Wednesday, January 16, 2013

365 01/16

imagine a pharmacy. shelves + shelves, rows + rows of health products.  the one you go to down the street. what does it look like? i see white ceiling tile, brown carpet that has been there through several owners, and white metal shelving with red sticker labels.

i don't see bright lighting, an open floor plan with lots of space, or wood floors. and i don't see brands like Chanel and Givenchy. but the owner of Blue Goose did. Blue Goose is a pharmacy where you can pick up personalized prescriptions, as well as natural and organic health care products, and high-end cosmetic brands.

the pharmacy resembles a 50's department store, with glass storefront, open shelving, and high ceilings. the blue walls come from the store name. this gray shade of blue is the color a goose takes on before it matures into it's whiter form.

what do you think of the blue goose pharmacy? would you shop at a pharmacy like this?

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