Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Summer Collection & Freebie

After much debate, I've finally found the time and decided to reopen Splendid Actually, The Shop! In the past I've run the shop on Etsy, sharing handmade products. A few years back I opened a Society 6 shop and uploaded a few of my designs there but I've never really marketed them. A few sales were made just by Society 6 browsers but, again, I've never set a plan into place to market them or develop more products.

Planning became my main hobby about two years ago and I'm constantly exposed to fun, digital art through that source. I started creating my own planner inserts and stickers, several of which I've offered as freebies, here on the blog. Today I have another freebie for you (bottom of this post if you just can't wait any longer!) that will make a really fun sticker or die cut for fellow planner addicts. In creating these planner items, I realized I would love to see the art on other products... Re-enter Society 6. They take the hassle out of creating the product and provide really handy size charts for every product they offer - you simply upload your art.

Today I'm happy to launch my Summer 2018 collection. Summer has always been my favorite season; the warm weather, sunshine-filled skies, and of course, hanging out beside the water, thus my inspiration! Between these seven designs there are over 100 new products including phone cases, beach towels, stationery, mugs, totes, and more.

Beach Hydration | Nothing like sandy beaches to make you thirsty. Coconut, lime, grapefruit on rotation, please.

Floatin Along | The only way to nap in the summer is floating in a pool on a massive swan inflatable. You can't say I'm wrong.
Beach Babe | SUN. SAND. Messy bun. Big sunnies. Big earrings. Take me to the beach. Xoxo, Beach Babe

My Kinda Bag | It's woven, goes with everything and preaches "laid-back, summer-lovin" style. It's perfect for the beach, the pool, and sweet , steamy date nights. It's My Kinda Bag.

Lunch Plans | Spring break routine: Sleep late. Hit the beach. Fuel yourself on tropical drinks and food from the snack shack. Stay up late. Repeat til satisfied.

Beach Treat | A well-rounded diet consists of a good rotation of ice cream, popsicles, and shaved ice. What else is going to fuel your body between those fruity drinks?

Shore Views | Walking down the beach, looking up it's not uncommon to see a small plane pulling a banner advertisement. but what do they see looking down? Something like this?

I would love for you to check out the summer collection here. All proceeds from my shop, this collection or otherwise, are going to help send KJB and me on a mission trip to Ecuador this fall.

Now for the FREEBIE! Click the link to take you to Dropbox where you can get your own swan float clipart. Use this cutie to make a die cut or print them out on sticker paper to mark your pool days in your planner!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Here's to Y O U

Here's to you, Valentine's Day. Bringing people together to celebrate their love for one another and at the same time making others sad/angry/irritated. Whichever of the two you are, I have some tips to help you make the most of the day. For those not so thrilled with the holiday, make it all about you. Surround yourself with activity you love - whether it's a spa day pampering session, a trip to the gym, or a meal from your favorite restaurant. Go out to a movie you've been wanting to see or start the new book you've been wanting to read. Do something you love and treat yourself. Or use today to love on others. Volunteer at a food pantry, tutor young readers, or spend time entertaining a few seniors at a nursing home. Any of these people would appreciate the extra attention.

If you're looking forward to celebrating the holiday with your partner, surprise them with a little goody- breakfast in bed, a sweet note, or a homemade dessert. Don't feel the need to spend mass amounts of money or make a huge gesture. Small, simple things can express love just as much.

Try one of these recipes for a sweet treat. Do you prefer cold or hot beverages? Lucky for you I found a great option for each! Visit the links below for the full recipes.

Pink Velvet Hot Chocolate

Cupid Float

Friday, February 9, 2018


Even with all the hustle and bustle, I was able to read quite a few books through the holidays and the first of the year. I mostly read Christmas stories to help get me into the holiday spirit. "The Immortal Nicholas" was my favorite of the stories as it ties to Biblical history as well. Surprisingly, "Gone Girl" was another one of my favorites. Normally mysteries are not my go-to but I really enjoyed it.

Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher
Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella
Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella
Blue Christmas by Mary Kay Andrews
A Christmas to Remember by Hope Ramsay
Winter Street by Elin Hilderbrand
Starry Night by Debbie Macomber
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
The Immortal Nicholas by Glenn Beck

This time of year is fondly known as "busy season" in our house. KJB and I are heavily involved in a ministry that keeps us active three evenings a week and all day on Saturdays. While the ministry is incredibly rewarding, it is somewhat exhausting. During the spring semester I also teach a course at the university. Teaching has always been an interest of mine, so I really enjoy that, but it does take up a substantial amount of time, in addition to my regular day job.

Funny enough, I haven't been watching too much. Since my evenings are pretty busy, the only thing I've been watching is my favorite show The Good Doctor and planning videos on YouTube. In addition to that, Moana is my new favorite Disney movie, I've watched it a couple of times the past few months. The music is so powerful and uplifting!

This winter has been colder than the last several, so sweaters have been my absolute go-to. This gorgeous blue number from Loft is so bright and cozy. I loved the color so much I matched my nails to it for a couple weeks. Another go-to is my new Stella and Dot layering necklace, the Natia. The gold and white makes it go with everything and I love the fact you can wear it different ways. 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Take Care of that Facial Hair

Sometimes our man can use a little help keeping up on the hygiene. He's known the basics for years but hasn't upgraded since he was a teen. With Valentine's Day around the corner, pamper him the way he pampers you. It's the best kind of gift to give, one where you benefit too. Every man could use a good moisturizer to hydrate his face. Show him how to use it by massaging it into place. Bearded or clean shaven - which direction will you go? Either way your man will love the treat you've got in stow.

For the clean shaven gent, a shaving kit and balm to keep his face feeling smooth. The aloe infused balm will keep away redness and soothe.

And for the bearded mister, a few treats to manage his mane. Wash, condition, brush, and shine, these products will aid your campaign.

Perhaps this holiday is the time to start a new tradition. Pampering products can only put you both in a positive disposition. ;)

shaving kit | moisturizer | after shave | shampoo and conditioner | oil | brush |