Tuesday, April 2, 2013

365 04/02

we are gonna jump a little bit off the green color study today, but for good reason. i wanted to share a little bit of autism awareness, for a few reasons.

first, autism awareness is close to my heart because my husband works with autistic children everyday. he comes home and tells me stories of beautiful children, children that people don't understand and don't accept. most of his time is spent teaching higher functioning children their school lessons at the autism clinic. these kids are smart but need help staying focused and need praised for their good work regularly. he also works with lower functioning children, using sign language and lots of reinforcement. this job has been a challenge for him, but he loves what he does. he loves working with these kids one-on-one. and i am such a proud wifey.

the autism logo is a puzzle piece, as there is so much we do not know about the disease. each puzzle piece discovered, helps us get closer to a "cure". the puzzle pieces are all different colors, representing the spectrum of which an autistic person can be. (note: i'm not claiming to be an expert here. i'm only sharing what i have learned through my husband and online.)

one of my favorite bloggers, Wifey Singer, shared a beautiful post today about her son Elijah. i hope you will stop over to her blog to learn a bit about her family and her experiences.

lastly, you know how much i love stella and dot? yeah, kind of addicted, right? to support autism awareness, they have a special collection released. 20 percent of retail sales will go to the HollyRod Foundation, which supports families living with autism and parkinson's disease. i encourage you to check out the collection and snag some of these beautiful pieces before they are gone!