Wednesday, February 13, 2013

meet erik

we have a new guy living with us. his name is erik and he's handsome and rustic.

ok- cut the crap. i made an awesome bookshelf, if i do say so myself.

the backstory: we can't hang shelves on our walls in this stupid apartment and we didn't have a lot of floor space for another book case. i needed a way to hang shelves above our sofa, the only spare spot in the apartment.

with the help of Mackenzie, i bought a old door, some brackets, and a 2x12. i cut the board down to fit the door, attached the brackets and TADA! our new bookcase.

there in the middle? that's Fred. well his name isn't really Fred but that's what i call him. that's my grandpa and i needed to borrow some tools from him for this project so he came to help me. isn't that thoughtful?
don't you love how erik has evolved? i wanted to keep the shelves light but still stand out from the door so this pretty mint paint was perfect.
a little shabby chic and perfect for our home. i'm sure it will look different every other week as i load it down with more stuff.