Wednesday, March 20, 2013

six piece remix | outfit 1

so maybe i went the easy route. i chose the easiest item of all to style.

the chambray shirt.

what's funny about this outfit is that i'm pretty sure it's fairly common. but this is just not a courtney outfit. i tend towards blouses and blazers with jeans and heels or flats. i think it looks ok though - i take that back, it looks good and i'll probably wear it again. but it was outside my comfort zone for sure.

what's even more funny? i could have put the sweater and that bubble necklace in the challenge too, because i just never wear them. statement necklaces scare me. i'm much more likely to wear big earrings and a dainty necklace. the sweater is lovely but because it has metallic threads running through it, it's pretty itchy.

to see how the other bloggers did, check out the link up here on danielle's page