Friday, April 12, 2013

time to organize

walking down the aisle, looking at my soon-to-be husband, i was excited and nervous and excited and nervous about the life we were about to start together. everyone told me the first couple years of marriage would be the hardest. but we are almost one year in, and there isn't anything that's really been hard.

there is one thing, though that has been difficult for me. it's small and petty and i never would have guessed that it bothers me the way it does... but boy, does it drive me crazy. i figured it out about a week after the wedding.

my husband has a lot of clothes + he likes to keep them messy. and by messy, i mean he doesn't mind if his closet is a mis-match, hangers tangled, clothes falling off the rack kind of closet. a shoes blocking the door, jeans rolled up and stuffed, hangers littering the floor kind of closet. guys, my husband is messy.

the worst part? we have to share a closet. and it's not even a walk in closet where i could really separate our stuff. one closet has sliding doors with one bar and two high shelves and the other has a small door but is still wide with one bar and two high shelves. and it's been driving me crazy for the past year but this weekend, i'm going to tackle it.

here are the problems:
-we have two people (one messy + one neat) sharing two closets. one is for tops and one is for bottoms.
-we have one person with far too many clothes (ahem, it's actually not me).
-these closets also have to house our clothes, shoes, my handbags, his hats, our linens + towels, colognes + perfumes, travel supplies, and probably more that i just can't think of.
-we rent and the landlord's requirements include not puncturing the drywall in anyway. so this means no shelves or closet systems.
-we are broke. okay, so we really aren't broke but we are trying to save to buy a home, which to hubby means we are broke.
-the doors and shelves are hard to deal with. you'll see when i hopefully post after pictures on monday.

i've drawn inspiration from pinterest, because duh, who doesn't? and these closets have motivated me to really sort out this problem.

along with these inspiration photo's, I'm also going to be following Annie's closet cleaning guidelines. She has great tips on how to let go of things.

wish me luck friends, and may your weekend be as exciting as mine ;)

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