Tuesday, April 30, 2013

meet my china hutch

meet my china hutch. she's gorgeous. i got her for free which makes her even better. she's old and worn but i love that about her.

i also love that she can be used for a ga-zillion things. when i first got her, my roomie and i were living in a pretty big apartment and we definitely didn't know what to do with all our space. so i put her in our living room and put shoes in her. she looked kind of like this.

this isn't her. i never took a photo of her when she held my shoes. but she looked awesome holding those beauties.

then i moved back home for awhile before the wedding and my poor babe had to go in storage. but she made a grand re-appearance at the wedding, where she held our flower packet wedding favors, coloring books i made for the kids, our engagement photo album, flowers, and more.

and now she is in a new home, serving a new task. she holds some keepsakes from our wedding, my wine glasses, and also serves as a liquor cabinet down at the bottom. i also love to pile stuff on top of her to make even taller than she is.

i love this cabinet and i can't wait to see her continue to evolve over time. eventually i'd love to get her back in my closet holding precious shoes and jewels and such. she loves dressing up ;)

do you have a piece of furniture you love? do you re-purpose it?