid. to rim your glass, run an orange slice around the rim and dunk the glass into the sugar. add a bit of the fruit to the glass, then fill with sangria. top it off with a bit of the club soda for fizzy-ness.

perfect for summer, fruity and fresh.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

365 05/18

the way the orange, blue, and pink look together... my youthful heart is happy.


Friday, May 17, 2013

365 05/17

a lovely little print, to start the weekend.

nicholas john frith

taking alone time

there is nothing in this world i'd rather do than spend time with my husband. regardless of our plans, the weather, whatever, it doesn't matter too much as long as it's the two of us.


i've come to love my thursday nights alone. KJB plays basketball at church in the evening and i get to do whatever i please. sometimes i make myself dinner and watch old episodes of America's Next Top Model. sometimes i workout the whole time. sometimes i go shopping. sometimes i drive around and look at houses i'd like to buy.

the best part is that there is never a schedule. it's just me, doing whatever i want to do in that moment. i don't make myself clean the apartment, although it always needs it. i don't make myself write blog posts, even if i need to.

it's my time. i do whatever i feel like doing. and i'm so grateful for this time. life is busy and the fact that i get about 2.5 hours of me time a week is amazing. so i am soaking it in.

to the women out there: whether your a stay-at-home mom or a 40+ hour work week career woman, try to take some time to do whatever you want to do. ask the hubby to watch the kids, call in a favor to a friend, kick everyone out of the house, or adventure out on your own. everyone needs a little down time to do whatever we want.

it is good for the soul.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

365 05/16

we've already seen a couple uses of orange in a bedroom, but this next photo is by far my favorite orange bedroom. and yes, that's because it's paired with pink. seriously though, don't they just look awesome together?


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

365 05/15

peaches are my absolute favorite. i love how juicy and sweet they are. i came across this grilled peach salad and i think i'm going to try it out on our next camping trip because it seems like an easy-to-throw-together kind of meal.

visit the wonderful Love & Lemons for the how-to.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

365 05/14

this color palette is citrus-y, youthful, and fresh. i'm loving the orange with the pink and yellow. seriously, to die for. and that honeycomb pattern on the wall? don't even get me started on how wonderful that is.

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this is emily.

this is one of my bff's, Emily. isn't she gorgeous. that's not a question, it's more of a statement. that is Emily and me in high school and then emily and me last year at my bridal shower.

emily is gettin hitched. tyin the knot. jumpin the broom. biting the dust. HA. just kiddin about that last one. ;)

and i'm the lucky lady that gets to play MOH.

i'm a bit nervous about that considering i've never been one before. but she has trust in me, so i will give it a go. my first task is to keep this girl on top of her planning, because her wedding date just got moved up to August. yikes! emily will be going to grad school up in the Windy City so they decided to move the wedding date up so they can be married when they move their together. thumbs up.

emily and i have known each other for 16 years. (whoa, i double checked my math on that 3 times because that seems cray cray.) i would share a photo of us from back in the day but it would probably be super mortifying for both of us. okay, maybe not emily because the girl looks exactly the same.

here is the bride-to-be with her bridesmaids! yes, we were going to a New Kids on the Block concert in this photo. i'm so honored emily asked me to be a part of her special day and it's going to be so much fun to plan some little surprises for her with these two ladies whom i just love.

i'm sure there will be some more wedding posts around the blog for the next few months as i share things i'm planning and wedding things i'm loving!


in celebration of emily's wedding planning, i'm offering 10% off all items in the Splendid Actually Shop. use promo code "wedding10" at checkout!

Monday, May 13, 2013

365 05/13

discovered STARCREATUREstudio on etsy and have fallen in love with their fabric phone cases. this one is a silk fabric with a handprinted geometric pattern. they have loads of good looking cases.

weekly truth, week 19

Proverbs 16:3

Saturday, May 11, 2013

365 05/11

orange paired with brown is a very common combination for people looking for a contemporary style. but i love the two the most when they are also partnered with a powder blue.