Saturday, August 10, 2013

365, 7/29 - 8/4

 the second palette was inspired by this dining area with fab purple chairs. not a purple fan? swap it out for a coral or green instead!
soft, gauzy, and a bit feminine, these colors came from the darling guest room in this post.

soft, again, but this time more saturated. combine these pastels on top of a creamy white base, you get a lovely beachy feel, inspired by the living room in this post.

paired with white in a classic checker board? always a win. the pattern paired with greige walls? instant perfection.

high ceilings and lots of light keep this room feeling open and clean, while the floors amp up the sophistication.

like your black mixed with modern and lots of glass? i don't blame you. this room screams edward cullen if you ask me.

*all paint colors are Sherwin Williams colors. this is not a sponsored post, i just really love their color selections.