Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ikea nightstand - 2 ways

i think about ikea a lot. it could be that i'm fascinated with it because it's so far away and between trips i have withdrawal. their furniture may not be the best quality but that stuff is just stylish. and i don't mind putting things together, so to get a discount because there's some assembly required, i really don't hate. a while back a did a post with an ikea desk styled two different ways, so i thought i'd repeat it with a nightstand.

using the rast table,which i love for it's simplicity, i came up with a his and hers nightstand that looks great for a single or shared bedroom. really guys, your nightstands don't have to completely match/be symmetrical. you can style them to fit your personalities and still make them look nice.

for her: drape a piece of lace over the corner to make it more feminine. 2 / a storage box for... well for whatever you want to store on your nightstand ;) 3/ a pretty dish to keep your everyday jewelry on top of a stack of your current magazines. 4/ the jonsbo lamp is so pretty and give off gorgeous light. 5/ this bright alarm clock to keep you on time. the same for him, but in gray

for him: 6/ the asele table lamp is masculine and has great color and texture. 7/ a leather tray to keep his phone and wallet at night. 8/ woven baskets for his storage