Thursday, February 7, 2013

sunshine & beams of love

damp. dark. cold. cobweb-y.


maybe it's not that bad. but it is a basement none the less. while the basement i work in may not be all those things, it doesn't have windows and i never thought that would quite affect me like it has. even if it's a bit dreary out, there's nothing like being able to see that outside world. 

yesterday i was able to get out of the office for a bit. the sun was shining and it felt amazing on my face. every time i see the sun peaking out and feel the rays hit my face, i feel like it's God. 

those beautiful beams shining out of those gray clouds and stretching to the earth.

because to me, that's what God's love feels like. his Love peaks out and reminds me He's there. it warms me and wraps around me. it melts away fears and worries. it softens. it is strong and direct.

His love is with me always, filling me up and covering me in grace. even in this basement, where i can't see the sun, i can feel the warmth He gives me.