Tuesday, April 30, 2013

meet my china hutch

meet my china hutch. she's gorgeous. i got her for free which makes her even better. she's old and worn but i love that about her.

i also love that she can be used for a ga-zillion things. when i first got her, my roomie and i were living in a pretty big apartment and we definitely didn't know what to do with all our space. so i put her in our living room and put shoes in her. she looked kind of like this.

this isn't her. i never took a photo of her when she held my shoes. but she looked awesome holding those beauties.

then i moved back home for awhile before the wedding and my poor babe had to go in storage. but she made a grand re-appearance at the wedding, where she held our flower packet wedding favors, coloring books i made for the kids, our engagement photo album, flowers, and more.

and now she is in a new home, serving a new task. she holds some keepsakes from our wedding, my wine glasses, and also serves as a liquor cabinet down at the bottom. i also love to pile stuff on top of her to make even taller than she is.

i love this cabinet and i can't wait to see her continue to evolve over time. eventually i'd love to get her back in my closet holding precious shoes and jewels and such. she loves dressing up ;)

do you have a piece of furniture you love? do you re-purpose it?


365 04/30

a beachy, outdoorsy palette for today. this palette would look great in a family room or kitchen with lots of sunshine. i'm imagining bold floral patterns paired with stripes, woven furnishings and modern white vases with greenery. a perfect place to lift your spirits on a rainy afternoon or those almost-spring days we've had lately.

Monday, April 29, 2013

365 04/29

this lovely little palette is perfect for a spring wedding. of course, for wedding i'd go with gold glitter, not this muted version. but the emerald green paired with pastels makes a dramatic statement. this combination would be great for an outfit, too. i think i need to find some emerald green oxfords and pair them with seafoam skinnys and a floral, pink button down. i think i like it :)

weekly truth, week 17

Philippians 4:5

Sunday, April 28, 2013

365 04/28

a bold, almost retro color palette! aloe is sherwin williams color of the year, so i knew right away i wanted to use it. paired with a pastel yellow and a bold orange red, and a grayed white, this palette would look awesome in a kitchen, playroom, or for a fun summer cookout. i also think these colors would look great together in a statement necklace!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

365 04/27

friends, lets talk about green cabinetry. how do we feel about it?

bringing in some color in your casework is a trend i'm all over. while KJB and i have been house hunting, i haven't really paid much attention to the finish of the kitchen cabinets because i know i'm going to paint them a bright color. white walls are my new favorite so that my decor can bring in the color and life.

but what do you think? would you paint your cabinets?

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Friday, April 26, 2013

365 04/26

there's lots of green popping up at HPMKT! here are a few photos that popped up on my instagram and pinterest feeds.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

365 04/25

so mega in love with this gold and mint Marc Jacobs beauty that i literally spent an hour searching for it online. the model is Amy and i can find it in white, black and brown, but not in this lovely mint shade. anyone know where i could snatch one?


pretty please jewelry

sometimes you come across something great, and you just have to share. that's what this is. after discovering Pretty Please, an online shop that sells jewelry and watches i've become a little bit addicted. so far, i've picked up three pieces and i've been wearing them basically every day.

 the pretties come in these little woven cloth bags that are so stinkin cute. the dangly earrings was my first purchase and they delighted me so much that i didn't hesitate to order the flowered studs next, followed by the link bracelet. i've worn the heck out of them.

Pretty Please works in a unique way, only holding sales on Monday and Thursday evenings. they upload the items for that sale and take them down the next day. free shipping on any purchase for those in the US. 

try to catch their sale tonight. follow this link to like their page, because it is a little difficult to find them using the Facebook search. if you snag something, come back and tell me in the comments what it is!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

365 04/24

would love a series of these. i would hang them in my bathroom.


productive days

do you ever have days when you're not sure how to fit it all in? when you run through the to-do list in your mind you just feel overwhelmed and know that something is going to slip? i think we all have those days. 

i've never really considered myself a busy person. until a friend recently pointed out that i "amaze her", her words, not mine, at how much i do day-to-day. working full time, blogging, a handmade shop, a separate handmade shop outside of "online life", crafting, volunteering at church, going to church, devotional time, prayer time, friend time, family time, hubby time. and typing it out makes it kind of seem like a lot.

but when she asked me how i fit it all in, i told her this: Glory to God. i rely on Him and He provides. and when i can't "fit it all in" it's Him telling me i'm not doing it right. i can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me, but i can only do what He wants me to do.

i truly believe that God will allow me to do, as much as He wants me to do. when my priorities get screwed up, He will let me know. life gets harder on those days. 

the days that i spend the most time talking to Him, worshiping Him, glorifying Him, those are the days that matter. those are the productive days.

this post is part of the six piece remix. i've always struggled pairing this pink lace skirt. so today i layered it over a pair of leggings and ridiculously fun glitter ankle boots with a woven top and cardigan. this fun statement necklace was a gift from my mother in law. check out danielle's post to see the other girls' outfits.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

365 04/23

when people use color unexpectedly... i love it. would you ever think to pair mint with pale pink and cobalt blue? yeah, me either. but check it out in this room. isn't it just stunning!



my husband is the most patient person i know. he loves working with kids, and as much as i love kids, the Lord did not give me much patience to deal with them. in fact, he didn't give me much patience at all, for anything. i think that's why KJB and i are so perfect together. he calms me down and encourages me when i struggle. God didn't give me patience, but he did give me KJB, so that evens it out some. :)

a few months back i was struggling to be content with our apartment, even though i was desperately wanting a house. after talking about it in this post, with a few friends, and praying about it a lot, i felt the relief i was needing. we moved the furniture around, cleared out some clutter, and spruced up a bit. finally, i was content. the Lord delivered for me, releasing my heart from the weight of feeling not good enough. He gave me grace.

and now, we have entered a new season. i fear talking about it will jinx it, but i also don't really believe in that. endless prayer has guided us to house hunting and we spent much of Sunday going to open houses. i, of course, was smitten with each one and ready to place an offer on all of them after leaving.

didn't matter that one has a strange shaped yard and the house behind it has barking, unruly dogs.
didn't matter that one didn't have central air and had a problem with standing water in the yard.
didn't matter that one was way too small and there was even less closet space than our tiny apartment.
didn't matter that one wasn't even open because the realtor wasn't there even though there was supposed to be an open house.

i loved them. loved them all. but KJB, he kept me sane and pulled me back down from that cloud. even though those houses seemed great, the right one will come along. and i will enjoy this season of shopping.

Monday, April 22, 2013

365 04/22

we have looked at a fair share of green and gold in the color project this month, but not with this shade of green. it seems like pretty much any shade of green can be paired with gold. i'm loving the way this teal shade looks in this foyer with that bold mirror.


weekly truth, week 16

hebrews 6:19

Sunday, April 21, 2013

365 04/21

i found these while doing some research for a future post. love enamel plates. love this shade of green. and love how they are trimmed out in blue. nice detail.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

365 04/20

remember these dark green walls the other day? well i found an even darker green wall, and guys, i can't help it. i just really love it. paired with the black hutch and that luscious wood island and stools? and the windows!? i can't take it.


Friday, April 19, 2013

365 04/19

i don't really know why, but something about this kelly green flamingo just really tickles my fancy. i want this pretty watercolor in my life right now!


six things {wedding details}

way back in the day, before KJB and i were hitched, i wrote this post about our wedding day details.

ok, so maybe in was just two years ago. it still seems like forever.

to make sure our wedding day showed our personality and the things we loved, we selected six things to focus our wedding decor around: music, travel, food, tennessee, books, and furniture. now that we've been married for eleven months, it's high time i showed you how we incorporated those things. don't you think?

books/ we had several different centerpieces but my favorites included book pages stacked and tied with lace. paired with a slice of indiana poplar or a vintage cheesebox, a few flowers and candles, these wrapped beauties appealed to my romantic, bookworm side.

travel / these old suitcases were loaned to us to act as decor and hold the wedding cards we received. i loved how they looked with the pinwheel backdrop i made.

food / our centerpieces fulfilled our food theme subtly. the vintage cheese boxes i mentioned before, and food jars. instead of spending a lot of money to fill our 15 + tables with ball jars (the look i wanted), but keep it inexpensive free, everyone i know saved food jars for me throughout our year and a half engagement. pasta sauce jars, jelly jars, olive jars, pickle jars... pretty much anything that came in a jar was saved, the label scraped off, and jars decorated. mixed in with the clear and blue ball jars i already owned, it fit the look i wanted and kyle's love of food. we also strung painted travel coffee lids combined with streamers for our photobooth backdrop. lastly, we are a little bit country and a whole lot casual, so we went BBQ style with a smoker outside. you could smell that BBQ for miles.

music / around the room on various tables, including our sweetheart table were frames that held lyrics from songs we loved. i played them up in a pretty font and layered them over cropped selections from our engagement shoot.

furniture / we brought a lot of things into our site to make it personalized for us. our very own dining table and chairs were used as our sweetheart table. the entry to the building boasted my china hutch which we decorated with flowers, the kids coloring books + crayon's, our flower seed favors, and engagement album. also in the entrance, we hung a huge print from our e-sesh framed out in rustic wood.

tennessee vols / as soon as i started wedding planning, i knew i wanted to have a cake made especially for kyle with the tennessee vols logo. that's probably why i didn't groan when he added it to his list of favorite things to include at the wedding. he loved his surprise cake!

how did you or will you personalize your wedding on the big day?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

TGBTB: non-blogging passion

hey guyyyyyys :) here is my The Girl Behind The Blog vlog for this month. i kinda love doing these. make sure you visit Ashley's BEAUTIFUL new page to see the rest of the ladies linking up!


365 04/18

i know, i know. what am i thinking? i'm showing you a christmas card.

however, it's a stinkin cute christmas card and it has green on it, meaning i can justify sharing it with you this fine April day.

how cute would this be to send to your blogging, gaming, texting buddies around the holiday? surprise them and send them some snail mail instead of a mass text you send out on Christmas morning. you remember how to do it? you'll need their home address - like where they live, not their email, and a stamp that you can get from your local post office. then you put it in that box at the street and raise that little red flag. and like magic, they will get it a few days later.

get the cards from Red Letter Paper Co here.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

365 04/17

a few days back, i shared this photo of a woman rocking kelly green and hot pink. when i stumbled upon this image, i knew i had to show you what the colors would look like in a room.

what do you think of this bold room? the green, gold, and pink look stunning together but i'm not daring enough to try it myself. i admit though, i would love to hang out here.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

365 04/16

so much of the time, people worry over colors "going together". but sometimes the colors that contrast are a better fit than going monochromatic. adding shades of a hue adds interest and depth. like these mint walls, sage armchairs, and emerald lamp shade. in this little room, the three variations of green paired with white and pink, look eclectic and whimsy. if the walls, chairs, and shade matched, the room would look a little boring and washed out.


the time my apartment lost 20 lbs

it's a miracle! my apartment is tidy and clutter is gone and i've never been happier. well, maybe on my wedding day. maybe.
last friday, i talked to you about tackling my closets this weekend. and boy, did i. not only did i completely rearrange everything, i also threw out a lot of nonsense and cleaned. 

these closets aren't blog-worthy, nothing about them is pretty. however, they have come so far from what they were that, y'all? it's a miracle.

this is both sides of KJB's closet. i know that it's still kind of a wreck but the simple fact that i don't have to try to share this space with him except to get a clean washcloth and towel, is pretty great to me. i really wish though that I could shrink his feet because size 14 shoes are difficult to store.

i moved all my clothes into the small closet and i don't even mind that it's too small. several things that i never wear were sent to Goodwill, a stack of purses went to family members, and worn out pieces went in the garbage. i moved our overnight bags + toiletry bags to the top of the closet along with my boots that i'm hoping to be done with for the season (although i had to wear a pair that day) and my ridiculous collection of extra Bath and Body Works candles. on the lower shelf i stored extra sets of sheets, supplies for the Splendid Actually hair ties, all of my headbands and perfumes. i followed pursebuzz's tutorial on how to make a headband holder.

i used to keep my sunnies on a hanger until i had too many to fit, so i just tossed them in a basket. until i found this bigger hanger, unused in KJB's closet and decided to display them again. should i be ashamed i have this many? eep.

finally, the dreaded front closet which has to hold cleaning supplies, coats, scarves, extra paper towels, tools, picnicking stuff, and more. it didn't help that KJB had about 20 sweatshirts that he forgot he had hiding in here. they all went to Goodwill. 

i organized the cleaning supplies and towels in a shoe storage thingy on the door, separated the tools into a basket, some crafting stuff into another one, and now i can finally reach the George Foreman grill and close the door with the vacuum inside! wahoo! small victories.

Monday, April 15, 2013

365 04/15

if there's one designer that knows how to make a color palette flow throughout a beach house, it's Phoebe Howard. in this beach house, Phoebe used blue as her main color throughout the house and brought it an accent color in each room. this makes the house consistent but also gives each room it's own identity.

i really love that she always makes the living room bold, like she did here with the vibrant blue and green.

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weekly truth, week 15

james 4:10

Sunday, April 14, 2013

365 04/14

emerald is the color this year. thinking it's too bold for your walls? layer it with a variety of mirrors and you'll get the color, plus added light and a feature wall.


Saturday, April 13, 2013

365 04/13

i can't help it. mint + white + gold. i'm telling you, you gotta throw a party this weekend. aren't these colors just so fresh and springy?


Friday, April 12, 2013

365 04/12

havin a here comes spring party this weekend? i sure want to. nothing says spring like fresh green, and nothing says party like gold glitter. i mean, right?! tell me that's not how you want to celebrate spring.


time to organize

walking down the aisle, looking at my soon-to-be husband, i was excited and nervous and excited and nervous about the life we were about to start together. everyone told me the first couple years of marriage would be the hardest. but we are almost one year in, and there isn't anything that's really been hard.

there is one thing, though that has been difficult for me. it's small and petty and i never would have guessed that it bothers me the way it does... but boy, does it drive me crazy. i figured it out about a week after the wedding.

my husband has a lot of clothes + he likes to keep them messy. and by messy, i mean he doesn't mind if his closet is a mis-match, hangers tangled, clothes falling off the rack kind of closet. a shoes blocking the door, jeans rolled up and stuffed, hangers littering the floor kind of closet. guys, my husband is messy.

the worst part? we have to share a closet. and it's not even a walk in closet where i could really separate our stuff. one closet has sliding doors with one bar and two high shelves and the other has a small door but is still wide with one bar and two high shelves. and it's been driving me crazy for the past year but this weekend, i'm going to tackle it.

here are the problems:
-we have two people (one messy + one neat) sharing two closets. one is for tops and one is for bottoms.
-we have one person with far too many clothes (ahem, it's actually not me).
-these closets also have to house our clothes, shoes, my handbags, his hats, our linens + towels, colognes + perfumes, travel supplies, and probably more that i just can't think of.
-we rent and the landlord's requirements include not puncturing the drywall in anyway. so this means no shelves or closet systems.
-we are broke. okay, so we really aren't broke but we are trying to save to buy a home, which to hubby means we are broke.
-the doors and shelves are hard to deal with. you'll see when i hopefully post after pictures on monday.

i've drawn inspiration from pinterest, because duh, who doesn't? and these closets have motivated me to really sort out this problem.

along with these inspiration photo's, I'm also going to be following Annie's closet cleaning guidelines. She has great tips on how to let go of things.

wish me luck friends, and may your weekend be as exciting as mine ;)

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Big Crazy Idea

Thursday, April 11, 2013

365 04/11

this product is one of those clever little things that i wish i had invented because then people would think i was clever.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

365 04/10

adore this mint and tangerine kitchen. like a real life playhouse kitchen.


six piece remix, outfit 3

the room was filled with scents. freshly brewed coffee ready to pour, and lingering baking smells from the chocolate chip cookies baked that morning, were just a few of them. there's also the spring breeze coming in the window and the cut flowers on the table in front of me. not to mention the tropical candle burning on the shelf. it may sound like a mismatch combination, but to me it smelled like home.

for the first time in a long time it was a saturday that i didn't have a billion things planned. and i wanted to spend it productive, yet relaxed, which is why the solution is always to go do a project at nannie and pop's (my grandparents). nannie cut fabric while i wrapped, twisted, stitched and glued them into flowers. there's a wedding coming up in a few weeks and i needed to spend a day getting the flowers done. pop worked out in the yard and between our chitchatting we could hear him occasionally mumbling to himself, which we found hilarious of course.

because of the weather, it was also a perfect day to wear my blue floral blouse/wrap thing that i still can't categorize. the only thing i could think to do with it was layer so i started with a burnt orange cami, then my current favorite casual top from Zara, then the blue blouse thing, and a Stella and Dot tassel necklace. since the only hair to wear for crafting is a top knot, i did that too.

i felt comfortable in the outfit, but it still isn't my favorite. i'm just not sure why i bought this blue blouse thing in the first place.

visit danielle to see the other blogger's six piece remix.

Big Crazy Idea