Friday, July 31, 2015

Stella & Dot Fall Collection

I just uploaded a video of the pieces I picked up in the Stella & Dot fall collection! I love to see video's of what people purchase, because it gives me a chance to see things in scale to a person, better than just a photograph. Plus, the kind of jewelry a person buys says a lot about their personality. Check out what I picked up in the video, and of course, you can always shop these pieces through this link. *shameless plug ;)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

3 Outfits

Last week we went to Orange Beach, which is on the Gulf of Mexico, on a family holiday. The week was filled with lots of sun, pool-time, and food. Because, that's just what holiday's are if you ask me.

I had fully intended on sharing every outfit I packed, but as the week progressed, I fell into a routine: bathing suit and cover-up during the day, outfit at night. Since you don't really need to see my bathing suit and cover up six times, I opted for my dinner attire outfits. We went out four times whilst there, and three of them I managed to photograph for you. So, here we are.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

5 Gifts

Gift giving is one of my all-time favorite things! In fact, receiving gifts is my love language, so I can't help but naturally want to gift others. We still have quite awhile until December's gifting season, but there's no reason why you can't start spoiling the people you love now. I've rounded up 5 ideas for pouf gifts and will explain them below.
The most important part of any gift is determining what the gift will be, and you can determine that by answering two questions. What does the recipient like? (i.e., what kinds of hobby's or interests do they have?) And how much do you want to spend? Once you determine these two things, it will be much easier to select a gift.

When it comes to gifting with a pouf, your options are virtually endless. If you're wanting your gift to fit inside, I recommend getting the pouf first, so you can really understand the size. If you want to start shopping for the contents now, know that the bag is about 3.5"W x 3.5"H x 6"L. The bags (other than the clear botanical) are made with vegan leather on the outside, and a wipeable vinyl on the inside.  

Now, for the fun stuff! On to the gift ideas!

#1. Pampering Gift 
Perfect for someone that needs a reminder to relax. Anyone with a busy schedule will appreciate this thoughtful gift. Go for products that have a soft, soothing scent if you're not sure what types of scents they like.

#2 Date Night Gift
This one is particularly great if you're treating your loved one to a date night. Surprise her with a few new jewels and beauty products. She will absolutely love getting ready with her new things, and she will be super excited to spend quality time together, no matter what the date is! This option can also stand on it's own and be a generous gift; perfect for a girly-girl that loves beauty and jewelry.

#3 Foodie Gift
This is a really fun gift idea for any foodie; the possibilities are endless! I went the route of "the baker," but you could also do a bunch of spices, a tea towel, or a fun utensil!

(I didn't have a good honey to photograph but here's a link to one!) | Food Coloring | Sprinkles | Extract | Cinnamon Sticks

#4 Creative Thinker Gift
With ideas constantly swirling, the creative thinker needs a place to jot them down. There are tons of possibilities with this gift, but I'd recommend starting with a fun notebook and colorful pens. What you choose to add after that is up to you!

#5 The Partier Gift
The idea for this gift option is a really fun one. Start with the cocktail swatchbook, which is one of my favorite gifts to give to 21-year-olds. Pull a recipe from it and purchase the ingredients in shooter size!

Monday, July 13, 2015

back entry decor

The second of my four summer projects is completed! Not too much of a DIY to share, but thought I'd document it here so you guys don't think I'm a slacker.

I've been needing an area at the back door to collect our keys, reminder notes, KJB's yard shoes, and the items that I need to take to church every week. It was a really simple project and I already had everything I needed, except the wooden crates. JoAnn Fabrics had theirs on sale over Independence Day weekend, so I picked them up for around $9 each. They might get a coat of paint later, but for now I like them raw.

The coat hook shelf was a wedding gift, made by a former co-worker. Three years later it found the perfect home beside our back door. I just love handmade gifts!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Easy Sliding Door

Our bathroom is tiny. Don't believe me? Check out our recent remodel here. I'll wait.


See? Told ya. To help give us more space, I wanted to switch out our door with a sliding door. We had plenty of wall space on the bedroom side, so it was the perfect solution. It was inexpensive and quick, so it was my favorite kind of DIY.

The sliding door was the first one of my four summer projects, and since it's already July, I'm feeling like it's time to crack down if I want to finish everything else on my list.

Ready to start? The first thing you will want to do is determine the length of your pipe. My door was small at just 24" inches so I needed a length to cover a minimum of twice that size. On my wall I measured 24" from the opening, on the side where the door will slide. From there I used my stud finder to determine the next closest stud, beyond the 24 inches. Mark the wall where the sides of the stud should be. Now, find the stud on the opposite side of the opening. Mine was right in the corner, so my door can only slide one way. If you have wall space on either side of the opening, you will need to determine how far you want the door to slide to the opposite side. Mark the stud on that side, just like you did on the first side. A little graphic is below; hopefully this explains it for you visual people.

Now, measure the distance from stud to stud on either side of the opening. That distance will tell you how long your galvanized pipe should be. Your entire shopping list is below.

Supplies:                                                                                     Tools:
Hollow door slab (I reused the existing door)                            Stud finder
1 - 1/2" galvanized pipe, cut and threaded to length*                Pencil
2- 1/2" galvanized 90 degree elbows                                         Drill + drill bits
2 - 1/2" galvanized pipe nipple
2- 1/2" galvanized floor flanges
2- rigid casters**
2- eye-hooks***
8- screws

*The pipe comes in various lengths. Choose the one closest to your length, then have a sales associate cut the pipe and thread the end for you. I know that Lowe's will do this for you, but I'm not sure about  other stores.

**Make sure your casters are not wider than the thickness of the door. They will have to be rigid casters, not swivel, because you want the door to just slide back and forth, not every other direction.

***The eye on the eye-hook needs to be big enough to fit over the 1/2" pipe. Try it out in the store to make sure it fits.

If you are reusing an existing door, you will need to remove the hinges from the door and the door jamb. Some additional supplies will be needed if you are going this route. Skip to the bottom and I'll explain how to patch in the hinge pockets.+

First, use four screws to attach your casters to the bottom of the door slab.

Next, drill two holes in the top of the door to fit the eye-hooks. Screw them in, making sure you keep them consistent heights.

Now you can pass the galvanized pipe through the eye-hooks. Attach an elbow to each end of the pipe, then screw the pipe nipple into the elbow. Next you will screw the floor flange onto the pipe nipple. The floor flange will be the piece attached to the wall.

Have someone hold the door in place while you position the flanges over your studs. Since you marked either side of the stud earlier, you can line up the flange so that two of the holes are vertical with your stud. Your flange may need rotate on the pipe nipple, but you will want to do this so that you can get both screws into the stud. Mark your holes on the wall on both ends, move the door out of the way, and drill your holes. Replace the flanges over the holes and screw them into place.

Pretty easy, huh? It gives our bathroom more breathable space and looks cool. And for around $30, it has been the biggest change we have done to the house, for the smallest amount of money.

+If you took down an existing door, you will probably want to patch the hinge pockets and the door strike. One of the easiest ways to do that is to purchase wood lattice moulding (see here). You can cut pieces to size and attach them in using wood glue and wood filler, then paint them, or you an apply the entire strip top to bottom of the frame, covering the old holes. (Sarah from Thrifty Decor Chick has a tutorial on the second option.)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Busy Day Outfits

Recently I had a jam-packed day with a bridal shower and a wedding back-to-back. I literally had less than thirty minutes to change up my look to go from casual to wedding appropriate. To do that, I knew the best way was to swap out accessories.

Start off with a simple dress. I chose a comfortable, yet structured dress that would allow me a lot of versatility. You can't go wrong with a little black dress - just find one that compliments your body type. I like this one because the fit and flare style is super girly, and the white stripes freshen it up for summer.

This dress has a higher neckline, so I skipped the necklace and went for an ear jacket. These have a feminine flare to them, so I knew they would compliment the dress. An arm party is perfect for day because it can give off a more casual vibe. I started off with the black and gold one because I knew it would be a great stand-alone option for night. Then I added my go-to spikey bracelet, and for color, chose the cuff with braided threads. Simple jeweled sandals and a bright bag finished off the look. I loved this outfit for a summer day event.

The first simple change was the earrings. By removing the ear jacket and replacing it with a standard back, you have a simple look that is a little less girly. (But, by all means, leave the jacket on if you like it paired with a statement necklace. It's all about what you're comfortable with!) My statement necklace above is gold with clear crystals, which makes it really easy to mix metals. Whatever necklace you choose, go with something that looks good with your dress neckline. My higher neckline needed something with a pointed shape, as apposed to a rounded/scoop neck (you'll see another option in the video below, but that necklace is no longer available). Then I removed my two bracelets, leaving just the gold and black one. The clear crystals on that bracelet also really helped to mix metals, so I felt like my silver and crystal stackable rings, worked well with it. A pair of black heels and a small black handbag and I was good to go!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

my summer face

It's been awhile since I shared my favorite beauty products with you, so I figured summer was as good a time as any. Products all listed below!

1. Physician's Formula Argan Wear BB Cream has SPF, moisturizes, evens out my skin tone, and is paraben-free. All wins, in my book.

2. I like simple products, like the L'oreal Brow Artist pencil. Creamy formula, perfect color, and love the spoolie on the end.

3. Just a touch of the Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit, and my dark circles are no more. I love to use the Beauty Blender to really give the concealer and the BB Cream an airbrushed finish.

4. I bring some color back to my face with my current favorite blush, Hervana by Benefit. Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess gives the best 'day in the sun' glow.

5. Urban Decay's Naked lipstick is a natural, easy-to-apply product that gives a finished look every time.

6. The Urban Decay Primer Potion has been my go-to for years now. It keeps my oily lids from ruining my eyeshadow; they stay right where I put them all day.

7. Lorac's Pro Palette is another go-to. The variety of colors and finishes allow me to have lots of different looks. The matte black shadow on the end doubles as eyeliner.

8. My mascara changes almost weekly, as I push to find the best product for my hooded and oily eye area. Right now the Stila Mile High Lashes has my attention with it's shiny gold packaging. What can I say? I'm a sucker for anything gold.

9. To keep everything in place and keep oil at bay, a few sprays of the Nyx Matte Finish.

Find all these products for purchase here.