Thursday, January 31, 2013

a new discovery

my whole life i've heard people complain about this town i live in. there's nothing to do, it's boring, you gotta go to indianapolis to do anything. and that's funny to me, because i am still discovering things to do in this smallish town i've lived in for almost 27 years. (gulp, that feels old to me.)

this latest discovery came from a work project. i went to check out a room that needs a facelift and discovered a delightful museum. a fun, kid friendly museum. and sharing it is only the right thing to do- to prove that there IS something to do in this town.

the Academy of Model Aeronomics is the worlds largest model avaition association and they are based right here in muncie. this means that people travel from all over the world to fly, compete, and show off their model airplanes. you can catch these events during the summer.

their museum is what i discovered this week and was kind of in awe. it has tons of model airplanes hanging from the ceiling which alone makes it pretty cool. there's just a ton of stuff to see.

to visit the AMA and National Model Aviation Museum check them out here.