Tuesday, November 28, 2017


For your holiday parties this year from cocktail to formal to New Years dance party, opt for some accessories that can easily transition from dress to dress: classic gold metallic heels, a textured black bag, and a great neutral chandelier earring. And don't forget to top it off with a great red lip!

black dress | black and gold dress | red dress | heels | bag | earrings

Friday, November 24, 2017


Now that Thanksgiving is over, the stuffing I'm moving on to is stockings - I love to stuff a stocking full of all kinds of goodies. So today I'm sharing the items I love to receive in my stocking and the best part is that they work for everyone on your shopping list! Gender and age neutral, these ideas can make everyone on your list happy, plus it makes your shopping trip so much easier.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy (safe) Shopping

We've been standing in line for just over 45 minutes. Our fingers are frozen so our hands are jammed into our pockets. Swaying back and forth in an attempt to keep warm I look at my sister whose eyes are watering as she bounces on her toes - her own attempt to stir up body heat. It's nearly 5 AM and we are standing in line outside a department store, waiting for the shop to open so we can have our way with the holiday doorbusters. When the time comes the line starts moving forward and I notice others getting out of their car and moving towards the doors. 

Wait a minute. They aren't getting in line with the rest of us - they are actually just going in the door. Furious that I've had to stand outside freezing and they've kept warm in their cars, I point it out to one of the store clerks who simply shrugs his shoulders and rolls his eyes. He could care less. And I realized in that moment how completely stupid we were. What those people did certainly wasn't fair, but I was the one that choose to stand outside in 30 degree weather.

That was seven years ago and I haven't been Black Friday shopping since. Instead, I stay home and listen to the Thanksgiving day parade while browsing the online shops for the nearly the exact same doorbuster deals. And I finish all of my holiday shopping. No lines. No cold weather. Safe and happily shopping from home. 

Except it's not entirely safe. It can be, but there are some appropriate measures that need to be taken. So when I came across this graphic from Lifelock, I knew it was great information to share. They also put together 15 tips that you should definitely check out before "checking out". (Sorry, I couldn't resist the play on words.) Some of the ones I didn't consider about before reading it include checking website security, keeping on top of your receipts and statements, using a VPN.  I also really recommend using one email address for all of your shopping so all receipts and confirmations are in one place.

Also, to reassure you, all of the items listed in my holiday gift guide are from reputable sources, which will make things just a little bit easier on you. If you have any concerns about online shopping or ID theft, make sure to check out LifeLock's graphic above. Best of luck!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

wild turkey table

KJB, my husband, has this thing for Wild Turkey Burbon Whiskey. I'm not sure where this semi-obsession came from but he loves it and all I can think of when I see the bottle is Thanksgiving. Because it has a large turkey on the label. So when thinking about my Thanksgiving dinner table, I couldn't help but include it. I wanted a table that was a little more contemporary, but still classic and lux feeling. The velvet table runner and jacquard napkins give that great plush feel, but the colors paired with gold metallic keep things contemporary. I also love the colors of the magnolia wreath - a mix of dried leaves and green. The browned leaves especially bring a sense of warmth the holiday season emits. This tablescape has me really in the mood for turkey, cranberry salad, and the Thanksgiving Day Parade!  Hope you all have a peaceful holiday.

wreath | candlesticks | cake stand | glasses | flatware | table runner | napkins | pumpkins

Friday, November 17, 2017

under $100 gifting: TO THE LITTLES

Shopping for the littles in your life can be a bit overwhelming - constantly changing interests, constantly changing sizes, and the toy market is FLOODED. Because of that, I encourage you to think simple, go for classic options, things that can get them thinking (without making it obviously boring), and items they can always use. When in doubt, size up or age up so they can grow into it if needed. I also love the option of choosing something completely outside the box, like a camera or a record player, for someone young. It could get them interested in a hobby and be fun to tinker with - without breaking the bank.

markers (similar, updated link) | book | camera | pjs (similar, updated link) | board game (updated link but this is massively overpriced and my Target store has this on the shelf but not online) | record player

robe (updated link) | jenga | snow markers (similar, updated link) | trampoline | terrarium |  night vision glasses

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

under $100 gifting: TO HER

For the dashing dame with feminine style, I’ve curated some treats she would love to stock pile. Season-round fashions and personalized pieces, these pretties will delight sisters, daughters, aunts, and nieces. Keep her stylish and organized but add a personal touch- engravable items, rose gold, and blush. Whatever you choose, she will be thrilled with your selection, because this broad has taste of utter perfection.

sunnies | phone wristlet | planner | necklace | perfume | highlighter | mules

lip colour  (similar, updated link) | mug | pullover (similar, updated link) | throwpajamas | sneakers (similar, updated link)

Monday, November 13, 2017

under $100 gifting: TO HIM

The mister in your life deserves only the best, so let this guide inspire you. Go ahead! Be my guest. No matter his style, no matter his taste, these gifts will impress and not be a waste. Well within budget they won’t break the bank, but choose a couple from here and you’ll surely move up rank. For father or brother or husband or friend, a gift from this guide will ensure you both win!

scarf | slippers | bottle | backpack | cologne | speaker

leather sneaker | adidas sneaker | flannel | hat | glovesdisc game

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

more of a Wizard

The wizarding world is one of wonder and delight; and perfectly safe since Harry put up that great fight. So it's no surprise you find yourself longing for Hogwarts. You could pop into Three Broomsticks for butterbeer by the quarts. But alas, you can not, because you are a mere Muggle. You wouldn't fit in, you would have such a struggle. So instead you must settle for a few bits and bobbies that celebrate the world of Ron, Luna, Hagrid, and Dobby.

House mug | Shower curtain | Patronus | Dumbledore quote | Ministry decal

Friday, November 3, 2017

minimalist getaway

Hey there, weekend warriors! We are only a few hours away to weekend bliss, the end of another long work week. So get ready, your adventure starts soon! Where are you off to? A drive through the autumnal countryside? A dash into the city? Or maybe you're visiting with family at the lake before winter blows in. Whatever your scene, I give you permission to keep things simple. Ditch all the makeup and products and give yourself a break. Drink water, soak in some vitamin D, and enjoy!

tote | toiletry bag | shoe and hair tools sacks | dry shampoo | lip balm | sunnies