Monday, February 18, 2013

365 02/18

red lipstick is such a classic look. but women are often intimidated by the bold hue. the key to wearing a red lip is finding a shade perfect for your skin tone.

look at the inside of your wrist. if your skin appears more pink, you have have a cool undertone and should look for a cool toned red.

if your skin appears more yellow, you have a warm undertone and should look for a warm toned red.

if you don't see more pink than yellow, and vice versa, you have a neutral undertone which means you can wear true reds.

loreal / tom ford / mac


  1. I'm always looking for another good red! Definitely going to have to try that L'Oreal hue.

  2. I totally get the tips and tricks for determining your skin tone, but here I am, looking at my wrist and trying to decide if the skin looks yellow or pink! I can't tell!


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