Wednesday, April 3, 2013

six piece remix, outfit 2

ya'll when i came across these this past weekend at payless - yes, payless - my little heart pitter pattered. they are white. they are lace. they fit my feet. they have scalloped edges. they are amazing and i probably need to get several pair or else people will wonder why my feet smell so horrible. i cannot WAIT to wear them with heels, which i plan to do as soon as my knee is back to normal. they are so girly, so vintage looking, so everything-in-life-is-right.

anyway lets stop talking about my stockings.

for the six piece remix, i decided to go with my black dress next. we had a bit of unexpected good weather so i decided to go for it.

i paired the dress with a fuchsia colored short-sleeved cardigan, which i buttoned and unbuttoned all day because i couldn't decide how i liked it best. buttoned, it made my dress look like a top and skirt which i liked. but unbuttoned was more casual and a bit more work appropriate for me considering i wear a hoodie to work every once in a while. my earrings are covered by my hair but they are little button earrings that match the necklace i wore in this post. the fuchsia and mint color looked great together.

can't help it. had to put those lace socks in again. get you some!

also, someone please tell me i need to pay more attention to my hair in the mornings. it's lookin like a rats nest.

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