Friday, February 18, 2011

W H A T is she talkin about?

I've been buried in specifying 12 different versions of this Kimball systems furniture. The system is called "Xsite" and it uses "Traxx and Tiles" prettiness and "Footprints" furniture. Here are some images of different set-ups


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

COLORS. i'm loving.

{found this print on etsy and now, i can't find the buyer. can anyone help?}

Project progress - Meet our artists. David Dale

David Dale is an artist and designer. He is known for amazing watercolors but I love his pastels as well. David is one of the artists working on my mega project and the founder of the company I work for. Below are some of David's creations but I'm really excited for the custom piece he is working on for the mega project.

I've always loved this one for some reason. Maybe because it hangs close to my desk.

Amazing colors here. So gorgeous.

Beaver. I like this one because it's a beaver. And this beaver creates the most gorgeous, colorful waves behind him.

... my FAVORITE...
Light coming up over the hillside creating deep shadows and bright highlights. The shades of pink, lavender, cyan, and sage are so lovely.

Giclee prints are available at our gallery in various sizes including notecards for $4. {yes, I said $4!}

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding progress

The wedding is getting closer! EEEK! -Wait a second, who am I kidding? We have 458 days. I'm doing well. WAY ahead of schedule; and I'm fine with that. So what's done?

Inspiration boards for the groomsmen and bridesmaids outfits are completed and it's decided what they will wear. Now it just needs purchased. We have the church booked, a photographer, baker and florist selected. I'm currently debating between two reception sites and it comes down to cost versus convenience. We will see which prevails.

One thing I'm excited to share is our decor "theme" - if you could call it that. The FH and I sat down and made a list of our top six favorite things/hobbies. Not surprisingly only one item on our list matched. Finally we narrowed it down to five total items that we will represent at our wedding. Here they are:



Tennessee Volunteers.



I'm sure that you can pretty much figure out who wrote which but I'll tell you anyway. Kyle's list included music, travel and Tennessee {as well as food, old man clothing and sleeping}. My list included music, books and furniture {plus art, nail polish and movies}.

I'm excited to see these five things combined and I am really ready push myself in creativity. There is no doubt it will come together and be amazing, because it will represent us and our love -which I think is pretty amazing.

Vicente Wolf in Veranda

Found images of Vicente Wolf's home in Veranda Magazine. I love it. It's mascuile but clean and textured enough for my feminine side (which is a large part of me).

{images Veranda}

Friday, February 4, 2011

Mulberry fabrics for LeeJofa

Absolutely swooning over these lush fabrics by Mulberry for LeeJofa. They are stunning in color, texture, and pattern. With a 958 total pieces, you are sure to fall in love over and over again. I know I did.

While we are on the subject of Mulberry, can I just say I am completely adoring their spring/summer 2011 collection too? I am particulary fond of this monochromatic look that is full of texture.
LeeJofa. Mulberry.

wishin + hopin

1. The Thompson side chair.
2. Marc Jacobs Organza Twill Balmacaan Jacket
3. Kelly Wearstler dishes.
4. John Robshaw marble elephant.
5. Courtney Khail stationary.
6. Balenciaga Money wallet in Nuage.

Giveaway winner + pretty pictures

Let's cut right to the chase. Today I have the giveaway winner and some pretty pictures! Enjoy and happy friday!

Brooke, email me at with your address. Congratulations!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Current Inspiration via Mr. Adler

Since I have been "stuck" at home the past couple days, I spent some time browsing my decor books and magazines. It seemed every time I came across a space I loved, it was designed and decorated by the brilliant Jonathan Adler. Jonathan seems to hit a variety of styles right on the head whether it be retro, traditional, modern, eclectic, or contemporary. Each room has its own flavor which is difficult for many designers. I have seen some great people crank out the same design, room after room and even though it looks fabulous at the end, nothing about it is really unique. Personally, I do not want that for my own home and I definitely do not want that for my clients.

Here are some of my favorites.

jonathan adler.