Thursday, April 25, 2013

pretty please jewelry

sometimes you come across something great, and you just have to share. that's what this is. after discovering Pretty Please, an online shop that sells jewelry and watches i've become a little bit addicted. so far, i've picked up three pieces and i've been wearing them basically every day.

 the pretties come in these little woven cloth bags that are so stinkin cute. the dangly earrings was my first purchase and they delighted me so much that i didn't hesitate to order the flowered studs next, followed by the link bracelet. i've worn the heck out of them.

Pretty Please works in a unique way, only holding sales on Monday and Thursday evenings. they upload the items for that sale and take them down the next day. free shipping on any purchase for those in the US. 

try to catch their sale tonight. follow this link to like their page, because it is a little difficult to find them using the Facebook search. if you snag something, come back and tell me in the comments what it is!


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