Tuesday, May 26, 2015

where to find the best desktop wallpaper

This morning I'm sitting at my desk watching my desktop wallpaper roll through like a slideshow every few minutes. Ok, I'm also working, but my second monitor is currently blank, allowing me to see the background. But whilst watching it, I realized that most of them came from the same place, and I thought I'd share the source with you.

Bri from DesignLoveFest has been one of my favorite bloggers for several years now, and back in 2012 she started a series called Dress Your Tech. Artists submit their wallpaper designs to her and the favs are featured on the site. I have a particular love for the florals and watercolor designs, but there are lots of options. The artists website is always linked too, which means you can visit their site to see more of their work. Visit DesignLoveFest to browse the Dress Your Tech series. 
(all images above via DLF.)