Friday, April 19, 2013

six things {wedding details}

way back in the day, before KJB and i were hitched, i wrote this post about our wedding day details.

ok, so maybe in was just two years ago. it still seems like forever.

to make sure our wedding day showed our personality and the things we loved, we selected six things to focus our wedding decor around: music, travel, food, tennessee, books, and furniture. now that we've been married for eleven months, it's high time i showed you how we incorporated those things. don't you think?

books/ we had several different centerpieces but my favorites included book pages stacked and tied with lace. paired with a slice of indiana poplar or a vintage cheesebox, a few flowers and candles, these wrapped beauties appealed to my romantic, bookworm side.

travel / these old suitcases were loaned to us to act as decor and hold the wedding cards we received. i loved how they looked with the pinwheel backdrop i made.

food / our centerpieces fulfilled our food theme subtly. the vintage cheese boxes i mentioned before, and food jars. instead of spending a lot of money to fill our 15 + tables with ball jars (the look i wanted), but keep it inexpensive free, everyone i know saved food jars for me throughout our year and a half engagement. pasta sauce jars, jelly jars, olive jars, pickle jars... pretty much anything that came in a jar was saved, the label scraped off, and jars decorated. mixed in with the clear and blue ball jars i already owned, it fit the look i wanted and kyle's love of food. we also strung painted travel coffee lids combined with streamers for our photobooth backdrop. lastly, we are a little bit country and a whole lot casual, so we went BBQ style with a smoker outside. you could smell that BBQ for miles.

music / around the room on various tables, including our sweetheart table were frames that held lyrics from songs we loved. i played them up in a pretty font and layered them over cropped selections from our engagement shoot.

furniture / we brought a lot of things into our site to make it personalized for us. our very own dining table and chairs were used as our sweetheart table. the entry to the building boasted my china hutch which we decorated with flowers, the kids coloring books + crayon's, our flower seed favors, and engagement album. also in the entrance, we hung a huge print from our e-sesh framed out in rustic wood.

tennessee vols / as soon as i started wedding planning, i knew i wanted to have a cake made especially for kyle with the tennessee vols logo. that's probably why i didn't groan when he added it to his list of favorite things to include at the wedding. he loved his surprise cake!

how did you or will you personalize your wedding on the big day?