Wednesday, July 31, 2013

we had a party

remember when i talked about my dear friend getting married in this post? well the big day is rapidly approaching! last weekend we celebrated with a low-key bachelorette party, a dinner date then drinks at my place. we delighted in a champagne cocktail, cupcakes, cake balls, and, Emily's favorite, no bake cookies.

games aren't my favorite thing, but when KJB and i got married, my friends made a newlywed game video for me to play at the bachelorette party. they asked him questions and recorded his answers, then asked me the questions to see how well i could guess what his answer would be. it was really fun, so i did the same for Emily. i hooked my computer up to the television set so everyone could see easily. she loved it!

(more on how to make that hanging decor next week!)

emily, i hope you loved the evening! can't wait for the next party... AT YOUR WEDDING RECEPTION!