Tuesday, July 23, 2013

life lately

life lately. (linking up with Blair from Wild & Precious).

life lately has been a bit less than splendid. in fact, i've been hesitant to sit down and write this. even as i write this, i'm not sure what to say. i'm not even completely sure yet how i'm feeling.

there's a lot of emotion lately and i can't quite pinpoint where it's all coming from. to be perfectly honest, it all started on vacation. we had a really great trip to niagara falls and boston, but there was some hatred storm brewing in my heart and i can't shake it. some days it's calm and i feel at ease - like God has washed away my worries. other days the storm lingers and i let things affect me that wouldn't normally. it's strange and i'm praying that God will help me get it under some kind of control.

another thing that's been hanging around lately is the word "no". a wonderful idea will come to mind, i will research and plan and allow myself to believe that exactly what i want will happen, when God reminds me that my life is His plan. and with all those aforementioned emotions, i haven't been coping with "no" very well.

because of all this, this little blog has been full of what i would consider fluff. i've been skipping days, just sharing weekly truths and my 365 project. maybe it could be considered writer's block - but it seems it's something else.

there are no pretty pictures to share with you today, but there are plenty on this blog on other days, so just scroll down a little. and i do want to ask you, will you pray for me today? pray that God will lift this storm from my heart. and that i can feel His comfort and love. i would be forever thankful friends.