Thursday, August 8, 2013

life lately + currently

lately life has become a bit crazy... i've become swamped with showers, crafting, a birthday party for my nephew (that you'll see next week), wedding planning and discussing with Emily, the #august50 challenge, house hunting, fundraiser planning, blogging, praise team... all on top of regular ol' life. remember when i wrote this post about "handling it all"? well my plate seems a bit full right now and i'm ready to start shedding the unnecessary.

in my last life lately post i shared how it seemed like everything i was trying to do was failing. i was feeling emotional, discouraged, and all around down. and to be honest, i'm not sure it's quite worked out yet. when those kinds of feelings run my life, i usually heap on the projects and busy myself to forget about it. check. done. what's next? probably a moment where i realize i've been crazy, i'll scale way back and get back to the basics. i'm ready for that phase to hit.

sister + nephew after a great birthday party. ^^^

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today i also want to do a currently post because these are my favorite types of posts to read.

currently i'm...

...drinking cucumber, lemon, and mint water. drinking it like nobodies business.

...watching big bang theory. seriously, why am i just catching on to this show?

...reading the series Hayley from The Tiny Twig is sharing about motherhood and her experiences. i'm not a mother but i want to be someday, and her story is so beautiful.

...eating unfortunately, a lot of cake. didn't you read that part up there about showers and parties and weddings? i'm a bit burnt out on the cake.

...excited for a lot! i'm excited that fall is approaching quickly, as it's my favorite time of year. i'm excited for the weekend we have planned in Tennessee. i'm super excited for Influence Conference!

...wearing the heck out of my stella and dot renegade bracelet.

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