Tuesday, April 16, 2013

the time my apartment lost 20 lbs

it's a miracle! my apartment is tidy and clutter is gone and i've never been happier. well, maybe on my wedding day. maybe.
last friday, i talked to you about tackling my closets this weekend. and boy, did i. not only did i completely rearrange everything, i also threw out a lot of nonsense and cleaned. 

these closets aren't blog-worthy, nothing about them is pretty. however, they have come so far from what they were that, y'all? it's a miracle.

this is both sides of KJB's closet. i know that it's still kind of a wreck but the simple fact that i don't have to try to share this space with him except to get a clean washcloth and towel, is pretty great to me. i really wish though that I could shrink his feet because size 14 shoes are difficult to store.

i moved all my clothes into the small closet and i don't even mind that it's too small. several things that i never wear were sent to Goodwill, a stack of purses went to family members, and worn out pieces went in the garbage. i moved our overnight bags + toiletry bags to the top of the closet along with my boots that i'm hoping to be done with for the season (although i had to wear a pair that day) and my ridiculous collection of extra Bath and Body Works candles. on the lower shelf i stored extra sets of sheets, supplies for the Splendid Actually hair ties, all of my headbands and perfumes. i followed pursebuzz's tutorial on how to make a headband holder.

i used to keep my sunnies on a hanger until i had too many to fit, so i just tossed them in a basket. until i found this bigger hanger, unused in KJB's closet and decided to display them again. should i be ashamed i have this many? eep.

finally, the dreaded front closet which has to hold cleaning supplies, coats, scarves, extra paper towels, tools, picnicking stuff, and more. it didn't help that KJB had about 20 sweatshirts that he forgot he had hiding in here. they all went to Goodwill. 

i organized the cleaning supplies and towels in a shoe storage thingy on the door, separated the tools into a basket, some crafting stuff into another one, and now i can finally reach the George Foreman grill and close the door with the vacuum inside! wahoo! small victories.