Wednesday, April 24, 2013

productive days

do you ever have days when you're not sure how to fit it all in? when you run through the to-do list in your mind you just feel overwhelmed and know that something is going to slip? i think we all have those days. 

i've never really considered myself a busy person. until a friend recently pointed out that i "amaze her", her words, not mine, at how much i do day-to-day. working full time, blogging, a handmade shop, a separate handmade shop outside of "online life", crafting, volunteering at church, going to church, devotional time, prayer time, friend time, family time, hubby time. and typing it out makes it kind of seem like a lot.

but when she asked me how i fit it all in, i told her this: Glory to God. i rely on Him and He provides. and when i can't "fit it all in" it's Him telling me i'm not doing it right. i can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me, but i can only do what He wants me to do.

i truly believe that God will allow me to do, as much as He wants me to do. when my priorities get screwed up, He will let me know. life gets harder on those days. 

the days that i spend the most time talking to Him, worshiping Him, glorifying Him, those are the days that matter. those are the productive days.

this post is part of the six piece remix. i've always struggled pairing this pink lace skirt. so today i layered it over a pair of leggings and ridiculously fun glitter ankle boots with a woven top and cardigan. this fun statement necklace was a gift from my mother in law. check out danielle's post to see the other girls' outfits.