Friday, February 15, 2013

what's in my purse

a few days ago Blairita did a what's in my bag post that i loved, so i decided to copy! i've always watched "what's in my bag" videos from my favorite you tubers but i rarely see blog posts.

so let's do it!

1/ this is my work tote. working at a construction firm, it isn't really difficult for things to get dirty. so this almost-plasticy bag from Target is perfect to just wipe off.
2/ my keys, with a "love" keychain and a clip with my sorority name.
3/ yup, i'm carrying two wallets. the DKNY one (similar) actually has stuff in it. i picked the coral one up at Target because i love the color but i'm just not sure i'm ready to make the switch.
4/ a tape measure because i use them A LOT.
6/ too many lip products: eos lip balm, nivea lip butter, maybelline baby lips, revlon lipstick in nude attitude, essence lipgloss in rock star
7/ iphone and phone case
8/ sunnies (similar)
9/ glasses cleaner
10/ blogging & meal planning calendar (similar)

what do you carry in your purse? and do you think i should switch to the coral wallet for the spring?