Tuesday, August 13, 2013


i'm feeling a bit frustrated. it's nine thirty in the morning and so far...

... KJB misplaced his keys.

... i nearly got plowed by a truck when i pulled out in front of him because my neighbor completely blocked my view of the road from the drive. (okay, obviously this was my fault. should have been more cautious.)

... i dropped my iphone in the toilet.

... my sketchbook is laying on my desk at home and i feel sad to have forgotten her.

... i discovered i could have gotten the old part that was replaced on my car and sold it for scrap. missed out on an extra $50 in my pocket.

... my desk is a mess of papers because i accidentally filed something incorrectly then couldn't find it.

... twitter's website is down and i couldn't log in for a pick-me-up.

... did i mention my phone went swimming in the toilet?

... all before nine thirty.

Lord, I need you. I would love to have my sanity back.