Wednesday, February 27, 2013


why is being in children's ministry important to me?

this was a question posed to me and a group of others last night. and for some reason, i panicked. 

i'm in children's ministry?!?! (it was like i hadn't realized it.) how did this happen?! i don't know how to minister to anyone, especially kids, who can ask all kinds of scary questions.

let me back up a bit. KJB and i were invited to a children's department pep rally/dinner at church. i figured because we volunteer in the nursery and help run the basketball league they felt obligated to invite us. 

there were 13 others, including sunday school teachers, VBS leaders, and children's church teachers. it seemed intimate. we had dinner and our awesome children's department leader started talking to us about God calling her to step things up in our childrens' ministry.

it was around this time that she asked us that question up there. and at that moment, after that strand of thoughts ran through my head, i realized our importance to this group. the basketball league brings in around 120 kids each year, 95% of those are not church members. and as leaders of this league, we are the first impression of our church to these kids and parents.


talk about a wake up call. i'm serving God in a ministry and i never realized how important it is to our church. of course, i realized it's important to God, because i want these kids to know Him and call him a friend. but it would be awesome if these kids would be able to call our church "home". 

the pep rally was motivational and inspiring. it's awesome to hear people passionate about Christ share their love and vision.

and it really got me thinking on that question.

so, to friends in children's ministry, why is being in this ministry important to you?