Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm Currently...

watching... for the sunshine. it's been sunshinier (sorry, i know that's not a word. i just like it.) here lately but it's still cold. so if the sun pops out from behind a cloud and you stand in it, it feels twenty degrees warmer than it actually is. so i'm watching for the sunshine so i can stand in it. you should try it too.

enjoying... making fabric flowers. i have never blogged about it before for some reason, but i make fabric flowers for wedding bouquets. lately i've been cranking them out for a May wedding. and i can feel like God is stirring in me to pursue this more. so we will see what happens friends. :)

eating... lots of vegetables and yogurt. the women in my family are doing a two month Biggest Loser challenge to hold ourselves accountable. my breakfast always includes a yogurt and my lunch and dinner always includes lots of veggies and i must say, i can tell a difference already. both on the scale and in the way i feel. those veggies are doing me some good.

drinking... lots of water. two years ago this month i gave up drinking all soda (except for an occasional jack + diet or southern comfort + dr. pepper). this month i've decided to cut back a bit more. so no more lemonade, sweet tea, or other sugary drinks. i'm sticking with coffee, water, tea, milk, and real orange juice. we'll see how the sweet tea break goes!

reading... blogs. this sounds cray, but i've discovered so many new blogs lately that it feels like all i'm reading. a few of the ones i've been stalking? Framed Frosting, Delighted Momma, Sweet Home Santa Barbara, The Pearl.

pinning... this print from HomeTruths, this pork with peach salsa recipe, this pendant from Stella and Dot