Wednesday, April 10, 2013

six piece remix, outfit 3

the room was filled with scents. freshly brewed coffee ready to pour, and lingering baking smells from the chocolate chip cookies baked that morning, were just a few of them. there's also the spring breeze coming in the window and the cut flowers on the table in front of me. not to mention the tropical candle burning on the shelf. it may sound like a mismatch combination, but to me it smelled like home.

for the first time in a long time it was a saturday that i didn't have a billion things planned. and i wanted to spend it productive, yet relaxed, which is why the solution is always to go do a project at nannie and pop's (my grandparents). nannie cut fabric while i wrapped, twisted, stitched and glued them into flowers. there's a wedding coming up in a few weeks and i needed to spend a day getting the flowers done. pop worked out in the yard and between our chitchatting we could hear him occasionally mumbling to himself, which we found hilarious of course.

because of the weather, it was also a perfect day to wear my blue floral blouse/wrap thing that i still can't categorize. the only thing i could think to do with it was layer so i started with a burnt orange cami, then my current favorite casual top from Zara, then the blue blouse thing, and a Stella and Dot tassel necklace. since the only hair to wear for crafting is a top knot, i did that too.

i felt comfortable in the outfit, but it still isn't my favorite. i'm just not sure why i bought this blue blouse thing in the first place.

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