Thursday, December 22, 2011

Printable Calendars = My Weakness

I have probably talked to you before about my love of stationary, notebooks, etc. I'm not sure what it is but I just love little bound books of pretty paper. Well I have that same love for calendars. Last night I was searching for a new printable calendar for my desk at the office. For this year I found a cute owl calendar that I used all year that I really loved. Here it is:

So I start searching for a 2012 calendar and what do I find? Another completely adorable owl calendar over on the My Owl Barn bloggy. It pretty much made my week. What was even better was that there were 45 or so images that you could pair up with whatever month you so desired. So, while I wanted a cute owl couple on the month of May (our wedding month), you might not want that and this gives you the opportunity to customize it. Brilliant, right?

If owls aren't your thing check out these from Lula Louise and Creative Mamma. Both are colorful and bright options to cheer up your desk. Share links in the comment bar below to sites with other calendar printables. There's a good chance I'll be hanging calendars in every room. ^_^

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


New Years Eve

Aidan Mattox short dress, $295
MUGLER wool blazer, $1,379
Dkny handbag, $285
NARS Sheer Lipstick -Mitzi, $24
Giorgio Armani 'Eyes To Kill Excess' Mascara, $30

desk space

Guys, I'm so stressed out right now I can't even focus. My work computer has been running a virus scan (currently at 40%) and it's making my computer move in slooooow motion (slow motion fo meh, move it slow motion fo meh; sorry I had to). Plus the fact that one eyeball is covered with a fingerprinted up contact and makes me feel like I'm walking around in a haze. Yeeeep. Mostly though I'm stressed because the FH and I are searching like mad people for our first place together and well... lets just say it's not the happiest of experiences.
Anyway, I digress and for a mid-morning pick-me-up, I want to share some photos of home offices because at the end of the day, home offices make me the happiest. Now, I won't go into how much I want a home office like these photos and how much I want a house with a home office or how much I would love to work at home if I had a home office like these pretties. No, I won't. Nope. (May or may not be grinding my teeth holding myself back from continuing to complain about my living situation.) I will say that these are four completely different styles and each of them make me happy and if I should have to choose one of them to be in my home, I would become just as stressed as I am right now trying to find a home. That is all.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

metallic love

Maybe it's the season, maybe it's because I'm such a girly-girl, but I love the look of metallic accents in the home. Foiled frames, sequined pillows, mirrors, shimmery wallcovering, I want it all! What do you think of the metallic trend? Holiday season only? or loving it all year round? or too over the top for any time of year?


Monday, December 12, 2011

gift guide 2011: part IV

guys are difficult to buy for, there's no denying it. hopefully this guide will help get your creative juices flowing to come up with an idea for your hunny, brother, dad, or friend. i would say everything here is pretty neutral as far as style goes so whether he's a Wall Street businessman, an athletic adventurer, or a laid-back hipster, these items should suite the guy in your life.

1. Aviators 2. Sweater 3. Socks 4. Watch 5. Cologne 6. Case 7. Bag 8. Sign

Friday, December 9, 2011


The look of kraft paper makes me so incredibly happy I can hardly stand it. It's just so rustic and casual that I can't imagine using anything else for my wedding paper suite. Combine it with bakers twine, lace, burlap, or whatever your creative little mind thinks up and you have a completely different look.
So earlier this week I was wondering around Staples waiting on someone to help me locate extra stainless steel waste receptacles- don't ask - when I started pricing their kraft paper envelopes. I discovered that a pack of 10, #10 envelopes cost $4 which I didn't think was bad until I realized that was going to be $50 for the save the date envelopes. WHAHHHT. Yeah. Hold on, let me pick up my eyeballs that have popped out of my head from outrage. Maybe that's not too steep for your pocketbooks but I can't help but think about what the cost will be for the actual invitations and rsvp cards with envelopes.........

.... Sorry. I think my heart just stopped from thinking about it. Anyways, I decided to do some online research for a less expensive resource. Here's what I've found...

A2 and #10 envelopes at .18 cents each here compared to .40 cents at Staples.
8.5 x 11 in. card stock at .17 cents per sheet here compared to .25 cents at Staples.
A2 card at .12 cents each here compared to .45 cents at Staples.

If you have sources for kraft paper supplies like these, please leave it in the comment line below. Sharing resources for the sake of saving money sounds like a wonderful thing to me!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Project Progress - Meet our Artists: Richard Tuck

Nearly a year ago I shared some beautiful pottery by a ceramist named Richard Tuck. (Find that post here.) Richard is one of our artists for the mega project and his work is now hanging around the clinic. Here are some of the pieces we selected from his collection to display. Lucky for us, Richard still has several pieces he is working on, so we will gradually add to the space.

Richard's Facebook page can be found here.

Friday, December 2, 2011

happiness + HAPPY FRIDAY

Guys. It's Friday. Could I be any happier right now? I don't think so. Maybe it's because my honey and I went on a shopping + dinner date last night and I got a great start on my Christmas list. Maybe it's because it's almost Christmas time and I'm finally getting in the spirit. Maybe it's because we have a meeting at our reception venue tonight to talk about sound system and layout and other fun wedding things. Or maybe it's because there was a pretty awesome write up in our local paper today about the mega project opening yesterday. The link is here and soon I'll have a post full of pretty photo's from the entire building.

Also, be sure to check out my future brother-in-law's band Northern Nights, who released their first single on iTunes yesterday. Find it here.

Oh, yeah and...


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

gift guide 2011: part III

as evident by this post here, i'm kind of loving everything about accessories that can really warm you up when it gets really cold outside. chunky knits are looking perfect for the upcoming winter as gifts to loved ones or for yourself. these are just a few of my favorites.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


holiday decor that is classic, subtle, and lovely. i'm a fan of neutral colors around the house with pops of color on the tree.

votivesornaments, candelabra, baubles, wood tree, reindeer, wall art, music tree

Friday, November 18, 2011

gift guide 2011: part II

For fans, junkies, addicts, or whatever name they claim, here are some etsy finds for the coffee lovers in your life.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

gift guide 2011: part I

the holiday season is upon us and while i'm having a difficult time believing it, i'm so excited to start searching for gifts for my favorite people and even more excited to pull together holiday gift guides. for a female, i think it's always easier to buy for other girls regardless of personality differences. the ladies in my life are all fabulous and i like to get each of them something they love (even if it is a subtle hint *ahem, clock). here's what i recommend for ladies like these...

[bow bracelet, notepads, scarf, dispensers, bottle+stopper, clock, frame]

Monday, November 7, 2011

weekend wrap up

This past weekend I spent a lot of downtime on pinterest. Having that little time-waster on my phone is seriously the best thing ever/worst thing ever at the exact same time. Kjb actually told me to stop pinning one night which I thought was hilarious/horrible that he even knew what pinning was. Anyway, my weekend was insane in the membrane and included decorating at church for our 75th anniversary dinner, purchasing wedding bands (EEEEEE!!!!!; that's a squeal of excitement), a dress fitting for Molly's wedding, a wedding, a wedding planning sesh with a bff while the boys watched Bama/LSU, a family lunch, checking in a work sporadically, and a mini project that has become beyond mini for the FMIL. It's all great fun though and my little pinterest app was there beside me in the spare moments. Here are some of my favorites I came across. Make sure to check out my pinterest here for more super-fun-time-wasting-bits-of-prettiness.

Monday, October 31, 2011

a reason to want snow

i am so obsessed with these. i mean, really, i want them in every color, every weight, every texture. but i don't want them with prints; only solids. gimme. gimme. gimme.


illustrated life

i'm a mega fan of original art but really, who isn't? i love the way they look and how personal they seem. lately i've been picking out a few that will go in my future dressing room. because obviously i'm going to have a dressing room some day. duh. they are feminine and playful yet sophisticated.


Monday, October 24, 2011

decor prettiness

some of my favorites from stylemepretty lately.

Project Progress - Meet our Artists. Jim Faulkner

It has been quite some time since my last "Meet our Artist" post (March!) but I still have three great artists to introduce. Hopefully I can get another one up this week but for today, I wanted to share some work by Jim Faulkner.

Jim is a realistic watercolorists whose pieces are contemporary, detailed, and a touch on the whimsy side. I'm fascinated by his work because a lot of the pieces are architectural landscapes and being precise in a water color doesn't seem like the easiest task, if you ask me. Often times you see landscapes of a country side where the colors can blend together to create a natural looking scene. Jim has mastered doing this in architectural details and I find myself getting lost in them. Below are some of my favorite pieces of his.

Main Street.

Rainy day in Wabash.

Black Rock.

Amish Barn.

Jim's piece for the mega project will hang in the pediatrics waiting room and will wrap around a corner for approximately 19' of original art. I'm most anxious (but in a good way!) about this landscape. It is sure to be an amazing piece. For information on the other artists click here and here. Jim's website can be found here with more of his work.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011

grab a drink

even though i'm not going to a fall party this weekend, i'm pretending i am. i think i'd like this one.


Monday, September 26, 2011

st. louis weekend

Back in May I did a moodboard for my dear friend Molly who is getting married in November. She wanted to use the color navy and was unsure what to pair with it for the wedding. I choose to use purple and silver and she loved the combination. Check out the board here. Then in June I shared their playful e-sesh here.

This past weekend we loaded up in the car with Molly's mom, sister (junior MOH), and the two other bridesmaids and headed to St. Louis where most of Molly's family lives. Here is a little peak at our weekend via the iPhone.

We had amazing weather. It was such a gorgeous day to see such a gorgeous city.
 Kelly, Molly, Katie, and me at dinner.
 The awesome shower host copied the emblem I used on the save the dates (which I got from the fabulous Wedding Chicks) on a guestbook plate. It's going to look awesome once it's fired!
The favors and placecards were these yummy sugar cookies with powdered sugar icing. Our names were stamped on the tag and placed at our seat.
This photo does the centerpieces zero justice. They were gorgeous! Purple and white floral printed vintage place mats provided a pretty base on top of white linens. Glasses filled with purple candies and white tealights sat around a beautiful arrangement of a variety of purple flowers. I DIE.

Hope your weekend was just as lovely!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

u p c y c l e

i've started a collection of pallets. they have been everywhere on the job site and something about them just kept calling my name. so i snagged them and took to the blogosphere to figure out what to do with them. here are my favorites...